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 Aether Lepan (DONE)

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Aether Lepan


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PostSubject: Aether Lepan (DONE)   Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:02 am

Name: Aether Lepan
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Cell Number: (105)-584-2248
Nationality:  Australia
Year: Freshman
School Club: Arts Club
Class: Defender
Chi: Yellow

Height: 171cm
Weight: 86kg
Appearance: Aether is a tall, handsome young man. He has short, messy and somewhat thick dark green hair, and he has piece of hair pointing up. His clothing consists of a black dress shirt with white buttons on the collar, a blue tie with a white cross, and a white suit with a lime green trim. Aether also usually carries around an art supplies bag and drawing notebook along with other basic art supplies so that he may be prepared at any point in the day to sketch, paint, or draw whenever he feels inspiration come to him. Within the basic art supplies is also a simple watercolour set, a compact easel that expands to full size upon unlocking a few mechanisms, copic markers, and a variety of coloured pencils and various pencils with varying density and size. His combat uniform however is almost the exact opposite of his regular uniform, a skin tight suit that provides flexibility and allows his skin to breath while he’s in his suit of armor, along with various magnets that lock his armor into place on his body.
Special Characteristic: N/A
Personality: Possessing a jolly and outgoing disposition, Aether is a rather imaginative juggernaut, always wanting to bring hope and ambition towards the people. He lives by a code of valor and justice, much like the crusaders of medieval history. Although he is at a young age, he strongly follows their beliefs and their moral code to always be fair in battles, and to only take a life when it is required. He also really cares about his comrades and will, quite literally, take a bullet (or several) for his friends if he must. Whilst out of battle he’s always drawing in his notebook or reading up on various wildlife, often venturing into the outback of his home to study the wildlife so that he may draw them as accurately as possible. When it comes to art he takes it very seriously, so much so that he trained his body to overcome the burdens of combat and endure everything he can so that he can obtain enough money for his art supplies, eventually putting the training he learned for endurance to survive in the wild bushlands and desert of Australia, just to study and create the greatest piece of wildlife art he could.

Aether makes sure that his jolly and outgoing nature calms and relaxes his allies, making sure to keep their thoughts in emotions in mind when he makes decisions outside the battlefield. He assures both himself and others that anger will not be taken out without good reason, but that he will not be taken advantage of or threatened. He speaks very proudly and assuredly, but never threatens others unless he himself feels or is threatened. He tries his hardest to assure that no anger or unnecessary fierceness cloud his judgment, which can possess his mind if he is pushed too far, for he knows that a calm mind makes the most valuable for judgment and leadership. Oftentimes when faced with opposition or arguments, he questions the opposing side first go grasp their understanding of a situation before countering with his own, and making an evaluation of the entire scenario.


  • Art: Aether has always liked art and its ability to bring forth whatever he can imagine, to be able to breathe life into his work.
  • Money: Like any other struggling artist Aether is in need of money, which is what eventually lead him to train himself and fight others to earn enough to keep doing what he loves.
  • Puns: Where others might cringe at the sound of a pun, Aether would immediately return the favour with another pun.
  • Insects: Aether finds insects interesting, even adapting the way he fights to resemble various insects that he has studied.


  • Camping: If he has to stay out anywhere he prefers for it to be heated and be comfortable, and often opts against camping outside.
  • Spicy Food: One interaction with a curry too spicy has left him with a strong dislike of spicy food.
  • Laziness: Through constant effort into developing his skills as an artist and a fighter, Aether has developed a strong dislike of those who give up easily and criticize the hard work of others, writing it off as talent.
  • Unfair Fights: Aether prefers to fight on equal grounds to his opponent.


  • Art: Ever since he was a young boy Aether has always had an interest in art, bringing what he imagines to life on the pages of his notebooks.
  • Entomology: Aether’s interest in insects stems from his father’s work, often bringing Aether along on field studies of insects and allowing him to write up and record whatever he finds.


  • Atychiphobia: Aether fears failure, as the moment he fails to win a battle he considers that the moment he will be unable to purchase his art supplies
  • Necrophobia: Aether watched one to many zombie movies as a child, resulting in him having a clear and distinct fear of the dead, believing that they will come back to life to take him with them.
  • Thalassophobia: Being Australian, Aether was taken to the sea multiple times as a young child, but ever since he was pulled out into a rip and nearly drowned he has always had a fear of the sea and refuses to even touch the waters of the beach.


  • Money: In order to obtain the supplies for Aether to work on his art, he became motivated to fight upon learning how much a fighter gain upon winning a match.
  • Living Art: Aether more than anything wishes to breathe life into his art and everything that he does, motivating him to be the best he can be and to always strive for improvement.

Background/History: Aether is the son of an Entomologist and a wildlife artist, spending most of his time at a young age in the Australian rainforests and bushlands with his parents. Even at this age he took a great interest in both of their work, especially his mother’s art and her ability to capture a single moment on paper with great detail as though she had taken a picture, spending most of his time on trips and in his spare time learning how to draw and eventually reached his mother’s level of skill at the age of 8. His parents however weren’t always as prosperous, his father losing his job at a university in Brisbane after his research into the use of insect inspired weapons found little ground which forced them to rely on his mother’s ability in art to make money for his family, but even that was not nearly enough to survive on. So at the age of 9 he began using his father’s study of insectoid weapons and fighting capabilities onto his own body, training himself endlessly till he could fight equally against the Australian wildlife around his home and begun to take part in underground fights for money to help his family and obtain fund his art supplies at the age of 12.

As he slowly made his way up the underground fight ring ladder he lost and won many fights, refining his father’s studies and weapons with each battle to the point where he fought and lost to the champion multiple times, but with each fight won he won another month at home with his family, gaining reimbursement from the owners of the underground fighting ring for his young age. While his parents discouraged his way of obtaining the money they couldn’t turn down his good will, using the money he obtained from the fights and the money his mother made from creating logo’s and designing such things for companies, eventually resulting in his father being hired by a private security company to design weapons and vehicles after they took an interest in his dismissed university research, leading them to enrol Aether in his current school as to not waste his talent in art and combat.

Face Claim: haruhiko ichijou | Musaigen No Phantom World
RP Sample: N/A

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Aether Lepan


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PostSubject: Re: Aether Lepan (DONE)   Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:21 am

Bump for completion o3o
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Reinhard Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Aether Lepan (DONE)   Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:43 am

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PostSubject: Re: Aether Lepan (DONE)   

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Aether Lepan (DONE)
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