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 Bounty Rules

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PostSubject: Bounty Rules   Bounty Rules EmptyMon Jun 19, 2017 1:58 am

Bounty Rules Small_img
Bounties are monetary values assigned to fighters who commit criminal acts. The worse the act and more often that they occur, the greater the bounty one person may have compared to someone who commits less-significant or far fewer criminal acts.

Your bounty will be tracked on the bounty board. The way you build a bounty is by doing criminal acts and being caught. Here the definition of being caught is someone regardless of their standing or position seeing you commit the act and inform the SDC, faculty, or Student Council. Each act will have a different value placed on it which will be determined by staff. A value of 2,500 or less will have to pay a fee equal to their bounty to have it removed. Those with 5,000 or more will have to pay a fee and serve a jail sentence. Once your bounty gets in either of these levels all your topics become open.

Individuals with 15,000 or more will have to serve a medium to long length jail sentence. For anyone with a bounty this high all your topics become open and have permanent damage turned on, meaning if you lose a limb it's gone forever unless you get it reattached before the end of that topic.

Real danger only comes if your bounty reaches over 25,000. At this point, you will either serve a long jail sentence or will face the death penalty. All your topics will be open with kill and permanent damage enabled.

The higher your bounty the more people will wanna go after you for said bounty. Players who wish to go after these bounties without being part of the SDC can simply apply for a bounty hunter license. After an arrest has been made the police will come and take you away to jail and the school will reward the bounty.
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Bounty Rules
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