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 Amira Jäger

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Amira Jäger Tumblr_mz937jcvWG1r3vt93o4_r1_500
Name: Amira Jäger
Nickname: Ami
Age: 15, September 21st
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heteromantic-Demisexual
Class: Blacksmith
Chi: Green

Face Claim: Yukiko Amagi | Persona 4
Appearance: A young and petite lady at the age of 16, Ami has a build which one may describe as slender. Her body is more or less frail while possessing some muscle and fat both, they are lacking. Her body can also be described as somewhat lanky, her arms and legs slightly longer than normal and the more prominent parts of her body. Her sleek black hair falls loosely towards her shoulders, although it is kept together neatly with a red hairband. Her black eyes and thin lashes are a contrast to her pale skin.

While as many other people, she has many different forms of clothing although for school she tends to wear a red sweater with a black shirt along with a yellow tie upon her collar. Her skirt is pleated and is matched with black stockings and loafers. Ami needs glasses, and therefore will be seen wearing red glasses during her classes although she will not be seen otherwise. Her casual attire is far different than the one she wears when she attends class, although her red hairband remains on her she sheds the red sweater in favor of an orange hand-knit one with diamond patterns stretching across her collarbone. Her plaid skirt is replaced with a solid black and she wears black leggings and brown ankle boots.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 132lbs
Special Characteristic: N/A

Personality: From a young age, Amira works by logic rather than intuition, always studying what is around her to reach conclusions. Common sense is her primary weapon in life, acting upon her memories and mistakes in an effort to avoid them in the future. Due to this, Amira is very analytical, always thinking something through before she acts upon her thoughts. She uses context clues to come up with conclusions in order to get the best results possible. She can be described as calculating, although she is one to keep her thoughts quick and brief so she can act quickly and efficiently. One can even describe her as the exact archetype of "brains over brawn" due to her central focus on her own intel rather than brute strength.

Socially, she can be rather awkward. Amira has trouble expressing her feelings towards others, instead often being cold and even hostile at first sight when she has good intentions. Introverted, she isn't one who would go up to others but rather keep herself in the shadows. While not completely withdrawn, she simply does not feel comfortable around strangers nor does she feel the need to reach out to others whom she does not know. Unsurprisingly, Amira appears to be quite irritable, put off easily by banter or foolish antics. She will no doubt go off onto small tangents when someone irritates her and will not stop until she is either forced to or finished.While there may be others that she many disagree with, Amira holds mutual respect to all. While she may possess higher respect towards some and hold less towards others, she holds at least some respect towards all living beings and treats them kindly, despite how poorly they have treated her. As for her short temper, patience isn't something that exists for her, as she simply doesn't have the time to wait.

Perceptiveness is one of her key traits, as she pays close attention towards the landscape around her, taking notice of small details. Noticing changes, even if small, she often will notice details that the unobservant may be unable to see. Amira is not one to tell others of her plans or observations, in fact, is a person who is willing to lie. While she does not feel ashamed to lie, it isn't to say she is a chronic liar. But rather she will lie to keep certain facts a secret rather than simply say she does not wish to share. In general, she does not mind telling the truth and will, in fact, do so. She isn't one who will sugar-coat most of her ideas of people and will plainly tell them. Optimism is also one of her key traits, Amira is very optimistic about everything and looks at the good in the future. If something does not go the way she sees, she will cast it aside and continue looking for the good as she believes there is no crying over spilled milk. The only way to truly grow is to accept the past and move to the future.

She also holds courage, having a willingness to face her fears to aid herself and others. Some of her ideas are considered risky although she is keen to weigh the pros and cons before acting them out. Her first thoughts are to account for the losses rather than any gains that may happen. But overall, Amira is insecure. Her optimism will apply to everything but herself. She often doubts her abilities, and would not disagree with the notion of being called worthless. While she will often hastily thank compliments, she appears more accepting of insults.


  • Books: Amira has been a bookworm for quite some time. It is common to see her deeply engrossed in novels. If one were to ask her favorite genre she would often comment how she enjoys mystery novels due to the suspense and the thrill of having to guess who the killer is.
  • History: This is not simply her favorite subject without a reason. Humans have evolved over the years and through so much trial and error found themselves the way they are today. It is simply fascinating to see the progress humans have achieved throughout the years.
  • Gossip: While not one to admit it, Amira is a sucker for gossip. She finds rumors both outrageous and realistic to be the epitome of interest and drama to be both hilarious and entertaining. However, she will often keep this guilty pleasure of hers a secret to give off the impression of being more professional.
  • Spicy Foods: Amira is a huge fan of spicy foods, almost never eating any savory foods without some hot sauce nearby. Her motto is the spicier the better.


  • Parties: Amira is the opposite of a party animal, finding parties too loud and bright for her liking. Not only this but rather being more introverted it would not make sense for her to enjoy parties as often it requires socializing with others. The nasty rumors of what may happen to students her age don't seem to encourage her to partake in such events either.
  • Languages: She can hardly speak English on occasions much less a foreign language. Amira finds languages so difficult and hard to understand due to the complexity of the grammar, vocabulary, diction, syntax etc. Even something as simple as spelling she dislikes, and due to the fact it is often a key subject required for her to connect with others. This is a subject she will actively complain about although she will force herself to be better at.
  • Physical Activity: While she enjoys exercising the mind, Amira more or less loathes physical activity. While she does understand it is healthy for her to do so, it still causes her fatigue quickly and often leads her sore the next day which is one of the reasons she dislikes exercising.
  • Heavy Metal: This genre of music is pretty much just loud electric guitars and screaming. She doesn't see the point of heavy metal and is honestly painful for her ears. After listening to this sort of music, often she is left with a headache which is one of a few reasons why Amira does not like heavy metal.


  • Mysteries: Due to her analytical and perceptive mind, one of Amira's favorite pastime is to read mystery novels or watch mystery books in order to solve the problem. She finds it exhilarating and loves the feeling of satisfaction whenever she is able to accurately guess the culprit.
  • Singing: She doesn't like to admit it, but Amira actually likes to sing in secret. While she definitely wouldn't be showcasing her hobby at a talent show she has no problem about singing towards any song on the radio that she would be able to hear.


  • Being Forgotten: Despite her introverted personality, she wants others to recognize her. In a world where people are often forgotten after three generations, she wants to be remembered. For her name, her life and everything else about her life to fade away after only a few generations is one of her worst fears
  • Fire: In the early years of her life, she had a house fire which took away the life of one of her pets and many other precious items of her. She is afraid of the destructive nature of the fire and is very reluctant to go near one in fear of being burned by its flames. It also doesn't help that green chi is weak to red chi.
  • Failure: Amira doesn't want to fail. Her dream her entire life was to be successful and prove her worth to the world, but if she cannot succeed then none of her dreams can happen. She wants to avoid failure as much as possible be it on a test or a failure of a task she is given. She will do anything to pass, even resorting to playing dirty if necessary.


  • Helping Others: Amira doesn't desire power nor glory, but rather she wants to aid others to achieve their goals. She is willing to put aside her own desires if it means one would be able to achieve a reasonable desire of theirs. She wants to be the one to support others instead of working by herself.
  • Recognition: While she often places this motivation to the sidelines, Amira wants to make her mark in the world. She wants to be recognized by a lot of people. While ideally, she wishes she would be recognized in a more positive manner, she wouldn't be too upset if she was remembered via fear.

Ethnicity: Jewish
History: Amira was born to a family consisting of her mother and her father in America. In her family, she was the youngest of five siblings: her brother and sister who was older than her by fifteen years, the youngest sister who was older than her by ten years and her youngest sister who was younger than her by four years. She lived an upper-middle class life in her childhood due to the fact she was born into a family of prodigies. Her mother was a successful musician who had been playing with instruments since a young age while her father was an intelligent scientist who was acclaimed in the science industry and was currently studying chi. Her eldest brother was a football player and had caught the eye of many teams where he would eventually move to America and join one of their teams. Her eldest sister was a fashion designer, whose designs were well respected. Her older sister was an artist, and later accepted into a prestigious school thanks to her work. Her older brother was great with computers and had gotten many offers later in his life when he applied to colleges. Amira was the only normal person in her family, she didn't believe she had any talents that could live up to her family.

Her parents certainly didn't mind the normal child, in fact encouraging her that one day she would find her purpose. Her siblings, on the other hand, were mainly indifferent. As they were busy with their own lives they didn't have time to play with her and as such, she was largely alone in her youth. Her lack of a talent made her self-conscious; she wanted to live up to her family's legacy but she just didn't seem to have the aptitude to do it. For a long time, she tried to fabricate she had a talent. She forced herself to come out as the best student in the class, studying relentlessly in exchange for her social and childhood fun. Her parents grew concerned, asking her to go out on those days when she was cooped up in her room studying. They understood their daughter and her desire to be successful like them, however, they believed that this was unhealthy and often times they forced her to interact with live human beings.

Due to her excessive studying, Amira came out the top of the class often times. At the equivalent of 5th grade, the young girl was already reading at a high schooler's level and had the potential to begin learning Algebra, something she would not be taking for at least two more years. But at the time she simply stopped trying. She accepted the fact that she had no talent and simply felt as if she were a failure. However, during the same time, something picked her back up. As her father was studying Chi, the family had many martial arts tapes involving the use of chi. Out of boredom she began to watch and began to notice something. She often noticed mistakes in their position, the timing of their attacks so they could be used to their best abilities and how each of them would smoothly dodge it. Noticing this, she began to watch more and more of these tapes. Around her seventh grade year, she asked her father to take her out to the field whenever he would watch people fight to study their use of chi. Whenever she did, she gave advice to the fighters. She told them the best places they could be when they should attack and each strength and weakness both they and their opponent possessed in order to cover them up. Surprisingly she found that her tactics had worked, and for the first time, she felt as if she was useful.

Amira continued to hone her skills with tactics, spending hours studying over techniques, analyzing each movement. In addition to this, she studied basic weapon craftsmanship so she would be able to create weapons that could be used to their greatest potential. When she reached high school, she began to attend Rising Wolf Academy as a student where she would further hone her skills in battle tactics and learn how to create powerful weapons. It has been three years since then and now Amira is preparing for her third year at Rising Wolf.
Cell Number: (105)-321-8530
Status: Junior
School Club: Student Council

Alias: Ami
RP Sample: N/A
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