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 Joseph Dohman

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PostSubject: Joseph Dohman   Joseph Dohman EmptyFri Jun 09, 2017 8:22 pm

Joseph Dohman Latest?cb=20160327164107
Name: Joseph Dohman
Nickname: Jo, Airstrike
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Cell Number: (105)-442-3168
Nationality:  German
Year: Junior
School Club: Sport Club
Class: Boxer
Chi: Green

Height: 1.82 meters/5'11
Weight: 71 kilograms/156 pounds
Appearance: Joseph has blond hair almost completely covering his head with the only exception of some darker hair in the lower back part of it. He has gray sometimes resembling dark blue eyes and eyebrows matching his hair color. He has a thin complex with quite a fit body; however, his muscle mass is still nothing too impressive and only keeps a normal fit body. When out of school, he uses black or blue pants with matching shoes and a white shirt. When in school, he wears the same outfit but taken one level above as he wears a matching vest and a red tie. He likes to dress up elegantly or nicely in most occasions. As someone who works out frequently, he also has quite an amount of sleeveless shirts and black shorts as well as running shoes. At night, he sleeps in his underwear and usually tries to take of his shirt when the occasion allows it.

Special Characteristic: None
Personality: Joseph is a very passionate young man. He loves soccer and boxing, but most impressively, he is exceptionally good at both and has been able to maintain his student profile as an outstanding student. Despite being good at school, he is no smarter than a regular student, again, he is passionate and tireless when it comes to becoming better, it's all been lots hard work and little talent. It is also because of this that he envies brilliant people who put less effort than him but are still simply better and more talented. He of course is a great fighter. Just like box and soccer, he loves fighting and using his ability as a gifted person to use chi. Joseph is also a very kind person. He doesn't like wasting time going around and helping people with any little thing they could use a hand with; however, he is someone with who you can feel welcome and safe. He always tries to keep people positive, without trying to hard of course since it could ruin his reputation. This is also something he cares a lot about, he likes to keep his reputation as a good student, person, player, and fighter. Reputation is one of the most important things for him and is why he always pressures himself to do his best. Again, he is very friendly and has an easy time socializing with people, but wasting his time making friends is something he considers a waist of time. He socializes anyway, he just keeps his negativity about it hidden and as a secret. Despite being kind, Joseph is someone who can easily be annoyed by people's words and actions. He easily gets angry or fired up; then again, he is good pressuring himself to avoid making dumb or quick decisions, but only to keep his reputation clean. He can also be considered someone who tries to look good in front of the professors and superiors. He is very loyal and holds huge respect for those above him. He also respects those below him, but will never hold as much respects for those worse or weaker than him than for those stronger or better than him.

-Soccer: This is his absolute favorite sport TO PLAY. He likes sports in general, but nothing can beat the fun he has when he trains and plays it.
-Boxing/Fighting: It's what he is most passionate about. If he had to give up everything but one thing, he would chose to fight.
-Improving: Again, this is why he goes to school, to improve in as many things as he can. Being his best version is what he craves.
-Speed: He enjoys speed. Moving fast and feeling the wind passing through his face is something that relaxes him, entertains him and lets him forget any problem he is living.
-Laziness: He is never lazy and is always productive; however, he can not tolerate seeing other people being lazy.
-Reptiles: He is not exactly afraid, but he can not tolerate them and thinks they are just ugly.
-T.V: Joseph simply considers it the biggest waste of time. He even considers watching the news a waste of time since he believes papers are strait out better. The only thing he makes an exception with is sports since he insists you learn.
-Being called by his last name. He simply doesn't like being related to his parents.
-Boxing: His biggest passion, it's more than a hobby for him and is basically his main priority.
-Soccer: This is what he has the most fun doing. He enjoys playing and is why he joined the school's soccer team.
-Being expelled. He thinks this would completely destroy his reputation and future.
-Not being able to become a professional fighter or boxer. This is after all his biggest passion.
-Losing control of his life. His biggest fear is to suddenly become bad at things, try hard and lose his proficiency in other, quickly destroying his reputation and ending up where he started; nowhere.
-His father always pressured him to be the best he could, which is why he know does it himself and motivates him by just dreaming with becoming better.
-Thinking of a fighting career where he can do what he likes and live from it is what also keeps him pushing himself through obstacles.

Background/History: Joseph was born in west Germany. His father was a very important business man and his mother a talented lawyer. Having two incredibly successful parents, he was gifted with the best education in the country and any sport or skill he'd like to learn. When he was younger, around the age of 3, he was strongly supported by his parents to try out different sports and do his best studding. As a little and impressive kid, his parents where more than capable of convincing him that studying was indeed fun and the most important thing he had to focus on. At the age of 4, after he tried out almost every sport, Joseph decided to try out boxing. With only some talent, he quickly fell in love with it and decided to train as hard as he could to become the best of the best. Despite his parents being a bit disappointing with him about choosing boxing as his sport, they supported him and decided to give him all the tools to become the best. Time passed and his parents spent less days with their kid, only pushing him towards glory and success and forgetting about Josephs feelings. Forcing him to study and train all day, he quickly grew with hate towards hi parents, but also with their success philosophy, where success was all that mattered. When he turned 10, his abilities to use his chi started growing, quickly giving him a huge advantage against other kids. At first he was only considered talented, but he was then seen as a cheater and bad boxer overall. He was no longer allowed to compete and was only allowed to train. This completely destroyed him, he thought his dreams would never be achievable. It was then when he started to play soccer, more of a game where he could easily control his abilities, he played for fun in different teams. He enjoyed the game and was exceptionally good at it, but his love for it was nothing near reaching his love for fighting. Difficult years passed, but when he was 14, he heard of this school known as the Rising Wolf Academy and the opportunity of joining the fighting league. Without even actually telling his parents about the specifics, they decided t let him go study there, where he would be more than welcome and would be given the opportunity to fight again. And maybe someday, achieve his dreams.
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Nice app and approved
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Joseph Dohman
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