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 Gang Violence! [Job]

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Vladimir Vista

Vladimir Vista

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PostSubject: Gang Violence! [Job]   Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:55 pm


The arm blared aloud the song of a rock band that was born in his generation, making it way to the ears of the green haired young man it belonged too. The green haired boy slowly blinked his eyes open as he heard one of his favorite songs playing and took his hand from beneath his cover to reach over and turn the alarm off. It took him a minute but he finally managed to find the mute button. Todays that day Vlad said in his still half sleep voice before throwing his cover back his neatly pressed, highly expensive bed spread that he got from his deceased grandfather when they lived together. As Vlad planted his feet to the ground he let out a deep sigh as thinking of grandpa Vlad always made him sad. The young man shook his head as he had to get his grandpa out of his head, today was the day that was very important to him and his family name. He quickly got out of bed, grabbed his "work" clothing and ran to the shower. It didn't take him long to get ready and afterwards he rushed out of his dormitory to the office of the person he was suppose to meet before his assignment.

Lucky enough, he managed to make it to the office where jobs are recorded and circulated the jobs for the students through the school. It was a pretty neat place and would be the start of where he would get stronger, for himself and for his family. "So Mr.Anthony, I see you made it in time for your mission details He smiled and nodded as he looked at the assistant of the office, Mrs.Carson. Nobody at school really knew his last name as he thought it would cause to much commotion with a Vista being in the school of a the Wolf family. Hell, if news of a Vista even being near this school would probably cause a great outcry that would eventually and more than likely come to a war, his family was too prideful and the only person who supported his decision to come here was his grandfather. The man who died to unknown causes. "Now this is where they are and minor details on the little group that has been causing trouble in Focus city Mrs.Carson said as she threw Vlad a Manila colored envelope that he opened hesitantly. If he was honest, he was very nervous at this point in time. He had never really fought someone else besides his grandfather who he knew never really went all out because he would have murdered his grandson. "However I must warn you, Mr.Anthony she said in a now serious as she stared into Vlad's eyes, "It is said that these punks are apart of a very powerful group of people, so even if they are weak you must be careful. Now go she said as she swiped the folder from the young man and waved him to go do his business. He seemed to sit there for a second longer, causing him to get a scary look from the lady before rushing out to avoid the deadly glare.

"Dangerous group of people? Vlad said to himself as he walked through the doors of the school to make his way to the location of the thugs. After mrs.Carson revealed that chilling detail, he got all the more worried but he knew that he could do it, his pride and life depended on it. Vlad was thankful for the file that he was handed, even if for a split second, as it revealed where the thugs mainly hung out but sadly it was in the focus city park, a place of fun. It didn't take him too long to reach the park and weirdly enough it wasn't as packed as usual, did something happen? He hoped that the small gang didn't hurt anyone before he got here, Vlad didn't want anyone getting hurt if he could help it. He wandered the park for what seemed like ages to find the culprits till he realized that he didn't check one shady part of the park, the part that no one really liked to go towards. The second bridge that lead to the other side of the park, covered by trees and encased in darkness due to the dense trees that packed around it. Underneath was a walk way that no one seemed to visit besides that who wish to hide something and that would be the perfect place for a gang. He silently but quickly made his way to the edge of the bridge to see if he could see anyone but couldn't, however from under the bridge he could hear what seemed to be talking. Vlad gulped as he knew it was the culprits and he had to make his move now before they did anything. The young man held in his breath for a moment before releasing it as he jumped down to the walkway from the edge, finally seeing a dim light coming from what seemed to be a tiny lamp. In the dim light of the lamp, he could see the four individuals who quickly looked at him. Pulling his mask up, he ran into towards the group.

One of the group members themselves without hesitation ran towards, Vlad didn't know if it was the leader or not but he wouldn't give this person a chance to hit him. He let his chi gather into his right fist as he cocked back to match the first that the thug was about to unleash as well. "I'm gonna kill you! the thug said as their fist collided, a loud cry and crunching sound ripping through the park. The cry has came from the thug whose whole right had been completely destroyed by the chi enhanced punched Vlad had delivered. "You little shit! said two more of the gang members as they ran towards him with looks of anger. They threw kicks and punches but they where so slow Vlad could easily dodge their attacks. While dodging, he noticed that their was one more member who seemed to be standing in complete calm as he watched his friends fight. If Vlad had any sense, he would believe that the man was the leader, the rookie who could use red chi. After getting out of his thoughts, Vlad dodged a few more attacks from the gang fodder and back flipped one to two meters away from the two thugs. Detroit Smash! Vlad said as he charged chi into his bent finger and flicked a powerful cone shaped gust of wind, sending the two thugs crashing onto the wall of the bridge.

"So, they sent a kid after us? The leader said from behind Vlad as a great heat hit his back, sending searing pain into every nerve in his body. He had let his guard down while attacking the other two and forgot about the most dangerous one. The pain was great but he ignored it as he quickly got off of the floor to see a large fireball making its way towards him. He would send chi as he made a fist, charging it up but this wouldn't be the attack he used to counter the fire ball, he was preparing for a second attack that the man wouldn't expect. He would charge chi into a bent finger again and flicked it, creating a shock wave that would blow away the fireball. "Seems like you are pretty good, you go to that rising wolf academy? the thug said as he now appeared three meters away in the air, clapping his hands together as a giant blaze of fire blazed covered the hands above his head. "No one like you deserves to know! Vlad said as he realized that his attack was now ready and he punched the air where the leader of the gang came down from. The punch seemed to cause cracks to appear in the air before a massive and powerful 6x6 shockwave of air met the man just a meter away from his target. "What the?!? You punk! The leader said as he was overpowered and sent flying with what Vlad heard to be broken bones.  

Vlad panted hard as he finally realized that he had done it, he had completed his mission! He had gotten hurt but at least he wouldn't be seen as completely weak at school. Now it's time to go before someone else shows up Vlad said as he exited from the scene. However as he left, he didn't notice that someone else was watching the whole time. Their blazing red eyes peered through the darkness and watched him as he left and seemed to take an object out of his phone and put it to his ears. "It seems that a certain kid has joined the scene, you'll be surprised to hear his name the man said as his stark white fangs peered through the darkness as he laughed before disappearing altogether.

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PostSubject: Re: Gang Violence! [Job]   Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:27 pm

This stupid thing needs me to write more words than approved, but its approved.
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Gang Violence! [Job]
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