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 Two Makes A Pair [Equipment Creation]

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PostSubject: Two Makes A Pair [Equipment Creation]   Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:51 pm

As the sun slowly set, Amira had soon found herself to be the only one in the smithing shop. While she should have been going home at this hour, she needed to make one more equipment, the second gauntlet. Most of the metal had been packed away at this point although she made sure to grab enough for one more gauntlet. Like always she began to pour the iron into the stone bucket that the blacksmiths used to melt the iron. This time she decided to do a throw and run to ignite the flame. Her hands trembled as she held the match in her gloved hands. Quickly she began to ignite the flame; the sudden glow caused her to throw it without even thinking. Fortunately, she had been standing in front of the furnace which ignited as the match she threw hit the tinder.

Jumping back, she simply let the metal melt inside the bucket, at this point knowing how long it would take for the metal to melt she simply kept herself occupied by cleaning up the shop. After all, being the last one here left her with responsibilities. After she had done some cleaning for a few minutes she checked back on the metal which had once again become metal. Amira began to prepare the mold along with the ice bath needed to cool it down. After pouring the molten metal into the mold, she shoved it into the ice bath, steam and water splashing everywhere including her own clothes. While disgusted by the sudden dampness of her clothing, she knew that she would not be able to go home until she finished this and she had to tough things out.
After trying to dry herself out with a fan, she checked back in the mold and allowed the smaller parts of the gauntlet to cool down and dry while the larger parts were given a longer time to do so. At the end of the hour which it had taken for all the parts to cool down enough to touch, she was thankfully dry but quite tired. It was repetitive work as she began to screw the smaller plates together to create the fingers, this time testing out the metal on her own hands to test the flexibility of each joint. Her earlier attempts left the fingers feeling stiff rather than mobility they should have. Taking her screwdriver, she began to tinker with each finger until it was enough for her liking.

When she was satisfied, she moved onto the next finger. By the time she had finally finished with all five, the hand and wrist were read to assemble. She had also tested this out and adjusted if it were too loose or tight. Finally, she began to screw every single piece together. Like the prototype, it was an ugly sight, but she would soon scrape the metal which had melted, creating rough edges. After about ten minutes and a pile of shaved iron, the gauntlet had been completed. Placing the last touches, the padding within the gauntlet for comfort she had finally finished. Placing it on her hand she tested the mobility which she found to her liking.

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Two Makes A Pair [Equipment Creation]
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