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 Vladimir Vista (DONE)

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Vladimir Vista

Vladimir Vista

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PostSubject: Vladimir Vista (DONE)   Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:02 am

Name: Vladimir A. Vista
Nickname: Vlad, Vista Boy, The Sage Kid, Dr.Vista.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Class: Magician
Chi: Green | Red

Face Claim: Izuku Midoriya | My Hero Academia
Appearance: At the ripe old age of fourteen, there isn't much of a defined look for Vladimir. He has very fair colored skin with dark green colored eyes and freckles on both sides of his cheeks. His face is not yet defined so he looks even younger than he actually is. Vladimir also has medium length, wavy, black hair that is colored with natural green highlights. Despite being only fourteen and having such a slim body, Vladimir does have some muscle and a six pack that can be seen when he takes off his shirt. When wearing his regular clothes he dons a long sleeved dress shirt with a red neck tie that is rather short. Over the dress shirt he wears a light grey suit jacket that has golden buttons and green markings. His pants are dark green, similar to the markings on his suit jacket, that are tucked into rather large red boots.


When he knows he has to fight, he decides to don a dark green unitard with black markings. On the waist of his unitard is a red belt that has several pouches to hold things. The other red article on his body would be his shoes, which are still the same large red boots but with some modifications. He wears long white gloves that have built in arm braces just in case he exerts too much power and breaks his arm. Vladimir also wears black knee pads with iron soles added to his red boots. The last notable thing of his battle attar is the metal face mask that covers only his nose, mouth, and ears. The face mask can be left out of the outfit if he so chooses.


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120
Special Characteristic: Several scars on hands and arms.


Vladimir is a very respectable and nice teenage boy, often going out of his way to do things for strangers or students that he doesn't know. He is very interested in science and research, joining the schools research club to fulfill one of his many dreams of some day being a famous research scientist. Due to his interest in scientific research and being one of the top three of his class, people hail him to being a genius of a sort. However, Vladimir does not like this at all, comparing himself to those who do average in school. With his immense brains he is usually stuck in it and thinks about everything that he can, including some things that might not matter at all. Vladimir can also overthink something's and worry himself to the point of sickness but this only happens with very serious situations.

Despite being sort of an outgoing person, Vladimir himself is a very introverted person, he loves to stay by himself and read books or just relaxing. He will try to talk to others if he manages to some how build up the courage too but that is not too often. Also if Vladimir were to become friends with someone he would be a bit introverted at first but after knowing them more he would become more open with them.
When he actually gets to know someone and become friends with them, he likes to do things or even invite them to do research with him if they are interested. Those who he becomes friends with are also the things he holds close and if they are ever in danger he would make sure to save them.

Vladimir is also a very cool and level headed individual, meaning that he doesn't get too mad or crazy over the small things. He is sometimes go with the flow but will do whatever he wishes when he wishes. Even though he is level headed he can still easily show signs of panic or any emotion that he is feelings at the time, especially in battle. When he does fight, he seems to be concerned a lot due to the fact that his father told him he wouldn't be that great despite being part of the second most powerful noble family after the wolves. However when he has the time Vladimir loves to train so that he can hone his skills and eventually lead himself and his family to be known as greatest fighters alive.


Science: He finds science very interesting and loves the challenge and stimulation that it gives his brain.

Reading: Reading is a love for Vladimir as he loves to learn new information and be informed of things going on in the world.
Training: Vladimir likes training as he wishes to be the best fighter in the world and prove himself to his dad.

Sweets: Vlad loves the taste of sugar and sweets are one of his many weaknesses, he probably couldn't live in a world without sweets.


Spicy food: He doesn't like spicy food as he doesn't like the burn feeling in his mouth.

Bullies: Having being bullied by his older brothers and sisters, Vlad dislikes bullies and will stop it from happening to others.
Being called weak: Vlad hates being called weak as he comes from a noble fighting family and wishes to be greater.

Family name being made fun of: Vlad dislikes his family name being disgraced as he holds them in high regards.

Science Research: The one thing he loves the most, it is all he thinks about and would love to be one of the worlds greatest scientist one day.

Cooking: It may not seem like it but Vlad also loves to cook and made it one of his many hobbies. He spends all the time outside of his science research to perfect his recipes.


Failure: Vladimir doesn't want to be a failure as it would bring great shame to him and his family who already considers him weak.

Not becoming strong: He fears not becoming strong as he wouldn't be able to live up to the family name and would probably be picked on by others for the rest of his life.

Losing his friends: After opening himself to someone and making them his friend, he would hate to lose them as he feels it's his responsibility to take care of them. If anything happened to his friends he would probably blame it on himself.


Becoming worlds greatest scientist: Vlad loves science and would love to become the worlds greatest scientist so he can help it.

Becoming powerful: Vlad is motivated to become more powerful so that his family will acknowledge him.

Ethnicity: Japanese | American


Vladimir was born to one of the greatest fighting families to bless the earth, next too the wolf family. His mother and father where Alucard and Marina Vista who had several children before him. Vladimir himself was named directly after his grandfather, a man who could even put pressure on the greatest of the worlds fighters. About a year after his birth, Vlad's mother contracted a fatal disease and died a month later. After losing his wife, Alucard became increasingly strict on his kids and wanted them to become even stronger. Alucard also spent countless hours training and trying to fight Leonard Wolf, who he considered his mortal enemy. However it became almost like an obsession and the wellbeing of his kids got pushed back, leaving Vladimir in the care of his grandfather.

At the age of five, Alucard would come around Vladimir more and more just to teach how to fight so that the family could rise above the wolf family. However, taking most of his mothers personality he didn't wish to fight much and just wanted to be a kid. Alucard didn't like this and would often beat him too a bloody pulp until his grandfather saved him. Having put pressure on his older kids to become the greatest fighters as well, Alucard forbid them from ever contacting their younger  brother until he wished to become stronger. The young Vladimir, not knowing why his father and siblings stopped talking to him would spiral into a deep depression till his grandfather managed to pull him out of it.

To make his grandson feel better, Vladimir Sr. began to train him but in a way that Vlad would actually respond too. He wasn't the fastest of learning but Vlad Sr knew his grandson could be something great if he kept trying. During a training session one day, Vladimir Sr managed to gauge half of his grandsons power, seeing it being so immense that it could potentially rival the wolfs one day. However after gauging his true strength, Vlad Sr. Also figured out the reason why Vlad Jr's growth was so slow unlike the rest of the family. It wasn't his mothers personality that did it but the fact that the boy was unknowingly holding himself back. The only person that could unlock the true power within himself would need to be Vlad Jr. himself but Vlad Sr. Would teach him till the time came for his true power to show.

Vladimir Jr and Sr spent the next few years training and improving Vlad Jr's skills. Every once in awhile they would showcase new skills to his father Alucard but he would be disappointed he wasn't as strong as the others. Eventually this lead Vlad Jr. to find his love in science since he thought he would never be good at fighting. This put him at an even further distance from his father and siblings but his grandfather supported him either way.

Around the time that Vlad Jr finished Junior high, his grandfather had gotten sick and didn't seem like he would make a recovery. After spending his whole summer out of school with him, Vlad Sr finally died leaving Vlad Jr completely alone again. Instead of being sad and crying, Vlad trained more to live up to his name and impress his grandfather. Having gained a little more power, he eventually found out about rising wolf where he demanded his father to enroll him. After several hours of arguing, Alucard enrolled his son into the school of his enemy so that he may get even stronger than before.

Cell Number: 105-223-4678
Status: Freshman
School Club: Student Council/Research Club

RP Sample: N/A
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Reinhard Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Vladimir Vista (DONE)   Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:32 am

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Vladimir Vista (DONE)
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