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 First Creation [Equipment Creation]

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PostSubject: First Creation [Equipment Creation]   Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:30 pm

As she gathered up all her materials which were needed for this task, the young woman began to take inventory. A simple weapon like this did not require too many exotic items, but it certainly was not going to be an easy task to craft one on her own. Once she had concluded that the material had been perfectly measured up and was ready to begin creating she placed on safety gear, goggles, a heavy apron, and gloves. However, she was nervous after all she didn't understand why others would want her to create weapons even if there were far better blacksmiths than her out there.

First, she went to a furnace, wincing at the thought of the red flames which she would need to use to melt the metal. She didn't want to go near them, however, she had to somehow smelt them. She would quickly come up with a solution as she placed the metal in the stone bucket before getting a rather long wooden stick and throwing it below the bucket, causing red roaring flames to appear. She winced at the sudden ignition as she forced herself around the flames and jumped up slightly to see if the metal were melting properly.

Slowly, but surely the scraps began to melt, originally heating up to be a bright orange color before turning into complete lava. It would be at a perfect temperature to place into the mold. Tentatively she grabbed at the handle of the bucket to tilt the molten metal into the mold. Unlike the flames, Amira did not flinch as it carefully oozed into the mold of the sword. Once it began to form the mold she wanted she took a careful moment to admire her work, although this would not be long as she would need to cool down the metal now in order to allow it to set.

She began to prepare the ice bath, getting a large tub of water and pouring in about a bag of ice. Swirling the water around with her hand, she quickly retracted the limb as she felt her fingers going numb, although this was a sign that it was ready to cool down the molten metal. Amira carefully lowered the mold into the water, as an angry hiss of steam appeared in the air causing her to cough slightly and obstructing her vision. However, as the steam began to clear she noticed the angry red metal had cooled down to a much more palatable silver color. She would leave it to cool for about an hour more, although she still kept an eye to make sure no cracks or air bubbles were to form.

After some time had passed, she retracted the mold from the ice bath before pouring the water in the large tub of water for future use. The sword was given another hour to cool outside of the mold before it was finally deemed worthy. Carefully she scrapped off the excess metal until it finally took on a beautiful shape of a sword. She was no artist so she would ask one of her other blacksmith friends to add designs to the sword. Once they had completed, she wrapped a fabric around the handle to allow easier gripping before finally looking at her masterpiece. She had finally complete the sword and while it was not the best in the world, it certainly was still a piece of art.

Word Count: 578
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First Creation [Equipment Creation]
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