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 Void Vampires

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PostSubject: Void Vampires   Void Vampires EmptyTue Jun 27, 2017 7:19 pm

Overview & History
Vampires are magically reanimated corpses, inhabited by the spirit of the deceased, that feed and survive on the chi of the living, especially on human chi, and can transform humans into more of their kind. When a vampire feeds the chi comes out as a dark blue liquid.

The history of the void vampire or vampires for short starts when a old near death Yamiara takes on a student named Josei. Josei was a good kid at heart but was pretty dark in all respects. Yamiara thought that by teaching Josei he would abandon his evil ways. Josei however did not stop being dark and cruel, even after learning all that he could from Yamiara including white and black chi mastery. After learning he fled from the the mortal world down into the void where he spent several years just aimlessly wandering. After a while he met a ethereal who went by the name of The Traveler. The Traveler offered Josei great power for exchange of his very life. Josei accepted the deal and he became what is known as The Primordial.

Josei as the Primordial became the first void vampire, although much stronger than any vampires in times after him. Josei now a undead creature of the void, had many new powers due to his transformation. His main new power was the ability to absorb chi, which came from the fact that vampires are born from the void a place deprived of chi. After years of ruling the void, Josei caught the attention of his former master Yamiara, who even on his deathbed would not stand for his student's actions. Yamiara used his power of black and white chi to turn Josei into chi in a liquid form, thus killing them both. The liquid that Josei became lies in a pond in the void. The chi has the ability to turn those who drink it into Original Vampires or Originals. The liquid has been used so much throughout the years that there is only enough for 3 people.

Humans who have consumed vampire chi and died with it in their system will rise undead. The nature of the human's death is irrelevant, however the body must be intact and able to function. Furthermore, the physiological trauma must be sufficient enough for the recipient to actually pass out, since the vampire blood in their system will only heal any non-fatal wounds or injuries that the victim sustained prior to dying. Upon mortal death, the undead body will awaken in a state of transition. In order to complete the transition, within the next 24 hours (7 real life days) the person must consume an exceptional amount of human chi or else they will die. This does not apply to originals since they are directly turned with the chi of Josei. Vampires can only feed on human chi to complete the process.

Physiology & Nature
Chi is the main component of a vampire's diet; be it Human, animal or Vampire. According to the traveler the reason why vampires feed on chi is because they are born from the void, a place where chi doesn't exist. If a vampire fails to consume chi, their body will become severely weak, and will ultimately desiccate into mummification. The longer a vampire abstains from chi, the more likely the vampire will becoming increasingly feral. Eventually they will lose all sense of their humanity and rationality until they finally give into their lust. Due to their acute senses, a vampire can detect whether or not a human has recently consumed alcohol or drugs or has a terminal illness, because their chi tastes unclean and can leave a vampire with a nasty aftertaste.

Vampires are extremely feral, predatory creatures, and far more beast-like and savage than their human appearance suggests. They growl, hiss, snarl, and curl their lips back baring their fangs as signs of aggression when provoked.

The bite of a vampire can sever the limbs of both animals and humans, as vampires are known for having extremely sharp and strong teeth. Despite their nature, vampires are also capable of human emotions - such as compassion, love, and self-control. However the emotions of vampires are far more intense than the emotions of humans; anger, happiness, hate, love, etc. Whenever a vampire is faced with a powerful feeling (such as hunger, anger, etc.) their faces pale and blood rushes into the veins surrounding their eyes. Their canine teeth will lengthen into fangs, giving them a more predatory look to scare off or threaten their prey.

Being intensely emotional, it is not uncommon for Vampires wishing to maintain self-control to document their lives after transition in journals,; and though they have consistently shown considerable powers in recollection, Vampires still need to peruse in order to reflect the occurrences of their lives.

Attitudes Toward Humans
Vampires coexist with humans in some rare occasions but has happened more recently in present times. This is because vampires are barely ever outside of the void due to the open and free amount of souls with energy they can consume, and have no regret about since these souls are evil doers. Humans are mostly oblivious to the existence of vampires, which makes it easier for vampires to commingle. Attitudes of vampires towards humans vary from individual to individual. Some see humans as food, servants, and entertainment, while others feel compassion for humans.

Human Awareness of Vampires
Only a handful of humans are aware of the existence of literal vampires. Among the greater masses of the 21st Century, vampires are regarded as superstition, fiction, and myth.

Regular Vampire Powers
Regular Vampires are vampires who are turned with the chi of an Original, or the chi of another regular vampire. Below are a list of the powers they hold, organized by combat abilities and non-combat.

Combat Abilities

  • Super Strength - Vampires are noticeably much stronger than average adult humans and slowly grow stronger with time. When you first become a vampire you gain plus 3 points to strength, and for every month, you stay a vamp you gain another 2 points until 4 months have passed.
  • Super Speed - Vampires are much faster than the average humans, and slowly get faster with time. When you first become a vampire you gain plus 3 points to speed, and for every month, you stay a vamp you gain another 2 points until 4 months have passed
  • Super Senses - ¬†Vampires have extremely keen senses of hearing, sight and smell that far exceed those of humans. They can hear whispered conversations, even ones in far of buildings and on phones, smell almost anything from several meters away, and see in total darkness.
  • Immunity- A vampire stops aging once turned. Upon their transformation vampires become immune to all conventional illness, diseases, viruses, and infections.
  • Healing Factor - Vampires heal extremely quickly, but still feel the pain of a wound before it heals. Vampires can snap their bones back into place after being broken and have been seen to fully recover from gunshots, stab wounds, and torso impalement. Vampires recover from small injuries(Any physical attack from a person with less or equal strength than their defense) instantly, with no cooldown. They heal from chi attacks and larger injuries in 2 post with a 3 post cooldown.
  • Absorbing Chi- Vampires can absorb up to 3 chi attacks per topic, with a 2 post cooldown after each time. The chi that was used in the attack is used to fill their chi pool.


  • Enhanced Emotions- Vampires experience emotions more powerfully than humans. Emotions like love, joy, and happiness are intensified for vampires allowing them to live life more intensely. This ability allows vampires to feel emotions at their peak regardless of their age. Original Vampires have been shown experiencing emotions as powerfully today as they did 1,000 years ago. Conversely, sadness, depression, guilt, fear and anger are also amplified causing most vampires to "turn off" their emotions.
  • Emotional Control - Vampires have the supernatural ability to remove or dull their emotions. They can "switch off" their ability to feel emotions such as fear and guilt allowing them to kill without remorse, go against any opponent without fear and relieve themselves of depression and sadness. A vampire without there emotions is far more calculating and direct than one who keeps them on. However, the vampire will become a remorseless killer almost unrecognizable from the person they truly are. This ability fades with time.
  • True Face - A Vampire's True Face is the appearance they are hiding under their normal human face. When a Vampire's True Face is revealed, the whites of their eyes turn blood red, dark veins appear under their eyes, and their canine teeth extend into razor-sharp fangs. A Vampire's True Face can be revealed whenever they wish, but it will appear against their will whenever they are: are feeling intense emotions (Anger, lust, sadness etc.). A Vampire's fangs are extremely sharp which gives them the ability to tear into almost any substance (Such as flesh) and tear off limbs. A Vampire's True Face will appear for the first time soon after they complete the transition.

Regular Vampire Weakness
The weaknesses for regular vampires:

  • Sunlight - Sunlight and U.V. rays burn vampires on contact and prolonged exposure will cause them to combust and die. Vampires are also sensitive to fire, . Attacks using red chi are one rank greater when used on vampires. Since the void is the birthplace of vampires they are unaffected by the void's sun. The sun of the mortal world and the spirit world burn greatly though, making a vampire out in the sun lose health at a rate of 5 points per post.
  • Wood - Vampires are very weak to wood chi. Attacks using wood chi are 2 ranks stronger when used on vampires.
  • Mountain Lily - A flower that grows in the spirit world. Exposure to or ingestion of mountain lily causes a vampire to become severely feverish and weak. Also, physical contact with mountain lilly will burn a vampire's skin. Vampires can consume it in order to build a resistance however one must consume 100 doses.
  • Invitation - Vampires cannot enter a home without an invitation by the owner or someone who lives there. This includes dorm rooms.
  • Desiccation - Vampires who abstain from chi for extended amounts of time will eventually desiccate and mummify.

Original Vampire Powers
Original Vampires have all the powers as regular vampires only with a few added perks.

  • Chi Lust Control- Original Vampires have complete control over their chi lust and have no need to feed. They also cannot desiccate from not feeding. Along with the fact their true face never shows. So it is hard to tell an Original even when they are angered.
  • Immortality - Original vampires are nigh immortal. They do not physically age and are immune to all illnesses, toxins, poisons and diseases. Being pierced through the heart with the Traveler's Blade is the only way to permanently kill them.
  • Eidetic Memory - Original vampires possesses perfect recall and are unable to forget. there minds are often called a "vault" in which they stores all there information permanently, regardless of how far such memories recede into the past.

Original Vampire Weaknesses
Original Vampires have the same weaknesses as other vampires plus a few more.

  • Traveler's Blade - Is the only weapon on earth that can permanently kill an Original vampire, It comes from the ethereal known as the Traveler who made Josei a vampire long ago.
  • Traveler's Blood - The blood of the Traveler when used as a coating on a weapon is very dangerous to originals. The weapon, when stabbed in the heart of an original, will kill an Original vampire, but only as long as the dagger remains in their heart.

Feeding Rules
Feeding is simple just a few simple rules to follow!

  • On Rising Wolf, vampires drink chi that is in the form of a blue liquid from people and animals. NOT BLOOD!!
  • You must feed on a person, ethereal, or soul at least twice a month. If not you dessicate. The being you feed on must be a player character and cannot be a NPC, except when transitioning from human to vampire.

Note: Some of the things mentioned, plus things to prevent some weaknesses are purchasable in the shop. Also there can only be a total of 5 vampires on the site at any time. This number will increase as site population does also. 0/5 SPOTS TAKEN!
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Void Vampires
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