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 Henry Adler

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Henry Adler

Henry Adler

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Henry W. Adler
Touch my mouth and hold my tongue / I'll never be your chosen one / I'll be home safe and tucked away / Well You can't tempt me if I don't see the day


General Info

Name. Henry Willard Adler
Nickname. Willy [:a guide on how to piss Henry off, written by his beloved brother]
Age. 17 [July 3rd]
Gender. Male
Sexuality. Pansexual
Class. Blacksmith
Chi. Green
Voice. Sample 1

Appearance Info

Face Claim. Kagura Demuri | Aquarion Evol
Appearance. With the bright red mess on his head, the golden eyes and his tan complexion, Henry is a sore thumb amidst his fair relatives. Even his mother, the instigator of his dark complexion, doesn't posses the rest of his dark features. It's a mystery where he got them -not really, considering his mother's long line of mixed cultured family-. He usually keeps his hair short, though asymmetrically cut, since he is his own hairdresser. His eyes, rich yellow in color, are sharp, and his brows are positioned in a natural frown of which he has no power over, thus is always mistaken for being angry at nothing.

The Adlers being who they are, trained both their offsprings into a healthy and active routine. They exercised daily, building up their strength and stamina, and honing their natural speed and flexibility. The result was Henry's prominently muscled body. He's not a beast like others, and due to being a bit more lax in his later years, his physique is not as toned as his brother's, but he certainly stands out in a crowd of people his age. His broad shoulders and long legs give him even more mass, which prompts endless comments on how his body is wasted in the blacksmith class.


Height. 191 cm.
Weight. 80 kg.
Special Characteristic. N/A

Personal Info

Personality. Henry chooses to be a loud presence in his life. He is considered outgoing, the guy who will break the ice, the one who will organize the questionable secret party after 9. He surrounds himself with as many people as he can get his hands on, ultimately building himself a crowd to hide in when and if the need to arises. It's also due to the fact that throughout his childhood, his group of friends varied from one to two individuals, who, in the long run, didn't even stick with him or stand up for him when it was necessary. He lacked friends, and now he strives to get as many as he can, and maybe find some good ones in the process.

Although he enjoys being in the company of others, it tires him easily and quickly, and so it's not rare for him to be the start of the conversation but also the first one to leave. Attachments are difficult to understand. He longs for a close relationship and yet doesn't know how to keep one himself. He plays the energetic friend, but in reality he is scared to explore anything other than that. When a conversation turns quiet and slow, he flees before it manages to actually become heavy. His sudden and unexpected absences might dub him reclusive to strangers, but it's only until they get to speak to him and witness his immoderate enthusiasm.

The only real and strongly rooted relationships he has are with his family. When in front of the Adlers, he is a different man. He is indifferent to his mother and passively aggressive with his father. His brother, a special case, is his arch-enemy. The man who changed the course of his life for the better, and then trampled it all back down by merely existing. Henry is careful with his brother. What he feels for his brother is the peak of his emotions. It is so intense it changes Henry's image altogether. It is also proof he is capable of things other than idle chatter and friendly interactions, though he'd never admit it to himself.

Wind // He has a natural affinity for all things free, and wind isn't an exception, but rather a representation for his love for them as a whole.

Running water // A love for constant change keeps him close to the image and sound of running water. From rivers, to taps, he can gaze at them for hours and not get bored.

Being handled by others // It's a controversial pleasure of his. He enjoys it when people draw on his hands, or play with his hair, or other things such as these. The feel of alien hands on him is pleasant, and he chooses not to question that.

Fixing things // He enjoys both the process and end result of fixing broken things. He unconsciously feels like he leaves something of himself in them and that equals a sort of success for him.

His brother // Not much to say here. He doesn't enjoy tormenting people at all, but when it comes to his brother, it's quite the opposite.

Being disregarded // He has been disregarded his whole life by his family and immediate environment, and now he is tired of it.

Conflict // Being a generally passive person, Henry isn't a fan of conflict, so much so that he's usually the one to end it, even if it's irrelevant to him.

Schedules // He likes having his immediate future free of any appointments, so that he can shape it according to his whims. Any sort of schedule is a burden to him.

Reading // He doesn't seem like it, but he immensely enjoys reading in his free time. The subject doesn't matter much. He's satisfied as long as he can know more about the world than he did the previous day.

Running // He considered joining the sports club for this, but turned down the idea. Running to him is equivalent to getting away from all things holding him down. It is the only time he can truly clear his mind. He runs every day after waking up and before going to sleep, though unlike others, his is a sprint rather than a jog.

Stillness // Lack of change brings him memories of his childhood years, when being average was the source of his misery. He now avoids it at all cost.

A time when he won't have his wit anymore // Losing what he has earned throughout his life is a big fear for him, both for the pain that comes with any sort of loss, as well as the fact that he is completely powerless without it.

Death // Death is Henry's biggest fear, and if he was offered eternal life, he would take it, no matter the cost. He's not afraid of the pain or anything like that. He just fears the idea of not knowing what happens next.

Proving his family wrong // It's something he has been longing for since he could remember. At first it was only acknowledgement he wanted, but now it has become a passion to prove them wrong.

Knowledge // He knows he cannot achieve knowledge of all things in life, but the mere want for it motivates him to live. Even if he lost everything else in life, his need for knowledge would still keep him going.

Background Info

Ethnicity. English (75%), Greek (25%)
History. The Adlers, a family whose name often showed up in papers next to words associated with success and prestige, not just in the fighting field, but also in politics and other international feats, were in a controversial state of affairs when their first son was born. A carbon copy of his father, both in looks and in spirit, the young Richard Adler was burdened with clearing up any and all suspicious accusations on his family's name. He did well in his first few years, and later on he did even better. He did so well he ended up acting as the head of the family much earlier than had been expected, and with his father's blessing on of that too.

Considering all this, the lack of attention on the younger son of the family was of course to be expected. Of course. Henry, born 9 years after his prodigy of a brother, was the black sheep. Dubbed an outsider merely from his looks alone, he was cast aside for the most part of his life. It was never a matter of choice when it came to the two brothers; Henry wasn't an option to begin with. He was an average student, an average fighter, and average existence in the household. Though he didn't comply to everything, he wasn't one to raise his voice in defiance. He quickly became his brother's target of torment.

Never physical, Richard practiced on him violence through words. It was difficult for young Henry, but it was also the discovery of a new passion. Henry, hurt and at a loss of words, took to reading, educating himself, building up oral walls to shield him from his brother's abuse. He found he had an affinity for thinking his way out of things with mere words, and slowly even started implementing his newfound interest in reading in his school studies. An average student in the past, he now quickly rose up to the top of his class, while pushing his name up the ladder even within his family.

However, he was cut down shortly after finishing middle school. His father, immorally scared that his first son and heir would slowly get eaten up by the youngest' growing reputation, sent Henry to Rising Wolf with the excuse that someone had to uphold the family's name in that field, and since Richard was occupied with matters of state, Henry was to play the part of the sheer muscle that earned titles not for wit but for simple physicality.

Henry was suddenly faced with an intimidating wall, one he had not chosen to put up himself. Nevertheless, like all things in life, he found a way around it in the form of the Blacksmith Class. It wasn't exactly his idea of a dream life, but it would have to do.

Miscellaneous Info

Cell Number. (105) - 700 - 0045
Status. Junior
School Club. Research Club [Involuntarily]

OOC Info

Alias. Duke
RP Sample. N/A

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Nice app, approved~
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Henry Adler
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