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 Tenshi Modoru

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Tenshi Modoru

Tenshi Modoru

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PostSubject: Tenshi Modoru   Tenshi Modoru EmptyFri Jun 16, 2017 3:44 pm

Tenshi Modoru 48947-Rokudo_Mukuro-Katekyo_Hitman_Reborn-748x468
Name: Tenshi Modoru
Nickname: Angel
Age: 18; March 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Class: Beserker
Chi: Raw chi

Face Claim: Rokudo Mukuro | Hatekyo Hitman Reborn
Appearance: Tenshi is a tall, sturdy young man. His skin is a fair white, which offers a stark contrast to the rest of his appearance. His hair is a shade of purple, a feature that's both distinguishing and unique as the color is natural. His eyes are what stand out perhaps the most. One of his eyes is a pure sky blue, the other a bright crimson. Although he certainly appears to have deliberately made himself appear unique, all of these features are natural.

His clothing usually consists of a black school uniform, though it certainly doesn't appear to be of Rising Wolf origins. It is black with white or red interior, depending on the outer shirt he chooses for the day. He always wears an undershirt of some kind, usually a white or black one. His pants match the outer jacket, of similar design and fabric. His shoes appear to be dress shoes, but upon closer inspection they were clearly made with mobility in mind. Flexible, they feel more like athletic running shoes than actual dress shoes. Tenshi has both of his ears pierced, though the earrings can change depending on what he feels like wearing for the day.

Tenshi Modoru Mukuro-Rokudo-mukuro-rokudo-26824343-640-650

Height: 6'1 (185.42 cm)
Weight: 175 lbs (79.37 kg)
Special Characteristic: Tenshi has purple hair, as well as a red left eye that looks to have the kanji number one as his pupil.

Personality: To describe any human in any amount of words becomes a feat as trivial as it is substantial. If one attempts to go beyond a mere synopsis of a single sentence, beyond summing an individual up to an anecdote or a metaphor, they go into the grounds of the impossible.

Who is Tenshi?

He is a man who has been shaped by his life, both the light and the dark. A statue, weathered by the storm of life. He has many sides, many driving factors, and many reasons for his actions. He is driven by his own ambitions and his own goals, regardless of whether or not he can find others who look from the same angle.

He is confident, head held high and assured of his actions. Trees may bend under the wind, but they do not break. It is the very action of them fighting against the current that strengthens them to stand under their own immeasurable weight. To shrug off the stress as if it is simply a part of life. Resolute, to both stand strong against the forces and to allow ones self to dance along the current. This is his determination.

That confidence in himself, his goals, and his ideals is what aids in making him an interesting fellow. He is kind to those who he considers friends, offering humor and kindness when it feels right. While he will listen and offer insight for his friends thoughts and goals, he is often enigmatic about his own intentions. He can also be stern, the guiding hand to help maintain their own personal paths. Many find it easy to mistake that kindness and support for a willingness to compromise on his own ideals, but let there be no mistake. Tenshi is willing to mow down those before him if it is the only way to reach his goal.

This is not to insinuate that he is a heartless monster. The things he does are done with the honest opinion that they will benefit those around him more than it will hinder them. What are a few drops to an ocean, though, in the grand scheme?

Likes: Combat: To engage in combat is one of the most primal, integral parts of interaction, especially for martial artists. It allows the exchanging of emotion and intent through actions alone.
Companionship: Tenshi is a man who can stand on his own, content and happy. That being said, life is better with a little bit of friendship.
Barriers: Barriers no more than things that offer resistance. Resistance can be overcome, and to overcome said resistance will allow for improvement more often than not.
Improvement: All in life should be used to work towards improvement. Change and maintenance can only be done through the simple act of growth.

Dislike: The Weak Willed: There is very little that cannot be accomplished by those willing to learn. Those who aren't even willing to try, however, are hardly worth his time or effort.
Incompetence: In the sense of those who force control without the ability to properly control. It is a drain on all those involved, and something that is sure ti inspire Tenshi to force change.
Inflexible Natures: Improvement can only be done through adaption. Those who cannot be flexible simply cannot improve.
Too Easy: Things that are too easy are quick to bore him. If he finds something too easy, he will begin to increase the size of his own ambitions in order to find a proper challenge.

Hobbies: Improvement: Both a like and a hobby, to improve upon himself is something he attempts to do constantly. Whether it be training, sparring, studying, reading, or simply expanding his social circle, Tenshi strives to always be more than what he was.
Planning: Unlike most, Tenshi isn't one to simply make plans for the fun of having a mental game. The plans he makes are often enacted, and usually lead into the fruition of other plans.

Fears: Death: Those who say fears are weakness do not understand human nature. Fear helps spur growth, so it is best to properly identify those fears so one may use them to their advantage. In accordance, the ultimate fear is Death, as it halts improvement.
End of the Line: The idea that one day he could achieve everything is a fear of his. After all, if he reaches the peak, there may be no where left to climb.
Maiming: There is nothing quite as limiting as losing a limb or internal organs. They drastically reduce what one can do, and unless properly dealt with, they can be a permanent crutch.

Motivations: End of the Line: Both a fear, and a motivation. The fear is that once one reaches the peak, there will be no where left to climb. The hope is that once he reaches the peak, he'll be able to begin anew. To carve paths never before seen, let alone tread. Who knows- Maybe he could even alter the mountain itself.
Epitome: To stand above all others allows him to focus on the final obstacle that must be overcome, death itself. Before he can fight that battle, though, he must stand at the epitome of creation.

Ethnicity: 20% Japanese, 20% Austrian, 10% German, 10% French, 40% English

History: Tenshi was born to a loving family, a middle income father and a martial artist mother. His father was French and English, his mother a healthy mix of Japanese, Austrian and German. They gave to their only son a healthy mix of all they could in life. Good genes that allowed for a healthy, handsome, and smart young boy. Attention and discipline at home to allow him to grow up feeling both looked after and with a respect for those around him. A solid education that allowed him to choose and indulge in that which he enjoyed, as well as overcome and understand that which hindered him. They taught him martial arts from a young age, starting first as a way to instill work ethic and respect and then continuing on into something he both enjoyed and excelled at.

Throughout his elementary years, Tenshi was often a leader in his classrooms. He didn't overwhelm people with noise or physical pleas for attention. He established himself through his actions, collected in nature. This was not to say he was different from your average kid by any means. He cried, he laughed, he ran, he loved, he broke rules, and he caused mischief. Still, he was a boy who was confident in himself and what he believed. He did not enforce them, but never once allowed himself to be tread on by others. This sense of independence and assurance of himself allowed for him to naturally be looked to as the leader.

This continued on to junior high, though the axis of power shifted. While Tenshi was definitely considered the leader of his groups of friends, as well as the Student Council President of that school, he was not looked up to uniformly by everyone. There were some who thought him fake, pompous, or simply didn't like him. There were also those who simply couldn't care less about him or who he was, sticking instead to their own friend groups. Still, his ability to hold his head high and firm caught the attention of many, and allowed him to continue on being in a leadership role. It was during this time that he truly discovered that leadership came with more than just responsibility. It came with power, power to enact change in peoples lives. It would be easy to state that he always used this power for good. There were some times in which he used it for personal gain, or to simply see what it would do. It never ruined lives, of course, but it served as a lesson to him about what responsibility he had.

Near the end of these junior high years, his mother passed away due to pneumonia. It was a shock, something no one saw coming. The next two years found Tenshi as a wreck, becoming home schooled by his father more for his fathers sake than for his own. The man had only his son left, and Tenshi found himself feeling hollow. How could a woman as powerful and graceful as his mother be killed by something so benign in today's world? His mind was flooded with all the things he'd ever done wrong, and all the things he'd chosen not to do right. It served as more learning, but it also solidified the man who he would become. Her final words to him were simple and straight forward. "Become the man you feel you need to be. No matter what you think others expect of you, just be true to yourself. If you do that, your father and I will be happy and proud." They were never expected to be final words, of course. Still, it served as an almost eerie sense of foreboding- One that in hindsight he connected with the death.

Once he went back to school, already a Sophomore in Highschool, he immediately enrolled in Rising Wolf and became accepted. The few there who had known him before noticed he was different. It was an odd difference though, one impossible to describe. He was still confident, friendly, to the point of making friends in no time. He was skilled in what he did, a combination of talent and hard work. Still, there was something different about him. Almost as if he stopped relying on others at all. His ideas and goals were now rarely discussed, merely stated as if they had already been decided upon. His competitive nature increased, and while he didn't find himself angered and yelling when he lost, he took defeat as a demand to improve. He was more determined, and almost less open.

Now, senior year of high school, he seems just as he had been upon return. There may be a difference, but no one is close enough to him to know for sure. Only one thing is certain when it comes to Tenshi.

He is a man who will create change.

Cell Number: 105-247-1898
Status: Senior
School Club: Student Council (President)

RP Sample: N/A
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