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PostSubject: Aurelius   Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:33 am

Marcus Aurelius

The Aegis

Name: Marcus Aurelius
Nickname: Aurelius
Age: 17 | November 11th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Class: Defender
Chi: White Chi

Face Claim: Pain | Naruto Shippuden

Marcus is a tall and muscular young man for his age, towering over many of his classmates easily. His hair is short, yet bushy and unkempt, and has a solid orange color to it. His skin is fair and tans very easily, often verging on the shade of bronze. His eyes are sharp and distinct, showing very little emotion. Marcus' voice is stern and commanding usually, although every now and then it eases up whenever he is relaxing. Marcus is in great physical condition; this is alluded to by his constant training and taking up of arduous tasks, although there may be more to it than that, as some may speculate. He is quite muscular, as his well-defined torso and legs seem to be accentuated in almost all clothing. Because of this, his attire is almost always simple, yet formal. However, it is by no means that he is neither athletic or flexible; his athleticism is as good as a well-trained gymnast, in thanks to constant stretching and rare runs of parkour. His clothing varies every now and then, never constantly wearing the same thing. From time to time he dons long, hooded, chin-high collared cloaks of varying colors, most often black or gray. The designs of the cloaks vary, although a staple design is a blood-red cloud on the back and on the front of the hood.

Height: 192.96cm
Weight: 83.1kg
Special Characteristic: Aurelius has a unique set of eyes, born from an anomaly in genetic mutation. It is a pattern of rippling circles spread over a blank, purple sclera. They are void of an iris, his pupils being a small black dot in the center of the ripples. Along with his nose, shoulders, chest, on his ears, and under his lips are faux piercings that he acquired through taboo cultures he came into contact with throughout his life. They are meant to help him be more in tune with the natural energy of the world and find peace (metaphorically speaking). They are plastic and can be removed with minimal effort

Personality: Marcus is seen as an enigmatic man who prefers to keep a solitary livelihood. He grew up with few friends, but that was because he liked the company of few. However, he does have the capacity to be open and friendly, although not quite the social butterfly. Few things will make him step from his quiet demeanor to speak, although whether he speaks or not is truly on his whim and whether he feels that he has to speak for anything or to anyone. At one point in his life he was very lively and approachable as an individual, but after a while, he grew more humble and silent.

He seems to carry an "I don't care" attitude about himself, disregarding most, if not all, offensive comments about his being or character. Having grown up under heavy scrutiny he just stopped caring altogether. Although he may have adopted this way of thinking over several years, his inherited temper can make him hot-headed. There is no such thing as "good" or "evil" in the eyes of Aurelius; there are only those who oppose his interests and those who do not. Playing favorites is not beyond his means of enacting on his plans, although he will seldom take advantage of others. Motives and objectives must be met in his eyes, and although he is seldom to sacrifice teammates to fulfill mission criteria, it is not past his method of operation to do so.

Marcus contemplates on his next moves when the time comes for it; the smallest missteps can lead to fatal mistakes. The young man has seen instances where miscalculations have led persons to their doom. He is no stranger to death, as he has held in his arms close friends who gave their last breath. Death has shaped Marcus as much as life has. He is still learning how to make the proper balance of the two, but he does understand that most living things have a reason to live and have some sort of value. This way of thinking often makes him stubborn, a trait noted by several people he has known for long contact.


  • Food | As someone who takes a liking to cooking, Aurelius spends some free time honing his craft of cooking
  • A Challenge | Life has handed nothing but challenge after challenge to the young man, but he has held out thus far with relative ease. It is something he looks forward to if he can handle it
  • Success | What comes from overcoming challenges? Success. Although not every challenge is met with success, it is a goal of Aurelius to succeed as efficiently as he can
  • History | History provides the knowledge needed to grow from past mistakes of others and advance where those have left off in great strides


  • Romance | Aurelius is not interested in the plights of romance, as he focuses on other things such as cooking or working out
  • Dishonesty | Liars are thieves who steal the truth from others, and Aurelius hates that to an extent
  • Recklessness | Rashness in the heat of sensitive situations without planned coordination proves to be troublesome
  • Pride | Not that there's something wrong with having pride, but Aurelius finds pride to the point of arrogance truly disgusting


  • Reading History texts of all types | There's always an idea of a new ability to formulate. History sometimes has some insights and hidden messages that can give way to new concepts that Aurelius picks out
  • Long-distance running | Running for long periods helps him to feel comfortable running in heavy armor, getting his stamina and endurance and blood pumping


  • Falling Out of Routine | Falling out of routine means that everything else in Aurelius' life falls out of place. He can't afford to fall into chaos
  • Falling in Love | Love is not on Aurelius' agenda, and he feels that falling in love will distract him from what he needs to do
  • Untimely Death | Death is no issue for Aurelius, but dying before being able to accomplish his goals is frightening


  1. To Protect | Aurelius will do all that he can to protect those he cares for, no matter how few people that may be
  2. Expansion of Power | Aurelius seeks to expand the limits of his abilities, reaching new heights

Ethnicity: Japanese


Marcus Aurelius was born to estranged parents who did not care much for their child, because of the eyes he was born with. He was seen as a freak and an abomination and was thus orphaned at birth. He was unceremoniously thrown into the trash, and almost crushed by the trash compactor had it not been for a sanitation worker who found the baby crying mere inches away from being crushed and compacted into the trash. The sanitation worker was a woman named Veronica Aurelius, and she named the son after herself. She was a barren woman in her mid-fifties who divorced her husband after instances of extramarital affairs. She was ready to take her own life at any given moment but finding the helpless baby helped calm her spirits and made her anew. There was a special glow to the child that she sensed.

The young boy grew up with bullies constantly for the way his eyes appeared, even though he had no control over the state that they appeared in. Marcus watched how his other classmates growing up and developing their chi and other strange abilities, but he never cared much for it. The bullying made him humble, and he never cared for how intense they got. He managed to keep a happy and playful facade until he turned thirteen. His cheerful attitude was replaced with solemn quietness. Aggressiveness seeped in as well, but he had managed to keep it suppressed for quite some time. However, certain provocations allowed this suppressed aggressive behavior to come to the surface.

His adoptive mother passed away from old age when he turned fifteen, an incident that humbled the young boy permanently. After her burial, he sought out his biological parents, a process that took nearly an entire year of interviewing and questioning. He found his father first; the man was aged and paralyzed in a work-related incident seven years prior. Marcus was not maddened when he met his father, and the two conversed for several hours on why he and his now divorced wife abandoned Marcus. It was something genetic of his mother in actuality and a sign of the kind of color chi he possessed. He bid his father farewell and took his word on the last location he had known the boy's mother was residing.

His mother was met with heavy resistance, for she had grown deranged and senile living on her own. Black Chi enveloped her very being, her body thrashing about on its own in the small, abandoned shack she lived in. Marcus' body reacted to this by glowing a blinding white-colored Chi, an action with soothed the mother for the time being. She explained that she was ashamed for having abandoned her son, and expressed sorrow for things having to come to this. She reverted back to her insanity and was consumed by her own chi, dying in a bittersweet manner. Marcus was content and sought out a way to harness the white chi he possessed. He found out about Rising Wolf Academy and set his way out to find the place, enrolling as a Freshman.

Cell Number: 105 - 678 -9982
Status: Freshman
School Club: Student Council

Alias: N/A
RP Sample: N/A


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You need 15 more words in appearance
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It is done
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