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PostSubject: Spirits   Spirits EmptyWed Dec 23, 2015 5:32 pm

Overview & History
A spirit is a deceased person that could, under certain circumstances, appear as a visible manifestation to the living, and in even rarer circumstances, physically interact with the living world. Spirits do not appear any differently in death than they did when they were alive. Whenever they appear to the living, they are usually seen dressed in the very same attire they were wearing at the time of their deaths. However, it's possible that ghosts can somehow change their appearance and manifest different clothing.

Spirits have always existed. Spirits existed after the first human alive died, but at first, they simply went to heaven or hell. During the era of the first human chi users, people believed spirits to be a myth, thinking that there was no real afterlife. For the most part, this was true because although the spirit world existed it wouldn't allow the spirits of the dead to enter. So these spirits would just cease to exist, as only human spirits who had chi could come here. However, the god of all fighters, Yamiara, used his powers of black and white chi to create a true afterlife, although most would call it purgatory. This new plane was the Other Side, a plane meant to stop Yamiara's brother, Nato, from entering the Spirit World after Yamiara killed him. Yamiara would later go on to create the Void, sending Nato there so that he would have no type of access to the human world.

It is rather easy and simple to create a spirit. All you have to do is die and you will instantly become a spirit and be sent to the Other Side. From there you may wander the earth and be what people would call a ghost, or you may find peace and, depending on your actions in life, enter either the Spirit World or the Void. Spirits may also be made when a person uses synchronization to eject their spirit from their body in order to travel to the Spirit World. The last way to make spirits is when a user of a void weapon opens a portal to the Void; the portal converts living matter into spirit matter and does the opposite for the return trip.

Spirits look exactly like they did when they were alive, with the addition of a glowing halo floating above their head. The only difference is how they may interact with the world. Spirits who live on the Other Side cannot talk to or touch people, even though the Other Side is still located on earth. However, they may interact with certain things in the living world (ex: doors, cabinets, the ground). Furthermore, with help of a fighter or object with spirit magic, a spirit on the other side can interact and give messages to the living. Spirits that live in the Void are trapped there unless they have synchronization or a void saber. Ethereals can sometimes exit the Void for limited amounts of time through sporadic dimensional rifts, and during this time they can interact with the world like regular humans. Spirits that live in the Spirit World are special in the fact that they can traverse between Earth and the Spirit World at will. Not only can they do that, but they can interact with people and things as a normal human would.

Crossing Afterlife Dimensions
Once you die you go to the Other Side, the safest of the three afterlife dimensions. From here you have two options. The first option is to return to life via a special object or very powerful magic. However, if this is done more than twice the person will gradually become corrupted and lose their mind. The second option is to find peace and be guided by a synchronization user - this means to have no regrets about your life or your actual death and to be content with everything. Through this process, depending on our actions in life, you will be sent to either the Void or the Spirit World. Sometimes your actions cannot save you from the Void, such as your race (ex: Vampire) or the powers you possess (ex: Black Chi) which may drag you down anyways.

Powers & Weaknesses
Spirits are people who have already died and gone to the afterlife. The only powers spirits have are the ones they gained during life or the afterlife. Basically, being a spirit gives you no additional powers. Their weakness is that if they "die" as a spirit then their soul is gone forever, sucked into oblivion.
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