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 Combat Standards

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PostSubject: Combat Standards   Combat Standards EmptyWed Jan 06, 2016 7:41 pm

Here at Rising Wolf, we love to focus on site-wide plot, personal plot, and all the things in RP that don't involve fighting. However, this site is very much so combat oriented so there will be times where fighting does indeed occur. So here are some combat standards we need you to follow when fighting against other characters. Meaning these rules don't count if you are fighting enemies in a mission and such things like that unless otherwise stated.

  • All attacks done must be put in bold. All chi attacks must be put in a spoiler at the bottom of the page.
  • As stated in the stat page, your HP is determined by however many points you have in your defense times 7.
  • As stated in the stats page, your resistance will decrease the damage your opponents techs do by 0.2 for every point in the stat.
  • As stated in the stats page, your energy will increase the damage your techs do to opponents by 0.2 for every point in the stat
  • You will feel extreme fatigue after your health drops below 25%.
  • You are responsible for keeping track of your health, the health of your items, and how much damage an opponents techs will do if you're hit.
  • Blocking a physical attack without a shield or armor of some kind be it magical or physical will result in you taking half the damage.
  • Shields made from chi can break with a physical attack that does 2x the damage of a chi attack that is equal rank of the shield.
  • Death is a natural part of the RP. To avoid this use topic tags such as [No kill] or [No Fighting] or [No Maiming]. Without theese tags you are vulnerable.
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Combat Standards
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