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 The Rhyfel: Tribe of War

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PostSubject: The Rhyfel: Tribe of War   The Rhyfel: Tribe of War EmptyTue Jun 27, 2017 7:23 pm

The Rhyfel: Tribe of War 3194555_1364794886207.95res_400_300
The Rhyfel are a tribe of battle hardened warriors, who use chi far less than any other humans if at all.

Overview & History
The Rhyfel are a tribe of humans that are from the times of the behemoths and their original host aka the original human chi users. This tribe is very old school and primitive. They are a group of humans who have been least effected by chi and technology during the past 2000 years, with most of them not using chi at all. The most common trait of members from this tribe are their purple eyes, that shine like a beautiful stone, however this is the opposite of the tribes nature.

The tribe has their own culture, customs, government, and way of life. The Rhyfel being a primitive race have dedicated their lives to training and fighting and through time have evolved to become stronger, faster, and more durable than the average human. However the old world humans not using chi very much has made their ability to use it very lack luster.

There are many different sub tribes part of The Rhyfel, with each tribe living in a different type of environment. However the tribe that has made their home on focus island has made their home in the mountains, where they have adapted to the cold and harsh weather.

Powers & Abilities
The tribe spending their entire lives training has become much stronger, faster, and more durable than the average human. All members of the tribe gain a +9 to strength, defense, and speed at every rank. They are also natural born warriors and upon their 13th birthday they are given a warrior induction ceremony, which involves the warrior being given a weapon and a suit of armor.

The tribe honing their skills on physical prowess has made their extraordinary powers suffer. All members of the tribe suffer a penalty of -12 to resistance and energy stat, and along with that their chi can never be above half the rank standard(ex: rookies start at 25 chi so the most you can have is 13). Also members of this tribe being primitive in nature cannot use any advanced weapons and are limited to primitive weapons(ex: bows and arrows, swords, shields, etc). Not only that but they cannot use any technology such as cybernetic implants or prosthetics because they find them hard to control. However they appear to be able to use wolf glass but cannot always decipher the information being given to them.
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The Rhyfel: Tribe of War
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