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 Chi Behemoths

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Behemoths are large animals with the ability to utilize chi. Unlike humans who use chi the behemoths are able to utilize it on a much larger and grander scale since they are the originators of chi and their bodies are 85% made of chi. Due to the power these creatures possess, their bodies cannot maintain themselves in the mortal world for too long. The longest recorded time for them to stay in the mortal world is 18 months. Each of these behemoths is responsible for the first generation of human chi users. Each of the 7 Behemoths took on a human student, each teaching the human to master their chi types. Once the humans mastered their chi type the behemoths used their main ability to turn their entire physical being into chi, and combine with their human students. The chi of the behemoths becomes one with the human's chi, thus augmenting their power. Each behemoth has a special ability that is unique to each one of them that is passed onto whomever they fuse with along with their chi color if the user doesn't already have it. Any who is inhabited by a behemoth bears a special mark that has six "flower petals" inside it. When one of the flower petals disappear it means that a behemoth and their host has died. The host of behemoths are also immune to that element and can absorb it to refill their chi pool.
Mark of the Behemoth:

Killing A Behemoth
While killing a behemoth would be no easy feat there are people in the world who believe that humans should be the only ones with chi and would gladly kill a behemoth to make this true. Killing a behemoth grants only 1 benefit: the corpse. The corpse of a behemoth holds the powers and magic that they had in life and with the proper help can be used to make a legendary weapon or armor. In order for this to happen, you must take the corpse to a blacksmith who is master level or higher, you may also pay an NPC blacksmith but that's gonna cost a lot. Once you bring the corpse to the blacksmith they can turn it into whatever you choose, the powers and durability of the item will be determined by the behemoth used to make it(ex: Tellus' corpse would make a better armor, while tritara would make a good hand to hand type weapon). From that point the weapon is registered in the same way as all other weapons.

Below is a list of the behemoths that will be updated as more are shown through the plot:

Tritara's Stats:
Stat Boost Given to Host:
Tritara is the behemoth that governs red chi, taking the form of a three-headed red dragon. Tritara is known as a savage beast and can only be tamed through brute force. He has very little respect for those without chi, and honestly he doesn't have much respect for those with weak chi. Many years ago when he and the other 6 behemoths trained the first humans he hated the idea, but was forced to by his brethren. He is very sarcastic and can sometimes even come off as cruel. Even with his savage and cruel nature, he tries to not kill humans unless they absolutely refuse to back down from fighting him. Throughout the years not many people have tried to tame him, due to their fear of him. His special ability is the power of absolute attack, which allows him to use attacks that cannot be blocked, reduced, negated or deflected by any means, defenses, armor and immunity.

Rinzen's Stats:
Stat Boost Given to Host:
Rinzen is the behemoth that governs black chi, taking the form of a winged black horse. Rinzen is known as a clever beast and can only be tamed by those who do not truly need or want his power. He is crafty and sly, doing what is best for him no matter what it takes to achieve it. Many years ago when he and the other 6 behemoths trained the first humans, he chose the one he saw as the weakest and easiest to tempt with the power he held. He is very tricky, enjoying to taunt and goad others. His nature brings him to kill as long as it will benefit him. Throughout the years he has been growing more and more malicious after being thrown into the void without a proper host for him to take. His special ability is the power of intangibility, allowing him to take on a shadow-like form and travel through darkness, taking no damage as he does this unless it is with white chi. At night, this power is nearly unbeatable due to the fact that there is darkness everywhere.

Pelera's Stats:
Stat Boost Given to Host:
Pelera is the behemoth that governs blue chi, taking the form of a shark with legs making it capable of swimming and walking on land. Pelera is one of two female behemoths, and she is known as the "big sister" within the group. She is wise and carries lots of wisdom. She is very level headed in nature and loves humans almost as much as she loves the other behemoths. Many years ago when she and the other 6 behemoths trained the first humans, she chose the youngest of the three girls so that she could nurture and teach her the ways of a true lady, and always protect her. Throughout the years Pelera barely leaves the oceans of the spirit world, where the water is pure and beautiful. Her special ability is Rejuvenation, the power to restore chi and heal wounds.  This power makes Pelera a priceless treasure throughout the world to cults of druid and healer class fighters.

Tellus Stats:
Stat Boost Given to Host:
Tellus is the behemoth that governs brown chi, taking the form of a honey badger. Tellus is known as a beast of solitude and can only be tamed through patience. He has very little patience for others, and prefers to be on his lonesome. Many years ago when he and the other 6 behemoths trained the first humans he wanted no part in it, but gave in as the others would not give up. He usually just ignores what happens around him and can often seem like he only cares about himself, but he is actually very protective of others that he cares about. Throughout the years he has remained alone for long periods of time, waiting for someone who he deems fit. His special ability is the power of absolute defense, which allows him to use defenses that cannot be destroyed, reduced, negated, or deflected by any means, attacks, weapons, and strengths.

Enriku's Stats:
Stat Boost Given to Host:
Enriku is the behemoth that governs yellow chi, taking the form of a rhino. Enriku is known to be a calm, cool, and collected and can only be tamed through collectiveness. Enriku despite the animal form he takes is seen as the least violent of the behemoths, and only fights when provoked. He is the behemoth who thought it was a good idea to teach humans how to use chi and impart the chi as a sort of gene in humans. Just like Pelera he is wise and is the sort of "big brother" to the behemoths. Being a sort of pacifist Enriku prefers to talk out problems rather than battle them out, however once he gets started he can seem like more of a savage than even Tritara! Throughout the years Enriku has been helping humans in secret by supplying their cities with extra power during times of need. His special ability is teleportation, an ability that allows the behemoth to instantly move from one spot to the next without traveling the space in between.

Ionnus' Stats:
Stat Boost Given to Host:
Ionnus is the behemoth that governs green chi, taking the form of a eagle. Ionnus is cocky and arrogant, and many of his host are seen to show similar qualities. Ionnus can be tamed through the potential host being shown to be strong and wanting to be the best. He is known as the joker out of the behemoths because he is so cocky and arrogant that it ends up coming off humorous. He loves competition and showing that he is the best at any and everything, even if he knows his opponent will easily beat him. When the behemoths taught the first grandmasters Ionnus wanted to make it into a competition to see who would be the best teacher out of the 7 behemoths, and he was sure that his student would be the best. Even with all his training his student lost to Semintar's and Rinzen's. Throughout the years Ionnus has taken on several other students but has never made any into his host. He has the ability of redirection able to change the direction of any attack they produce, and gives all attacks double their range.

Semintar's Stats:
Stat Boost Given to Host:
Semintar is the behemoth that governs white chi, taking the form of a white tiger. Semintar is very righteous and holy, sometimes appearing to be the embodiment of good, as seen with her original student Yamiara. Semintar can be tamed by almost anyone because Semintar peers into the host's heart to see where they stand in the past, present, and future. She is known to be the behemoth who fights for the sake of the worlds especially the human world. She loves humans more than she loves any race of spirit creature, or other behemoth. When the behemoths decided to pick humans to become the first humans to use chi, she was all on board. She picked Yamiara because he was a young boy with a pure heart and a lot of potential. Throughout the years Semintar has constantly made trips to the human world similar to Enriku. However when she makes trips she usually takes the form of a human and has been know to become several great fighters throughout history. Her special ability is nullification able to make any technique, void, behemoth, or spirit skill useless.
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Chi Behemoths
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