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 Roland Gates

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Roland Gates

Roland Gates

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Roland Gates Tumblr_maxfccMRYe1rv3gcf
Name: Roland Gates
Nickname: Roll, On a roll Roland
Age: 17, August 8th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Class: Boxer
Chi: Yellow

Face Claim: Akihiko Sanada | Persona 4: Arena
Appearance: Roland has short silver hair, grey eyes and a stubble. He has considerable muscle mass for a guy his age, this being a direct if not obvious result of all the time he puts into his training. This coupled with his overall build makes him a sturdy enough fighter in body alone. Being the sort of guy that wears whatever's comfortable, he's usually seen in hoodies or the like when encountered outside of campus. As for ON campus he's actually more comfortable wearing absolutely nothing waist up, which he does... always. When knowingly entering battle, he has a prepared outfit of his own make consisting of brown pants, with a bandage covering his left thigh, while the right has several tears on it. The pants themselves are held up by a belt with a water bottle and a knife strictly for survival attached to it. It also consists of reddish brown mixed-martial arts gloves and a matching cape. He does of course still not wear a shirt or anything even resembling such. His one, only and seldom worn formal attire consists of a light gray suit with a black collar shirt. Is quick to put on band aids after sustaining even minor injuries, meaning there's usually at least one to be found on his person.
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 82kg
Special Characteristic: Has several scars on his body. 3 across his chest and several others on both of his arms. Also possess a peculiar cross shaped scar on the left side of his head.


Independent, prideful, and ambitious, at first glance Roland is what one might describe as a cold, aloof and emotionally detached sort of person. He's the kind of guy that never seems to lose face, rarily displaying any emotion to the people around him. That's not to say that he doesn't care though, he's simply reluctant to speak out about his feelings. In fact, he's reluctant to speak in general, although when he does, it usually means it's important. His quiet demeanour usually gives people the impression that he's quite brusque or even outright rude. Those willing to make the extra effort to approach him though will quickly come to recognise an underlying warmth to most, if not all his actions.  

Roland is in fact very much open to the idea of making friends at the academy, something he had trouble with growing up due to how his talented self often served to intimidate his peers. As a direct result of such he's also unsure of how to approach people to begin with, meaning that he's not very likely to reach out to people on his own out of fear that he'd just screw it up due to his complete lack of experience on the subject. Those daring enough to get close to him will find a strong and loyal friend that makes for a most excellent shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough. To be a close friend of Roland also comes with being one of few reasons he might lose his composure over should he ever find them in danger, if even for only as much as a second. Having no experience what so ever concerning a romantic relationship he would most likely respond to the emergence of such feelings by avoiding any and all interaction with said person until he can muster up the courage necessary to even be around her, let alone ask her out and so on. Assuming there's someone patient enough to even try, there's still hope for Roland Gates.

He's a very honourable young man in the sense that he doesn't even consider the alternative. It all really comes down to that he simply can't see the point in doing things the wrong way. This also makes him very honest in the sense that he outright refuses to lie unless lives depended on it. Overall, he has a strong sense of justice that stems fro mthe fact that he considers it more of an obligation than a choice to be made. That's not to say that he's specially attuned to the law or the like, relying solely on his own internal moral compass to judge matters of right and wrong as he comes to face with such. As one who has resolved to walk a straight path in life, he generally tends to simply pity those who insists on deviating from such paths.  

As for battle he is nothing short of patient, unflinching and absolutely merciless if given the chance. He's the sort of fighter that stays on the defensive until presented with the perfect opportunity to strike, more often than not resulting in an absolute reversal in the flow of the battle at hand. Assuming he manages to turn the tables on an opponent there will be nothing short of a merciless onslaught awaiting his opponent as Roland will spare no quarter to the ones that presents even the slightest hint of an opportunity. Being the stoic character that he is, he is able to approach even the most intense situations with sharp focus, keeping his emotions in check to make for a truly efficient and adaptable fighter. Even whilst angered he somehow manages to keep his composure, the irregular flow of his Chi being the one and only indication of his actual emotional state. Most people might say that his nature as a fighter pretty much reflects him as a person in general, most people are right.

In terms of a chain of command he would be more than capable of leading a group considering his stoic character and exceptionable observational skills, assuming he was comfortable enough with the group in question to issue orders at a steady rate. He's capable of taking orders when necessary but prefers free reigns in the case of a group fight, often opting to single out one of his opponents while leaving the others to fend for themselves. Given how he values honor and integrity in battle he's insistent on keeping battles fair and square, even going as far as refusing to attack an adversary whose back is turned, with the only exception being in the case where a friend of his are in imminent danger of losing their lives in which case Roland would strike the attacker from behind.


-Training: As one who aspires to be the very best, each and every training session is yet another amongst a thousands steps which will bring him yet closer to said goal, making each and every one of those steps more than worthy of the effort.

-Boxing: While fighting in general is indeed the thing he's hands down most passionate about in life. Boxing provided the solid foundation he needed to reach that realisation about himself.

-Animals: Given his quiet nature, animals tend to take notice of his good nature much more so than most people do. The directs result of this being that most animals take an instant liking to him upon meeting him. And he monst certainly doesn't mind the company.

-Spicy Food: He likes to say that he considers it yet another sort of training to see just how spicy a food he can scarf down. Truth is he just likes spicy food though, often going the extra mile as far as seasoning goes.


-Losing: While he will naturally welcome loss as an opportunity to improve upon himself, nobody really LIKES to lose.

-Wrongdoers: Wrong is wrong, it really is as simple as that. And the sort of people who inisist on doing wrong is wrong. Needless to say, he doesn't approve of wrong.

-Bugs: While he enjoys the company of most animals, bugs are most certainly not included on that list. It's not that he's afraid of them or anything of the sort, he just finds the mere sight of them outright unsettling. Not that he'd ever show it or admit so to anyone though.

-Beans: While not a picky eater by any means, the consistency of beans as he chews them is enough to make him feel sick beyond all logic and reason. Him and beans just don't mix.


-Training: Given that he's chosen to pursue a career as a professional fighter, he takes exceptional time and care to keep his body in the best possible shape.

-Gaming: Knowing fully well that it's not healthy to train 24/7, he's taken up gaming in his spare time to at least sharpen his mind in a sense. Prefers fighting games and his screen name is not an uncommon sight on most leaderboards related to such games.


-Losing his Chi: Remembering what life was like before he awakened to his Chi, Roland just can't imagine how hard it would hit him to revert to that stage now that he's finally genuinely happy following his awakening to said power. He just knows that he wouldn't be able to handle living like that again.  

-Disablement: As someone who aspires to be the greatest amongst fighters, the likes of disablement would function much in the same way as losing his Chi would. That's not to say that he's constantly worried about such a thing since he's come to understand that the professional fighter's world has the sort of healthcare that makes things like re-attaching a limb and the like not only possible, but fairly easy to pull off.

-Reverting back to his old self: While his other 2 other fears cover the 2 most likely means by which he might revert to the person he used to be, his single most fear is just that. To revert back to that sad person he used to be with absolutely nothing to aspire to.


-The Top: Roland wants nothing less than to claim the very top of this world of fighters he's delved into and savour the sensation of there being nothing and no one above him, if even for a moment. These feelings stem from his initial awakening to the power of Chi.

-Chi: From the very moment Roland first felt this almost literal force of nature coursing through his very being, he knew he couldn't just stop there. He couldn't help but want to understand, temper and tame this amazing power within himself, to test its limits and test his mettle against the very best. This same power beckons him even now to distant heights, and Roland means to seize them all.

Ethnicity: Swedish (75%) Brittish (25%)


As far as Roland ever knew, he was born in the year of 2023 on the 8th of August to decent enough parents. His parents didn't really expect anything in particular from him, they just figured they had to produce an offspring, the same as everyone else. Naturally, they hoped for nothing more or less than an average child. As it turns out though, you can't raise a child to be "average". Even from an early age, Roland proved himself exceptionably talented in just about every sense of the word and produced simply stellar results in whatever he tried his hand at. Naturally, this created quite a gap between him and his peers as he was a child that couldn't help but out-do them all. Truth be told is he never really cared much for any of it though. As talented as he was, he didn't feel passionate or happy doing any of the things he did so well. He really just did it because he was told how great it was that he could do those things, so he simply did. At one point he was almost convinced that you weren't supposed to feel anything in particular as long as you did well for yourself. Still, he resolved he just had to try a bit of everything until he could finally find the one thing he could be truly passionate and more importantly, happy about.

So he did just that and dropped everything he had going on in his life to pursue just as many new things in hope that he'd find the one. He kept the search up for several years and was eventually considered somewhat of a celebrity in his hometown at the mere age of 13 due to the sheer amount of fields he would pursue and excel in, only to trade it for the next. To many, the thought that he managed to do all these things despite

After spending 3 years on bodybuilding and proper dieting, he finally resolved to try his hand at the martial arts at the age of 16. He decided to pursue boxing on the ground that it was the closest such establishment to his home. Of course, he excelled just as much at boxing as he had everything else he'd ever done. He decided to give it a year to grow on him as he usually would with these things, hoping they would grow on him if he kept at it long enough. 3 months after signing up to said Boxing class he was encouraged by his coach at the time to sign up for a regional boxing competition. Roland agreed since he didn't have anything better to do anyhow.

6 months later he had defeated each and every opponent he'd come to face with, reaching the Swedish Boxing nationals in the process. At this point, Roland still didn't feel anything in particular regarding the sport itself or the considerable fanbase he'd unwittingly gathered, it still didn't feel... right. He defeated his first opponent with just as much ease as his previous opponent and left the ring dissatisfied, having hoped that things might change if he fought at this level. He was in no way prepared for what awaited him in his second match, an equal.

For the first time in his life, Roland was suddenly pressured beyond all reason. What he faced was someone capable of matching his every move. Someone that could block his punches, someone that could land a hit straight to his face and someone that could keep him on his toes. In the midst of all this, a strange sensation came over him. He started to feel... better. In the face of adversity something was let loose from the vast depths of his very being. He wanted to overcome it, he wanted to best it and he wanted to win. Lost in the feeling, he threw a punch that roared like thunder. Next thing the audience knew, his opponent had been sent flying straight out of the ring and into the stands. This incident would become a matter of debate later on until it was ruled that Roland couldn't be held accountable for his Chi awakening the way it did.  

In that moment though, Roland couldn't have cared less about anything as he watched little jolts of lightning dance across his arms. This sensation that he felt, reverberating from the very core of his being awoke something else along with it. That's when an unfamiliar thought crossed his mind: "I want to do... more of this".

The very moment he'd finished said thought, it dawned on him that this was it. The one thing he'd ever wished for. A reason to be happy, a reason for living, and a reason for each and every thing he'd do from that moment on. None but a lone representative from the Rising Wolf Academy amongst the judges could sense what lied beyond the tears of Roland Gates, for the judge was a warrior and from that moment on... so was Roland Gates.

An opportunity was presented, and so it was that Roland Gates found himself transferring to Rising Wolf Academy.

Distant Relations:

Cell Number: (105)-516-9402
Status: Junior
School Club: Sports Club

RP Sample: N/A

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Roland Gates

Roland Gates

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Reinhard Wolf

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Roland Gates
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