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 Classes & Ranks

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PostSubject: Classes & Ranks   Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:46 pm


  • Soldier class: This class is the most generic and opens an individual to a variety of weapons giving them simple training in most any weapon or armor you can imagine. This allows them to swap to a new weapon or armor much easier than the rest of the classes. Soldiers fight at a variety of different ranges, due to their versatility.  Soldiers, due to their military training gain a +5 strength and +5 resistance at the start and ranks hereafter. Soldiers have no limits on the weapons or armor they use, however they are limited to using one type of armor and only 2 weapons. Meaning they can only use armor as long as they are all light, medium, or heavy. The idea is that a soldier has become adept at both fighting along with dealing with a variety of techniques.

  • Boxer class: This class is offense oriented more so than that of the Soldier class. They focus upon heavy hitting physical strikes attempting to take out their opponent quickly and brutally. This class primarily fights within melee range. This class is allowed to wear light armor as to not slow their movement, and are limited to weapons that can enhance the damage of a punch, brass knuckles, spiked gauntlets, etc. Boxers, due to their time in the ring have developed fast powerful jabs giving them a +5 strength and +5 speed at start ranks and ranks hereafter.

  • Ninja Class: This class is used to disorient and outmaneuver their opponent. They focus on the use of chi to enhance their strike by pressuring specific points of an individual while also constantly changing one's own footwork and location to avoid being hit as they are quite fragile. Ninjas fight from mid to close ranges, often using hit and run tactics. This class is allowed to wear light armor, that can camouflage them to blend in with surrounding depending on the environment, and are limited to small exotic weapons such as kunai, shuriken, katana, etc. Ninjas, train to not be spotted by anyone but one of their own meaning they get a +5 speed for maneuvering about and +5 chi generally for use of presence concealment.

  • Magician Class: This class is rare in occurrence as it is highly involved and centered about Chi. Other classes are more physically fit than them and are equipped for close quarter combat while Magician is made for mid to long range. Mage due to their rarity are extremely destructive with their power and hold a taste of disdain in most of the society's eyes. They can learn one extra element of chi at every rank up without any issue making them unique to all the other classes giving them access to one more. They are only allowed staff like weapons and can’t wear armor, however, they are able to wear magic boost robes. They gain a +5 chi and +5 resistance at start rank and every rank hereafter. You may not start with this class, it can only be gotten through plot and events.

  • Defender Class: This class is defensive in nature allowing for the users to withstand harsh blows from other classes. They are generally quite slow due to the massive heavy armor that they can wear to block both physical and special chi based attacks. However, they may also use medium armor but not light. They primarily can only focus on simple melee based weaponry and shields. Defenders, for the most part, rely on close range combat and use their tank-like abilities to close the distances required. Defenders, due to the immense amount of armor they wear, the get a +5 defense and +5 resistance in at start rank and every rank hereafter. This class acts as the front line for most teams as they can take whatever their damage dealers are dishing out.

  • Blacksmiths: A usually non-combative class that usually holds a lot of intelligence. They are a vital member of teams as they are the ones who usually come up with the strategies to fight opposing teams and they also repair armor and weapons. They do know how to fight though although they aren't as good as other classes. Blacksmiths have a unique ability that once they have created a new type of weapon or armor of varying varieties they are then capable of using them in combat, unlike other classes. +10 in any stat of their choice at start and levels hereafter.
    Blacksmith Crafting Guide:

  • Berserker: This class is all offensive. They often wield two weapons rather than one-handed weapons this class loves going into attacking frenzies which make them human tanks. However, they also have poor defensive abilities since they are blindly charging into fights. They wield bulky weapons with great ease like most classes they can dual wield and use their strength to wield heavy hitting two handed weapons as dual weapons. Berserkers, work out regularly so they can wield two-handed weapons such as claymore or the like one handed  +10 strength at the start and every rank hereafter. They can use any weapons they choose and use medium or heavy armor.

  • Marksman: This class is primarily based on long range offense as well as the concept of covering fire. These users are capable of launching long distance shots empowered based by chi but, they specifically can locate openings within their form as they generally use their chi to scope out their opponent and normally win a fight based upon sneak attacks. Marksman specializes in long range weaponry such as bows and sniper rifles They get +5 strength bonus as well as +5 energy with attempting to pierce through the enemies fight. They are limited to using light armor so they can stay quick and nimble, however, they can use medium armor once they reach talented rank.

  • Scout: This class focuses on the element of surprise rather than all the other stats. Scouts are known to be exceptionally sneaky and can often do their work without being noticed. They prefer using smaller weapons and chi rather than using huge swords and shields. This class are similar to Ninjas, however, rather than focusing on escape they are masters at staying and fighting. Scouts, practice their attacks by quickly maneuvering about like ninjas but are even quicker +10 speed. This class uses light armor to almost perfection, as this is the only armor they can use to maintain their speed.

  • Healers: This is a rare class that focuses on healing. Most people in this class wield blue chi but very rarely they wield some other chis. This class focuses more on healing however viewed as the pacifists in society and are sought after particularly in team fights because of these special techniques. They are respected in society and have same capabilities as mages when it comes to chi. Specialize in simple and staff weaponry. Healers gain a +5 chi and +5 energy due to their art in assisting others and themselves. Healers are able to use any armor type that way they can stay protected and in the fight as long as possible.

  • Siphoner: This class holds ability that if used correctly, can make the person with this class dangerous. Rather than the other classes in which the use chi with an internal source, this class uses it from an external source. They absorb chi attacks and use the absorbed chi in combat, which definitely makes them a force to be reckoned with. This class is limited to only using weapons and medium to light armor with some sort of magical properties. They gain +10 resistence at start and every rank after. This class has a starting chi pool of 0, however, when they use their absorption ability it can rise up to the combined total of their stats. Every chi attack that is used against them they are able to negate 1/3 of the damage and take 1/3 of the casting cost and absorb it, they can also absorb 5 chi every time they touch a person or object with chi within it.

  • Hunter: Hunters are the silent and deadly predators. They are quick to kill, although they aren't quite combat orientated. This class focus more on a quick attack and if it fails a plan where they stay safe. This is the only class capable of using traps in combat such as bear traps, trip wires, and landmines. The hunters can use some light armors along with mid range weapons such as throwing daggers and hunting rifles. Upon start the class gains +5 speed +5 defense and every rank after.

  • Summoner: A class that uses its chi to not cast techniques, but instead to summon creatures and warriors from the spirit world and the void. Each spirit that is summoned by a summoner has its own stats and chi. The summoner can use nothing more than light armor and may have small bladed weapons. Summoners may have a maximum of 5 summons at talented rank and below, with 2 summons max being in use. And 8 summons maximum at ranks beyond that with 3 summons in use at once. The summons made by the summoner take up one technique and whatever techniques remaining are used to make abilities for the summon. The class gains a +10 resistance at the start and ranks hereafter. This class is limited to light armor and can use any type of conventional weapon.

  • Bard: A class that is a master of support. Via the use of chi infused songs and music, they are able to grant their allies powerful buffs and dish out devastating debuffs to their enemies. However, they themselves are not simply just a sitting duck. While they may deal damage, bards are far superior at playing the support role.The class gains a +5 energy and a +5 defense at the start and ranks hereafter. This class is limited to light armor and can use any type of conventional weapon.

  • Adventurer: A unique class whose' heart strives on exploration. One cannot simply chain down an Adventurer as traveling is their life and the exploration of dangerous places are in their blood. As an adventurer requires versatility in order to survive the harsh world, they may use any weapons and armors as they please. They gain a +5 to any stat they choose at the start and ranks hereafter. Along with this they also gain 1 extra weapon or armor and a new weapon at every rank. This weapon or armor matches the rank of the user.

Advance Classes

Each class has the opportunity to become an advance class. Advance classes Are like the evolutionary classes of a normal class. Each of the 15 regular classes fit in one of three branches: Aggressive, Utility, and Selective. Now, these three types each have four advance classes that a person can pick from for a grand total of 9 possible advance classes. Once a person upgrades their original class it will be replaced, as will its benefits. It should be noted that this will not remove stat or chi gained through ranking up, including chi types in magicians case, nor will it increase your past rank ups with its new benefits. You may upgrade to an advanced class at Apprentice, Talented, and Master ranks. You purchase these in the shop.

Aggressive Branch
This branch is the main fighting based branch. The classes that are part of the Aggressive Branch are Solider, Boxer, Defender, Adventurer and Beserker. This branch offers the advance classes: Gladiator, General, Samurai, & Knight

  • Gladiator: A class like no other to be found. People in this class are born to fight. Gladiators are skilled fighters that just have the raw talent gifted to them. They are masters of all weapons and know how to handle themselves in all armor. Any gladiator is truly a force to be reckoned with, for they have the potential to kill. The gladiator gains a +5 at purchase and after every rank up in all stats making it the jack of all trades in fighting class. The first +5 to all stats is treated as permanent stat increase.  

  • General: A class that uses its combat experience to a whole new level. The general class takes the meaning of having both brawn and brains to a whole new level. Being both smart and strong they are never to be underestimated. The general can use any armor or weapon, however, they may only own one of each(Not including limited items.) They gain a +10 strength, +5 defense upon purchase and every rank up, they also gain the bonus of having half the normal word count for learning new techs. Once a thread for three posts can increase all stats of allies by +10.

  • Knight: The knight class is a dedicated warrior with an honor code. They fight for a motive and follow a code to their own deaths. They are noble and humble people who often never stray from their codes, lest they bring shame. They gain +10 defense +5 strength after purchase and every rank up. They are allowed to use any armor and can use any sword type weapon and shields. The knight can make a zone equal to a technique range one rank above them on the battlefield where no chi is allowed for 3 posts, and they can also negate a single attack their rank or below once a thread.

  • Samurai: The samurai are legendary Japanese warriors renowned for theirs fighting abilities. They wear light or medium armor and may only use the bladed weapons and bows only. They gain a +5 strength, +5 speed, and +5 resistance at the start and ranks hereafter. All samurais possess a special skill that allows them to pierce through their enemies' defenses, ignoring all armor they have on and target an enemy's defense or resistance stat, be it through a slash of a sword or the piercing of an arrow.

Utility Branch
The branch focused on being a role player in combat. The classes that are part of the Utility Branch are: Magician, Healers, Blacksmith, Siphoner, and Summoner. This branch offers the advance classes: Sage, Nobel, Templar, and Druid.

  • Sage: Sages are known to be the ultimate mages. They are remarkably skilled in the use of chi in combative situations. These people are known as the ultimate chi users due to a number of chis they are capable of wielding. Their powers, are both offensively and supportively orientated, making them quite a difficult opponent to face off against. They gain + 10 energy, + 5 chi at purchase and rank ups. Just like the magician this class is limited to using no armor and only staves as weapons. They may use the chi boosting robes similar to the magician class. As the ultimate chi users, they automatically gain the use of 2 new basic chi types at purchase, as well as now having the ability to learn all chi types basic and advanced. The only downfall to this is that each new chi type must be purchased for 5,000 credits. This class can only be gotten by upgrading the Magician class which is only available through plot and events.

  • Nobel: This class is definitely unlike the others. Rather than being more of a combat orientated class, this class is more focused on money. People from this class come from a wealthier background than the others. They are well versed in the art of spending and gaining money. They are quite stingy when it comes to credits, however, it pays off from the amount of money and discounts they get. They get +5 defense, +3 resistance, & +4 speed at purchase and rank ups. The Nobel can use any armor as well as conventional bladed weapons such as long swords, katanas, and the like. They receive a 15% deduction on shop prices and gain 2x normal credits when completing jobs.

  • Druid: Druids are known as the people who are connected closely with nature. Often their chi revolves around the use of nature although very rarely it can be something else. Often peaceful and calm, druids can turn into a being with the power and destructibility raging storm if provoked. They gain +10 resistance + 5 energy at purchase and rank ups. The druid is sometimes referred to as a battle healer due to their ability to wear a cross between light armor and the chi boosting robes. The druid is capable of healing 1/10th their total hp every post, and all their healing spells do twice as much healing.

  • Templar: A class tailored to fight against magicians using their own medicine, chi. While magic is one of their primary weapons of choice they are also known to use equipment such as bladed or blunt weapons and medium to heavy armor. They gain a +5 energy, +5 strength, and +5 resistance at the start and ranks hereafter. The Templar has an ability to make any chi color they choose unusable within a 30-meter radius for 5 posts, with a 6 post cooldown between each use of the ability.

Selective Branch
The branch focused on the odd and less conventional styles of combat. The classes that are part of the Selective Branch are Scout, Marksman, Ninja, Bard, and Hunter. This branch offers the advance classes: Hitman, Tamer, Ranger & and Mimicker

  • Hitman: This class is known as the silent killer class. People in this class are physically built for doing the silent killing. Although often they tend to not fight but eliminate their targets quickly and quietly before anyone notice, they should not be underestimated when it comes to a fight. When they purchase this class or rank up they get +7 defense, +5 strength, & + 3 energy. This class is limited to using light armor and weapons that are compact and silent such as knives, daggers, and silenced handguns. The Hitmen have an ability that allows them to shapeshift into another person for 3 posts a thread, and while transformed have suppressed chi.

  • Tamer: This class is quite unique. Rather than focusing more on chi orientated combat, people of this class rather tame void beings, spiritual beings, or real animals as their pet and use them in combat. Although their skills are slightly less skilled combat-wise their bonds with their pets can make them a formidable foe to deal with. Upon purchase and rank ups they gain + 5 defense, + 3 energy, +2 speed. This class is limited to no weapons or armor, with the exception of a whip. When first becoming this class you make a pet that will start one rank lower than you and must remain a rank lower. A tamer is limited to 3 pets one of which they get for free upon purchase. Also, all training cost for your pets is 1/2 what they would be normally for a player's stats and techs.

  • Mimicker: This class can easily be considered one of the most unique. Mimickers usually don't have their own original set of techniques but rather they are capable of mimicking their opponents techniques to make them fight fire with fire. This class is limited to only using weapons and medium armor with some sort of magical properties. Upon purchase and rank up they gain +10 energy, +5 resistance. They can mimic an attack their rank or below regardless of chi color used. Also if they have they have technique slots available the Mimicker may choose to permanently learn any tech they copy. They cannot however mimic techs that are void, spirit, or behemoth skills. They can also mimic stats of any player character in the thread for 5 posts once a thread.

  • Ranger: The Ranger is a class geared towards long range combat. They are amazing at gathering information and be quick on their feet. Within combat, they can quickly take down an enemy at a distance before escaping themselves. They gain a +10 speed and a +5 resistance  at the start and ranks hereafter. They are limited to light armor and can only use small blade weapons such as daggers and knives. They, however, are masters at the use bows, longbows, and crossbows. As they are in tune with their surroundings, rangers are able to detect any movement within 20 meters radius of where they are.

Note: Stats are not required to fit perfectly to each class but should make sense within your in a particular class. Also note that the extra points given by classes to stats do not add points to your chi pool, with the obvious exception of the magician class whose bonus points are chi points.


Rookie: Your new to fighting and have just joined our school. Your stats are fairly limited to what you can do as you have yet to completely master what you're doing. Rookies have a 15 technique limit.

Apprentice/Teacher: Your catching on slowly but surely and you're on your way to be a strong fighter. Apprentices have a 25 technique limit.

Veteran: You know what your doing now and can fight for yourself without too much difficulty. Reaching this rank is very simple and will happen with little to no difficulty OOC. Veterans have a 30 technique limit

Talented: You've exceeded the typical level most people are capable of reaching and your power has made it to new heights. Reaching this rank is rather challenging but it is possible. Talented have a 40 technique limit.

Powerhouse: You're almost there! The pinnacle of human power is in your hands. Hopefully, you will use it for the right reasons. At this point, nobody should be out looking to pick fights with you. A powerhouse has a 50 technique limit.

Master: You are known far and wide as one of (if not the) single best fighter in your class or any class for that matter. Extremely few will ever reach this level skill. Masters no longer have a limit to the number of techniques they can have.

Grandmaster: You are a legend in all sense of the word. Your power is on par with the most elite warriors to ever exist in recorded history. To achieve this rank is the dream of most any fighter, but only less than 20 confirmed people in all of known history have ever achieved this rank, of them only 3 were under the age of 25. Grandmasters no longer have a limit to the number of techniques they can have.
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Classes & Ranks
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