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PostSubject: Master Mode   Master Mode EmptyThu Jun 08, 2017 9:03 pm

Master Mode 250?cb=20150210031943
It's kinda like synchronization but this is more focused and streamlined. No gimmicks of using the power of spirits or gaining new powers, just tapping into the ones you already have and multiplying your strength. Hell, this mode is almost like saying to hell with chi, since you're using it to increase all your physical attributes and bring you that much closer to a master.

Master Mode is an ability similar to that of synchronization except instead of using the spirit particles in the air to increase their strength and abilities, Master Mode uses the user's chi to increase all of their physical attributes. The user of this mode is also enveloped by an aura that is the color of their dominant chi color. Master Mode was created by one of the original class 1 ethereals. They believed that because they were used to not using chi, sacrificing it to gain more physical power was no big deal. The way this works is by the user "burning" the chi up and converting it into  Vitamin SC, a sort of super vitamin. Master Mode has different levels of power and intensity. The higher the level the more chi that is burned up and the more vitamin SC created to enhance the body. With each level, the body becomes more and more toned and slim. The first level increases the body physical attributes by 1.5 times their original strength, this is referred to as Master Mode or Master Mode Lvl. 1. The next level burns more chi at the increase of 3 times the body's original strength, this is called Master Mode Lvl. 2. In Master Mode Lvl. 3 things get a little different due to the fact that now all techs do double damage but you are also losing chi at a much higher rate. The last official level is 4. There is also a level that most users will never use due to its consequences, this level is called The Final Master Form. In this form the user is able to multiply the strength of one physical non-chi enhanced attack by 50x! After this attack regardless if it hits or misses the user is left unable to use chi for 3 months.


  • All stats get a 1.5x multiplier in lvl 1.
  • All stats get a 3x multiplier in lvl 2.
  • All stats get a 5x multiplier in lvl 3, and all chi based attacks do double damage.
  • All stats get a 7x multiplier in lvl 4, and all chi based attacks do double damage.
  • All stats get a 25x multiplier in Final Master Form, and one single non-chi based physical attack does 50x damage.


  • You lose 15 chi a post in lvl 1.
  • You lose 25 chi a post in lvl 2.
  • You lose 35 chi a post in lvl 3.
  • You lose 45 chi a post in lvl 4.
  • You lose all chi when entering Final Master Form.
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Master Mode
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