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 Synchronization & Ethereal Synchronization

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Leonard V Wolf

Leonard V Wolf

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Synchronization & Ethereal Synchronization  Empty
PostSubject: Synchronization & Ethereal Synchronization    Synchronization & Ethereal Synchronization  EmptyWed Dec 23, 2015 7:56 am

Synchronization is an ability specifically designed to temporarily allow fighters to traverse beyond the human limit as to how much chi can be channeled through the human body. With Chi being the basis of one's life and soul there is, of course, a finite amount of chi available to you regardless of your heritage, talent or rank. As such the big question was whether it was possible for a human to transcend the amount of chi one could keep in their physical body at any given time. While that much was impossible as the human body simply has its limits a certain school came up with a method through which one could albeit temporarily increase the available amount of chi which to channel through yourself. They simply had to take the chi from somewhere else, preferably from a vast source.

The user basically had to act on the primal level, whether through sheer instinct or discipline and establish a direct connection with a place of abundant Chi, the Spirit World. By using their own bodies as a medium they channel the very essence of this realm through their own bodies as Chi to increase their overall fighting capabilities. In this state, a fighter of any rank could easily fight on par with a higher ranked fighter while a Grandmaster would transcend the very human limit if proficient enough.

While in this state the user's eye will glow with a clear white glow, their pupils seemingly fading away. They will also amass such a large amount of Chi that they will gain a "cloak" of pure Chi looming over them in their primary color.

An example of the augmentation it can give you is the fact that any normal Chi based attack is now considered one technique rank stronger while retaining it's original cost, while your. This means that you pay the normal chi cost. The fighter may unconsciously enter the state in response to the perception of mortal danger, utilizing the state as a defense mechanism, or emotional distress. While in such a state they act purely on the most primal level, throwing Chi to the left and right like a mindless beast desperate to stay alive. With enough training, a fighter with full mastery of synchronization has conscious control over the state and can enter and exit it at will.

With the Spirit World being a sort of hub for deceased fighters and synchronization users a living one could choose to focus and channel the being of a fallen comrade as to temporarily let this deceased individual fight through you, having retained all his abilities, memories and feelings. In this particular state, the user will sound as if they and said person's voice are combined. In contrast, there is a state of "Possession" where the deceased may maintain the hold over it's living host and live through them, Black Chi users being especially adept at corrupting their hosts in such manners. In order for the spirit to possess the host, they must fight within their now shared mind as if they were both alive. Whoever's HP reaches 0 submits as the "horse" to the now "king" of the body. In theory, one could even channel the souls of the several supernatural beings inhabiting the Spirit World with a strong enough body and mind though that much is nothing but speculation at this point.

An important thing to note is that there is no such thing as being "Talented" in this area. You're considered talented if you manage to make the connection, to begin with, but will require just as much training as anyone else to achieve a higher rate of synchronization.

Levels of Training
While it was devised as to transcend the human limit this technique comes with a few limits of its own with there being certain "Locks" or "Gates" one must overcome to channel the extra chi through, called spirit gates. In order for a person to fully use and master synchronization, they must open the 7 key chi points in the body and the 8th forbidden point is optional as unlocking and utilizing the 8th gate will risk permanently damaging or outright killing the user if maintained for too long. Even in some of the most skilled fighters, it can take years to do this. Once a gate is open it stays open and active even when not synchronized, the final gate is an exception, however. A number of gates you have unlocked also determines the time you can stay synchronized. The stat boost you gain from gates 2 to 8 is only while you are synchronized. To attain each level the person must do a training topic of unlocking each gate. The gates are listed below.

  • No Gates- You have just gained the power of synchronization and have no control over your own actions. (1 Post)
  • Gate of Opening-This is the first gate after attaining it, all stats receive a 5 point permanent boost. To achieve this gate you must do a 2.5k training topic.(3 Posts)
  • Gate of Strength- After opening this gate the user will receive a 10 point boost to the strength stat while synchronization is active. To achieve this gate you must do a 3k training topic.(4 Posts)
  • Gate of Protection- After opening this gate the user will receive a 10 point boost to the defense stat while synchronization is active. To achieve this gate you must do a 3.5k training topic.(5 Posts)
  • Gate of Speed- After opening this gate the user will receive a 10 point boost to the speed stat while synchronization is active. To achieve this gate you must do a 4k training topic. (6 Posts)
  • Gate of Energy- After opening this gate the user will receive a 10 point boost to the energy stat while synchronization is active. To achieve this gate you must do a 4.5k training topic.(7 Posts)
  • Gate of Resilience- After opening this gate the user will receive a 10 point boost to the resistance stat while synchronization is active. To achieve this gate you must do a 5k training topic.(8 Posts)
  • Gate of Life- The user gets a boost of 5 points to all stats and gains the ability to fully control synchronization. The user also gains a chi boost of 50 points while synchronization is active. To achieve this gate you must do a 5.5k training topic.(Unlimited Posts)
  • Gate of Death- This is the forbidden gate. Once this gate is opened it signifies the ending of something. Once opened the user gains a stat boost to all stats of 30 points. The user also gains a 200 point chi boost. After this gate is over the user dies if they have less than 100 chi remaining. If they avoid death the user will either lose a limb, sense or their ability to use chi. However the loss of chi is only temporary (6 real life months, however, this can be avoided if you use chi from an outside source.) To achieve this gate you must do a 6k training topic.

Powers and Abilities Gained
This is just in case you aren't exactly sure what you get from using synchronization.

  • Massive stat increases
  • Ability to freely traverse the spirit world to train or for any reason.
  • Ability to channel natural energies, and the powers and abilities and chi of past users of synchronization(Must be other player characters). The latter ability means that if a past user had blue chi you could use a portion of his power and techniques even without having blue chi.
  • Since you are channeling Spirit energy you regain chi at a rate of 5 points per post.


  • Body is defenseless while user is in the Spirit World
  • Risk of possession by channeling spirits
  • Every post you are using synchronization you lose 2% of health

Basic Ability
When you purchase synchronization you are allowed the to make 2 techs that are related to the power. You may also train techs for this similarly to how you would normally.

Name: Synchronization
Chi Involved: Synchronization
Chi Used: N/A (Loses 2% health per post active)
Description: The very basic technique of this ability, it allows the user to connect with the spirit world and gives them the ability to absorb Spiritual energy. When in use, the user's eyes typically glow a ghostly white. This symbolizes that the user and the Spirit World have made a connection. When the user is connected to the spirit world, they can freely manipulate the chi in the surrounding area. Usually, the user has to be synchronized to access all of the other techniques. However, if trained enough someone can forgo this step, but without being synchronized you can't channel the previous users of synchronization.
Duration: See Synchronization Guide
Cooldown: 5 post after power down
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Leonard V Wolf

Leonard V Wolf

Posts : 171
Credits : 61595
Join date : 2013-08-20

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Synchronization & Ethereal Synchronization  Empty
PostSubject: Ethereal Synchronization   Synchronization & Ethereal Synchronization  EmptyTue Jan 19, 2016 7:51 am

Synchronization & Ethereal Synchronization  180?cb=20150505032152
Ethereal Synchronization is the strongest ability that an ethereal can attain within their lifetime; granting the user power that is comparable to the ethereals predecessor race, the Maken. This form is said to be the ultimate power boost for an ethereal seeing as they are unable to use most human power-enhancing abilities, such as Synchronization. In this form, the ethereal gains a new appearance and an ability is known as their Void Decimator. Some say this power doubles and possibly even triples the power of the ethereal.

E-Sync acts as a stimulant to the body and through it flows much like adrenaline would heightening the users abilities to levels that would allow them to touch the power of Maken. E-Sync increases the damage done by standard spells immensely and grants the user access to more advanced attacks. Intensifying the user's physical prowess in every category and considerably boosting their magic power, even heightening their reaction time and reflexes. When exuded at its fullest, the Magic becomes far more demonic in nature surpassing the previous limitation that would have resided on their magic prior to learning the form. This is often considered the price as for more power gained more humanity is lost.

Because the power within the particles now flows through the body in place of the magic rather being carried within the magic, these particles in exchange for this surging power quickly speed up the process of demonification. The user begins to fully exhibit traits of their gradual loss of humanity within the transformation and find it increasingly difficulty in changing back to their natural form. The greater the power drawn on within the particles the faster the demonification process proceeds.

It's only in this form that ethereals are able to use the Void Decimators — the ultimate and most forbidden technique of the ethereals. However, after such a technique is used the transformation dissipates automatically — putting them in a state of extreme danger, by low health and chi levels due to the strain the technique puts on the body. This form is an ethereal's true appearance, meaning that it is what they would look like if they weren't humanoid.

E-Synch: Final Dawn
The E-Synch has a second and final form known as Final Dawn. In this form, the user takes yet another new form and more power boost. This form was made so that ethereals could further match the power of human synchronization. In this form, all their stats increase by another 25 points, and their chi by 125 points. All chi related attacks also increase by 10 more points. Their Void Decimator also increases in power by 50 points. To gain this form however one must train long and hard (2,000-word training topic) within the spirit world so that they can be around a large quantity of chi and spirit energy.


  • All stats gain 25 points. These boosts also count towards chi, meaning chi gains 125 points.
  • All chi based attacks do 20 extra damage.
  • When entering the form user gains 35% of their max health and chi back.
  • The Void Decimator is unique to each ethereal, each with their own name and effect. These attacks have a rank of their own and do 200 damage. However, they have the same range and speed guidelines as powerhouse abilities. These attacks cost 50% of whatever chi the user has left, and after the technique is over the user is forced out of the transformation.
  • Under Final Dawn stats increase by another 25 points and chi increases by 125 points. All chi based attacks do 10 more points of damage, and Void Decimators do 50 more points of damage and dissipate the form after use.


  • User must be below 50% health to activate the mode.
  • While this mode remains active the user loses 2% chi every post.
  • Chi becomes infused with black chi due to demon nature.
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Synchronization & Ethereal Synchronization
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