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 The Spirit World & The Other Side

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PostSubject: The Spirit World & The Other Side   The Spirit World & The Other Side EmptyTue Nov 17, 2015 1:33 pm

The Spirit World & The Other Side East_h10
The Spirit World
The Spirit World is a parallel plane of reality that coexists alongside the mortal world & The Void and is home to the good spirits, immortal supernatural entities which often embody different aspects of life and nature. The spirits of people who have died and helped to pass on by synchronization users also reside here, however, their numbers are very limited. Upon death users of synchronization are automatically sent here by the will of the universe. It is extremely difficult and rare for a human, other than a synchronization user, to enter the Spirit World; conversely, only a handful of spirits were capable of existing physically in the mortal world, requiring them to give up part of their immortality to do so. Any spirit that wishes to even visit the mortal world loses their ability of infinite revival. This means that if a spirit goes to the mortal world they cannot die of old ago or disease, but they can be killed in combat or any other non-natural way.

The Spirit World and the physical world are closest together during the Yami Comet that comes once every 100 years, which made it possible for spirits to manifest in the mortal world and for humans to pass into the Spirit World. There are also certain locations in the physical world which act as bridges to the Spirit World; these locations are often revered by the cultures living near them. Synchronization users act as a spiritual bridge between both worlds and can travel between them freely. Humans who cross over to the Spirit World cannot use their chi abilities unless they can use synchronization.

The spirit world is usually seen as a luscious green forest with small villages and some small estates within it. This is an incredibly deep and terrifying contrast compared to the void which is a barren-looking desert. In the spirit world, time doesn't move at a normal speed like the mortal world, and it also doesn't stop like in the void. However in the spirit world time is accelerated, it is to the point that 1 day in the mortal world is 1 year in the spirit world. However, this accelerated time doesn't effect the spirits since they all have immortality or longevity. This does, however, make the spirit world ideal for training. So anyone who trains in the spirit world gets their wordcount cut in half.

The Spirit Arcs
The Spirit Arcs are ancient weapons used by the Spirit Guardians, an organization made to rival the void guardians after the void arcs fell into evil hands. These weapons take on whatever form the user desires, however they stay in this form until they fall into new ownership. The spirit arcs have almost all the same abilities as their void counter parts, including the ability to open a gate to the spirit world. However, these cannot be traversed by multiple people, meaning if you as a spirit guardian send someone over they are stuck there left to find their own way home. The Spirit Arcs allow people to see spirits from the spirit world and nowhere else. The white and gold shards that make up the arcs true forms are held within an underground cave within the spirit world known as The Cave of Hope. They are given out to fighters in every generation. Separately these arcs possess immense power and can open gates to and from the spirit world. But when the users of all 5 arcs come together and combine their power they are close to unstoppable.

Each arc is marked with one of 5 animals(Honey Badger, Dragon, Shark, Rhino, and Eagle). The shards and the weapons they turn into are marked with a small symbol of the animals face on a gold coin somewhere on the weapon. When the arcs are not in use they are not present with the user, instead, they stay within the spirit world and can be summoned upon the user holding their hand out and speak the summoning command chosen by each user. Due to the nature of the Spirit World the user's of these arcs gain a permanent 2 points to all stat areas as long as they own the arc.

White Tiger Arc
The White Tiger Arc is an arc just like the Void and Spirit Arcs, however, it falls into its own category that it shares with the Black Pegasus Arc. The Tiger Arc acts similarly to a Spirit Arc in that it can open a portal to the Spirit World. However, unlike a Spirit Arc, the Tiger arc is white and black in color instead of white and gold. The usual gold coin that is somewhere on the weapon the arc makes is now white. The Tiger Arc gives the user a slightly higher increase in power as compared to its Void and Spirit counterparts. The final ability of the Tiger Arc is it has the ability to combine with the Pegasus Arc, this combined weapon can be used by either the owner of the Tiger Arc or the Pegasus Arc. Due to the nature of the Spirit World, the user of this arc gains a permanent 3 points to all stat areas as long as they own the arc.

The Other Side
The Other Side was a mysterious dimension where the spirits of dead chi using human beings reside in a state of purgatory or limbo. It was created by Yamiara to ensure that if his nemesis and brother Nato, wouldn't be able to go to the spirit world upon his death since the void at that time hadn't been created. The spirits that reside in the other side are unable to be seen by humans, without the use of synchronization. The other side is described as being here on earth, but living people can't hear or see you. The two planes are separated by an invisible wall called the veil. The other side is bound to a person or object known as the anchor. Without the anchor, the other side and all the spirits in that plane will be freed to the void or the spirit world depending on how they were in life. If the other side is destroyed due to a special technique of some sort then the spirits will all be destroyed otherwise known as sent to oblivion.

Because the spell that created the Other Side was bound to the Anchor, it's what allowed the dimension to continue existing. Therefore, the Anchor acted somewhat as a "bridge" between the living world and the Other Side. If the Anchor was to be destroyed somehow, the spell would be broken and the Other Side would be destroyed, freeing every deceased supernatural ghost residing there to whatever dimension they're meant to go after death. The Anchor was also used as a "gateway" for spirits to cross over to the Other Side. As a result of this role, the being who is the Anchor is forced to feel the death of every fighter as they pass through them. In certain instances, such as when a particular technique is being cast, it is possible for a spirit to exit the Other Side and be resurrected in the world of the living again. However, doing so causes a lot of damage to the Anchor, which risks destroying the Other Side along with it. Being the anchor grants you two very simple abilities. 1.Being the Anchor allowed the bearer to perceive ghosts who are normally invisible, regardless of whether they had known the deceased when they were alive or not. 2.The Anchor co-existed on both sides of the veil, giving the being a foothold in both the living world and the Other Side, and allowing him/her to interact with the inhabitants of both planes.

Whenever a fighter dies their spirit is teleported to the location of the anchor. From that point, they make physical contact with them and they are then sent to the other side. When the spirit goes to the other side the anchor experiences a different level of pain depending on how the person died.
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The Spirit World & The Other Side
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