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 Stats & Techniques Training

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PostSubject: Stats & Techniques Training   Stats & Techniques Training EmptyFri Nov 20, 2015 4:03 pm

Eventually, you will need more abilities than those which you started with. This is where we introduce the training system! First, you must post your new abilities to be reviewed for approval. This is to make sure that your abilities follow all guidelines. Once your new abilities have been approved for training, the topic will be moved to the 'Approved For Training' section. At this point, you may train the approved abilities. You can train abilities in any training topic. To train a spell all you do is type up a certain amount of words, detailing your training session and the way you learned the spell. To upgrade a technique you just the difference between the old and new rank. For example, if you want to upgrade a rookie tech to a veteran rank you pay 500 words. Please specify which stat/technique you'd like to upgrade. If you do not, the staff will automatically assume its +1 for sexiness. Also, you may only have 1 training thread at any given moment.

The word-count required for training techs is as follows:

  • Rookie rank techs: 250 words
  • Apprentice rank techs: 500 words
  • Veteran rank techs: 750 words
  • Talented rank techs: 1000 words
  • Powerhouse rank techs: 1250 words
  • Master rank techs: 1500 words
  • Grand Master rank techs: 2000 words

The word-count required for training stats is as follows:

  • Rookie rank stats: 250 words
  • Apprentice rank stats: 300 words
  • Veteran rank stats: 350 words
  • Talented rank stats: 500 words
  • Powerhouse rank stats: 650 words
  • Master rank stats: 850 words
  • Grand Master rank stats: 1200 words
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Stats & Techniques Training
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