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 Student Disciplinary Committee

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PostSubject: Student Disciplinary Committee   Student Disciplinary Committee EmptyTue Jun 27, 2017 6:16 pm

Student Disciplinary Committee
Student Disciplinary Committee 15c05426b12f40c9786ed86bc1d96d17bafb621c_hq
These are the students that serve as our police force, and a lot of the time they are our police in the future. They are the SDC!
The Student Disciplinary Committee is a group of students who work to ensure the safety of all Rising Wolf students and staff. Everyone on the committee wears a uniform and carry a badge so that they can easily be identified by the rest of the students, staff and any visitors. These students have the rights to arrest any students and staff, after which they will turn them over to the police where they will sit in Focus City Jail and await trial. Each member of the SDC possesses a pair of chi nullification cuffs and a uniform that they must wear at al times.

The Uniform:
The SDC has a process they go through, the first step is to do an investigation on the case at hand. After they can prove someone guilty they move in to make an arrest or serve a citation depending on the seriousness of the crime. Due to the nature of this group, while regular players have the option to attempt an invasion twice a month, the SDC has the ability to attempt 4 topics a month.

In order to join the SDC the one must have a clean school record (Never had a bounty). One must then apply with the school headmaster if the headmaster approves then your file shall be given to a panel of staff who will then vote on your admittance. If a majority vote in your favor you then go and take the oath, after which you will be a member of the SDC.
Here is a list of all members of the SDC along with their status and rank:

  • Reinhard Wolf/Active/Captain
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Student Disciplinary Committee
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