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 Elke De Witte

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Elke De Witte

Elke De Witte

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PostSubject: Elke De Witte   Elke De Witte EmptyFri Jun 09, 2017 5:42 am

Elke De Witte

❰ there is no greater crime than forgetting the person behind the pretty face ❱

Nickname: Weiss  ❰ death isn't fun so just stick with weiss, okay? ❱
Age: Twenty-Three ❰ december twenty-fifth ❱
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Cell Number: ❰ 105 ❱ 666 - 1931
Nationality: Dutch
Year: N/A ❰ teacher ❱
School Club: N/A ❰ vice headmaster ❱
Class: Magician
Chi: Red Chi ❰ fire ❱ | White Chi ❰ light ❱

Height: one hundred eighty-one centimeters
Weight: seventy kilograms

    Warmth engulfs his crown, a soft blanket woven from the touch of silk and padded with the fallen feathers of geese wrapped around. Silvery-white feathers fall into place chaotically yet with thoughtful placement. They flutter over his nose with a functional touch, careful to not hide the blood stains marking a criminal scene. The edges of the wings touch the end of the boundless, plain, white desert. They descend into the horizon, dipping downward and falling freely like a cape gannet diving for its slippery, swimming prey.

    Two smoothed rubies are set in a porcelain orb of stunning beauty. Despite the clash between the red of war and the white of purity, the rubies fit nicely into their spot created almost as an afterthought when the supply of brown, blue, and green gems ran dry.

    His uniform, or at least the outfit he prefers to wear during work, is a black turtleneck shirt and black pant. To add a touch of professionalism, he wears a heavy-looking white coat which adds volume to his overall lean figure. His overall wardrobe tends to be composed of black and white. They tend to be the only colors that match well with his odd combination of red eyes and white hair.


Special Characteristic: Albino


    A helplessly flirtatious man at first sight. He parades women and men, both genders alike, with compliments and charming smiles. While some may appreciate his flourishing advances (mainly straight single women) others react with anger. Often, he finds himself the target of the wrath of (usually) straight men. He admits he gets carried away with his show of fake attachment, but he does not believe it excuses the highly offensive words he too often receives in the midst of the storm of anger. The overzealous act in the name of 'god' - prejudice is more like it, he can not help but think - sickens him. Dystopian books describe scenarios where biases have turned into rules. A group with an agenda advocates one side and pressures citizens to conform to this side. Through time, patience, and fairly simple brainwashing techniques, these groups form the world in which their power centers around their ability to control the opinions of their citizens. Not far from what the governments of today do - and have been doing for centuries. With the emerge of the media, the effectiveness of propaganda has tripled. Honestly, if they were not already in a hopeless dystopian world, they were close.

    Flattering and charismatic, many often wonder why Weiss is still a bachelor. Surely, even his job as the vice headmaster at the largest school designed for students who used chi, would not ward off every man and woman. Even his unbearable sense of self-worth (albeit fake) could not deter everyone. Some people find such confidence attractive for reasons one can not even imagine. But Weiss never seems to ever involve himself in a relationship with another. Not even a casual fling. An attractive young man, in this age and time, having never slept with another woman probably struck some as unusual. He would not disagree. It truly is strange, especially considering how promiscuous children evolved to over the generations. He has first-hand experience. Thanks to his good looks, wild teens, and libertine young adults flock to him. Yet, no matter what, his house only ever has one human occupant (it has plenty of dog occupants). If questioned concerning his lack of a relationship, Weiss says his job requires his full attention and a family was just too demanding. Or, he says the only loves of his life that he needs are his dogs. In reality, he is afraid he would just end up being a letdown. He knows the fundamental building block of a happy and healthy relationship is trust. But trust does not come easily to Weiss. As a child, he found no one cared about him, so much as they admired his looks. As a result, he grew secretive and unwilling to provide details about his life. He stays to himself, and he hates when others invade his privacy. A relationship would surely stretch his patience thin. Two sides of him battling against each other. One desired the approval of others. The other hated - and feared - his life in the spotlight for everyone to analyze and disapprove of.


    ❰ puppies ❱ He loves animals in general, but his favorite are puppies. They're just so adorable and lovable and fluffy!~ He owns a total of five dogs, each as white as he is. Their names are the following from oldest to youngest: Bianca, Ban, Abyad, Baise, Aspro. Basically, he has named them all 'White' in a different language.

    ❰ hair ❱ Specifically, his hair. He practically treats his hair like another pet. His hair is as pampered as his dogs. He refuses to buy only the best for his babies.

    ❰ children ❱ If Weiss hated children, he would have never become a teacher. Despite having great opportunities in the modeling, fashion, and entertainment industry, he chose the path of a teacher because he wished to spend his time around children, rather than suffer in the presence of stuck up stressful producers and managers.

    ❰ Alcohol ❱ Rest assured he is no alcoholic. As a teacher and vice headmaster, he refuses to compromise his job by drinking. He broke out of that terrible habit a long time ago. He tries to refrain from alcohol, afraid it will lure him back to his less than pleasant past. So far he has done well restraining himself, but he freely admits the struggle is nothing short but a drive uphill.


    ❰ elitists ❱ Those born to rich families disgust him. He envies their leisurely lifestyle. That isn't to say they actually have such an easy life, but Weiss's perception of easy is rather low considering the sort of household he grew up in.

    ❰ laziness ❱ Tying in with his strong dislike of elitists, he does not condone the lack of motivation to work students and adults alike tend to display. He believes the only means of becoming rich and remaining rich is through hard work. He generally takes this ideology a step further than most people, stating that relying on people is like relying on a crutch he doesn't need to carry him around. It turns a healthy man into a desperate man.

    ❰ abuse ❱ No one likes the idea of abuse. The sound of it is repulsive. But the sort of dislike/hatred he has is a bit different from the more privileged side of society. Having actually experienced abuse as a child, he utterly detests it. But in all honesty, the abusers are not the only ones he hates. He also hates society for its lack of action. Oh, sure, people didn't like the idea of abuse, but did they do anything about it? No! In fact, he often found people preferred to avoid the topic of abuse altogether. He theorizes it is because they feel guilty over the fact they aren't doing anything about it. But guilt is no 'sorry, I'll change'. He truly hates the apathetic stance people take on society's worst problems.

    ❰ superficialness ❱ He freely admits - and even brags sometimes - about his looks. But one thing he can not stand is how people rarely ever attributed the success of those in the entertainment industry (music, theater, modeling) to the effort these people put into their work. Yes, these people were talented (and often good-looking as well) but did anyone ever consider talent was only 1% of the equation? Did anyone ever consider the effort which created the fantastic entertainment of today? As Albert Einstein said, "Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work."


    ❰ performing ❱ He admits sometimes he wonders how his life might have turned out if he continued down his path as a performer for the crowd. He suspects staying in the entertainment industry would have driven him just as crazy as the children he taught. Nowadays he leisurely uploads music videos, but at some point in his life, he had been well on his way to becoming a celebrity. Don't confuse his deliberations as regret. Certainly, he wonders what the road not taken (Robert Frost reference ^^) might have led him to, but he does not regret choosing the road less taken (again, reference from the same poem lol).

    ❰ exercising ❱ Though he might not be in the entertainment and modeling industry any longer, he still maintains his appearance. This includes exercising daily. He mostly enjoys exercising itself. After a long day at school and dealing with snotty brats, exercise allows him to release his unnecessary stress.


    ❰ fire ❱ Is it not ironic? The magician whose primary chi lit up its surroundings with a warm and bright light. The magician who cowered at the sight of the very same light. He tries to put on a tough front but he always finds himself glaring at the dangerous, flickering batch of red and blue from a distance. The sort of distance which prevents one from even making out the shape of the object. The sort of distance where at that point, one has stopped squinting hours ago.

    ❰ intimacy ❱ There is a certain beauty to intimacy. The trust the two parties share amazes Weiss. To think anyone might find a partner they cherish and confide in truly astounds him. He imagines ever placing such assurance in another and shudders. The very thought of it terrified him.

    ❰ failure ❱ Or perhaps more accurately, he is afraid of the disappointment failure evokes in others. He tends to emphasize loyalty greatly. Unfortunately, he takes his ideas to the extreme. What might be a simple fear most people would understand - who likes the feeling of disappointing others, after all - is pushed to levels of insanity. His anxiety causes him to be an utter perfectionist. Furthermore, he assumes others share his standards, and so he holds others accountable at an unreasonable level.


    ❰ experiences ❱ He, in his realization and disgust of people's apathy and lack of action towards major flaws in society, have taken it upon himself to change the world. He wishes to encourage others to join along with him in his crusade against society's half-hearted stance concerning abuse, poverty, and similar subjects. Not only would he like to clear up falsehoods the media spreads, he wishes to spur people to act.

    ❰ approval ❱ His fear is only half the tale. He craves for approval and the feeling it gives him. Every step he takes, he swears he is doing something wrong. He is messing up something, his mind constantly supplies. Approval assures him he can do things correctly - that he has not been cursed with an inability to succeed.


    Soft tears dripped down his pale face. He whimpered quietly in the arms of his brother. His mind barely registered the lethargic motions of a hand stroking his back.

    "Are you even listening? You bastard!" The disturbing sound of skin slamming into skin passed through the boy's skin like a ghost. "Just shut up, you goddam woman!" The great clamor of furious voices around the corner rung through his ear like an echo. Each sound punctured the air twice. His body shook fearfully. Crash. He clenched his fists as glass shattered. An expensive vase more than likely, his mind supplied. His brain paused from its frightened tremor to analyze the sound. The only vase they owned resided in the living room. It had a glorious turquoise color. He remembered his mother cherishing the vase. A family heirloom on his mother's side, its demise guaranteed more arguing in the future. More arguing... He wrapped his arms around his brother, and he squeezed his brother like a comforting teddy bear. Day after day he listened to the same sound of anger and rage. The relentless arguing's effect on all the family members showed clearly on their faces. From his quiet sleepiness to his mother's aggravated version of herself, the De Witte family suffered. Things never reached this level of terrible before.

    "I want Sister back," he cried softly. After his big sister left home - Why did she leave him with them? - his parents bickered more. His dear sister had shone like a bright light. She had brought with her a sense of peace. A soft warmth glowed momentarily at the thought of his sister. He smiled briefly and for a moment his tears stopped running. The warmth faded quickly and his cries returned like usual. He wistfully remembered days of his sister's sweet smile and his brother's cheerful laugh. They had all been so happy back then. It made him wonder, what had gone wrong? What had triggered his world to flip on its head? But mostly, what had any of them done to deserve it all?

    "Big brother?" The bed creaked. He winced.

    "Elke?" His brother sat up. He flipped like a fish to face the older boy. "...Can you promise me something?" His brother smiled kindly. It almost... felt like the smile of their older sister. Almost.

    "Of course."

    "Promise me... Promise me you'll never leave me. I don't care if you leave here, but please if you do, take me with you!"

    A momentary silence stretched out. "Of course."


    You were lying through your teeth. You left me. Oh, if only you could have kept your promise. Maybe then... Maybe then I could have pursued my dreams. Maybe I would enjoy the attention I always seem to receive. Maybe then I would have the courage - or maybe the ignorance - to share a bed with another. Maybe the lives of others wouldn't plague me like they do. Maybe I would have never had all this shitty emotional baggage. Ha... sometimes I want to blame you for everything, but... I understand. I understand why you left me there, in the home of our abusive parents. I understand why you didn't ever pay any visit. I understand why I never saw you again. I perfectly understand. ha. hA. HA.

note; i know i've only provided one tidbit of his history. but i do have my reasons. aside from being lazy, weiss's whole character centers around his history. much of his history can be found in his personality, likes, dislikes, etc. i know this this touch of his history is probably the only detailed part. i know the things that have happened to weiss but i'm leave some of the details open for the sake of in character devlopement as i rp.

Face Claim: Zen | Mystic Messenger
RP Sample:

    He found himself ridiculously bored. Two days in a row now. Nothing fun had arisen from his weary strolls of sorts. Indeed, it appeared quite a peculiar decision which Rain settled for. He already found his previous trips rather dull and unexciting. Nothing logical appeared from performing the same action thrice. By three, nothing farther from a coincidental accident or a one time happening could be true. Certainly, by three he might assume he'd be better off trying something new, rather than sticking to the familiar. The nature of men caused them to gravitate towards a sense of familiarity, however. Yet the familiar only pushed Rain away. Too familiar, for he knew and expected a sequence of events which, without a doubt, would come true. So where then might be the excitement of creating an almost habit out of strolling in a bored mind through the streets of Kou? He'd barely knew the answer himself, but a feeling also rationed a chance, a high chance, something exciting, new, and shiny might occur. Of course, he supposed after a few hours of walking, he might resign to reality. But... until then, he supposed he might as well subjugate himself to the torturous and disgusting air caused by the current weather.

    Or perhaps having some sort of goal in mind might prompt his subconscious to lead him towards the fun he desired. While he never visited the board listing numerous tasks to be performed like an errand boy, he supposed therein lies a sliver of a chance of a fight involved in one of the jobs. Not only he might relish the spilling of blood, perhaps his reward would entail a gift which might better allow him to survive on the streets of Kou. Oh yes, he barely owned his own clothes, being nothing more than a wandering and almost penniless fighter. He supposed he might settle somewhere in his older days. But as his youth shined gloriously he decidedly would enjoy his spry bones as they lasted. Or maybe even in his oldness, he would remain forever sturdy and young in spirit. If he joined with Death before his bones crackled and his back ached, he'd be quite disappointed. Although, the miserable disease that is oldness did nothing to interest Rain. Rather, it disgusted him. Now, he had nothing against old people, although they were quite boring, but he appreciated his ability to move around without his bones hurting every second. He understood such a disease was inevitable, but perhaps the possibility remained. Maybe not even age might stop his care-free life. He hoped enough might be true.

    He found himself in front of the board. Strangely, no one else around him found themselves attracted to the rather old and unkept board. Even so, in the middle of all the old jobs from who knows how long ago, some interesting jobs on obviously new paper had been posted. He glanced curiously through the mess of posted jobs. He found some rather dull and others quite fun sounding. He wondered which might pose the most difficulty. He found it immediately. Under a few but not so buried to be completely unreadable without moving some papers. He grinned. Exciting? He could only hope. Just like usual. All he could do was hope. By then he was well versed in the art of hoping high. He understood the tactics of gambling hope. He found himself a proficient master in choosing where to place his hope in. Or maybe it could not be a skill to be honed. Rather, a talent one might be born with. Instinct. Like that of an animal. He, being a fanalis, found the proposition rather likely. Out of all the species in existence, fanalis were said to be the closest to wild beasts. He giggled softly. Ah yes, his people were truly the closest to the great beasts of the wild.

    He swept to the side, about ready to leave. He stopped, however. He turned. Someone approached the board. He watched them from afar. A pretty boy. Probably not much older than Rain himself. He waited. Soon, the boy his age was greeted by a young lady of sorts. He tilted his head in curiosity. Could this perhaps be a young lady he was courting? No, that could not be. For she immediately introduced herself. They did not know each other it seemed. Something akin to annoyance filled him. She resembled that of those pitiful, useless, no-fun people he often met. He found the trait more common in women than men, though. But anyway, neither looked very fun. He stared at the two, not caring if he was being painfully obvious. Even so, perhaps it might be fun to sweep the two up and involve them in his shenanigans. He grinned brightly at the prospect.

    He rushed to the two magicians. "Of course he doesn't mind! We're heading to the Jade Dragon Mountains. It'll be tons of fun!" he assured cheerfully as he spun his spear around casually.

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