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 Aiyana Seiker

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PostSubject: Aiyana Seiker    Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:03 pm

Aiyana Seiker

Little Mountain

Name: Aiyana Seiker
Nickname: Ai, Yaya
Age: 14 ( January 30 )
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Defender
Chi: Brown

Face Claim: Kanna Kamui | Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Aiyana is a petite girl that puberty seems to have overlooked. She is tiny in comparison to most average girls of her age, as she only stands at a height of four feet and five inches while weighing in at a mere seventy five pounds. This often gives people the impression that rather than a young teen she is a young child. Her skin is pale but not in a sickly manner it looks to be more of a vanilla ice cream tone than anything else, with her cheeks always flushed with a healthy, soft, pink blush. She has no blemishes but Aiyana has her fair share of scars littered around her body, mostly her knees since she tends to fall a lot. Snow white hair that turns lavender at the ends fall from her head and down her back, hitting the back of her thighs. Aiyanna keeps her hair in two low hanging pigtails which brings it up a bit causing it to fall to her lower back while straight cut bangs cover her forehead and two longer strands oh hair frame her round face. Her eyes are a crystal blue that holds a constant resting gaze, as if she is uninterested in what anyone has to say or do.

She holds herself with respect and her posture shows it. When she walks she walks with a straight back and hardly every slouches. When she speaks it is clear and concise, always making eye contact and giving the same respect that she expects one to give herself. Aiyana does not wear the same outfit daily, she tends to wear what is appropriate for the weather and the colors she picks ranges from light to dark, from pastels to neons. Though no matter what she will always be found wearing a bow found wearing a bow for her hair.

Height: 4'5"
Weight: 75lb

Special Characteristic: N/A

A calm soul with a curious mind. Young Aiyana is the type of individual to observe rather than act. She dislikes putting herself in the spot light and would rather just be a background character. Her sociability skills are sub par but that is only because she does not know how to approach others. If one were to approach her she would follow with basic social skills until she felt comfortable enough to relax around said individual. Sweet and seemingly naive would best describe Aiyana outwardly and this wouldn't be too far off from the truth, but her upbringing has instilled other traits that aren't very noble.

Extremely unforgiving, not much can set her off but find something that does and you'll regret it one way or another. She is subtle in her approach to most situations and can lie on the fly. She really does not trust people and has a pessimistic outlook on everyone she meets. She has a strong will almost stubborn as a bull and will let know one influence her choices on anything. She does not give into peer pressure and does not care for what the masses . She can be snide and sassy but her delivery on it is so soft spoken one probably won't catch the burn that they had received.

Because she looks like a child she plays on it to the fullest to gain the trust and acceptance of others. She wants to appear harmless in everyone'e eyes while always being on guard. She enjoys the company of few and gets visibly sick when in a crowd too big. She speaks to everyone with respect no matter who they may be and takes insults with grace. It's not easy to bait her into action mostly because she finds no one worth her more aggressive emotions. She could care less for fighting and if ever in one she likes to use underhanded tactics, such as tiring out her opponent before striking or using unorthodox weapons like dirt in the eyes or a dirty kick to the balls for those of the male gender. In her mind a fight is a fight and honor does not belong there.

Sweets: She likes candy. there is really not much to say about that. It's sweet and makes her feel good and it's just amazing.

Cats: Detached, cold, assholes not to mention how damn cute they are when they give you their ass to kiss.

Traveling: Aiyana is not one to stay in a place for too long as she likes to explore the world around her and beyond. Just seeing new places is exciting enough for her to enjoy it immensely

Reading Comics: Being whisked away in a fantasy world with wonderful art and a compelling story has always been a enjoyed hobby of hers.


Vegetables:Bitter and the complete opposite of Sweets. This is a no brainer.

Liars: It's hard enough to trust people so those who lie to her and she finds out about it become those who end up on her shit list.

Being picked on about her height: She knows she is short and would rather not have to hear it from other people constantly.

Losing in anything: Defeat is never a good feeling and for Aiyana it's the worst feeling.

Collecting Comic Books: She is a collector. Not only does she collect them she enjoys reading them to. Her library is vast and worth quite a fortune.

Keeping a journal on people Aiyana for whatever reason enjoys jotting down various information about people. Her curious nature drives this home and she is never seen with a pen and pad.

That she will be stuck in her body: Being a teen and having the body of a child is worrisome and Aiyana fears that she may be stuck like that forever.

Not being as good as her sister Being born the younger and weaker twin she was always overlooked as a child, with no praises coming her way or even attention to what she did as a whole.

Not being able to carve her own future : More or less she is fighting for the attention of her family and fears that she might be doing that for the rest of her life and never being able to live comfortably.


Gaining her family's acceptance: Being the runt of the family she has always been looked down on and never taken seriously. She wants to prove to her family that just because she wasn't part of the prophecy that she is still a force to be reckoned with and a respected member of the family.

To one day have a branch of her own family.: It is an honor to be born into the Seiker family. But when you are born in the seiker family and you are not up to par with their standards well things get hard. So Aiyana wants her own clan that can outdo the Seiker's in fame and power.

Ethnicity:  Norwegian

Born the smaller and overall unplanned of the Seiker twins. Aiyana lived mostly in her older sister's shadow, behind a mountain, and in a cave. Growing up Aiyana clung to her sister as the world marveled at her elder sister and everything she did. Aiyana didn't mind she was just happy to have her sister in the first place. All was well until the two hit five and Jasmine was sent away, leaving Aiyana at home. Now that her older sister was not with the immediate family focus was set on Aiyana. She was raised to be obedient and a proper young lady as she was set to be wed to another that would bring more power into the family's name. This didn't bother Aiyana when she was young and didn't know any better but as she grew older and word of who she would be marrying made it to her ears, well lets just say she didn't take it too well.

Aiyana became extremely rebellious in her actions, although they were subtle and carried out with tact. In secret when she was suppose to be working on her table manners she instead was working on her fighting form. When she was suppose to be meeting with tutor who would teach her about high society manners for a young lady, she ditched that and learned judo. Every time she was suppose to meet the man she was to be wed to she faked very ill and went off to learn about her chi. Eventually her father caught on to his daughters defiance and instead of punishing her, he gave her slight praise. Seeing that she wouldn't just lie on her back and take the destiny they had given her gave him hope in her. She would have a long way to go to meet the expectations of her over glorified sister but there was potential in her that all Seikers had.

The marriage arrangement was called off and she was given proper lessons. She would learn how to fight, what her chi did and what it was, she would be given proper lessons on the world and it's history. She would no longer be looked at as an accident, unwanted and to be used in order to get rid of her. Aiyana would be nurtured in order to grow into a respected member of the family who would bring great honor to the name. Once she was of age Aiyana was sent to a school that would help her hone her abilities and at the end of that rode she would either come out victorious or she would fail and her life would pick back up being shipped off to marry a man of power as his wife to further the needs of the family.  

Cell Number: 105-362-6969
Status: Freshmen
School Club: Research

Alias: N/A
RP Sample: N/A

Solid As A Rock
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PostSubject: Re: Aiyana Seiker    Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:45 pm

A Completion Bump
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PostSubject: Re: Aiyana Seiker    Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:49 pm

Looks fine, approved
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PostSubject: Re: Aiyana Seiker    

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Aiyana Seiker
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