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 Fire in the Park [Job]

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PostSubject: Fire in the Park [Job]   Fire in the Park [Job] EmptyThu Jun 29, 2017 11:57 pm

The night was still young when an announcement echoed through the school. Amira herself was nestled in her dorm room after a day of school, merely wishing to recharge herself mentally when the sound blasted through the intercom system. "Attention all students on campus. There has been a fire in the Focus Island Park. Please remain in your room until further notice. Juniors and Seniors, you may head to Focus Island Park to aid in the recovery of citizens or to help put out the fire. However, this is entirely voluntary. If you do not wish to come, please stay in your dorm room. I apologize for this inconvenience, thank you." The young girl could not help but swallow. A fire? The thought of the flames still rushed in her head. But if she did not rescue the citizens they would die... Her mind began to turn into mush as she began to worry which choice she would take, however at the end of the day she would decide to head to the park.

It was surrounded by people, firemen and citizens alike. "Please stand back." One of the firemen shouted through a megaphone. "Please return to your homes." She didn't see the fire yet, one good thing. However, the scent of smoke was still in the air, sending her stomach churning. She had the opportunity to go home, there was no turning back if she chose to enter. While every single fiber of her being was telling her to head home, a fireman had noticed her. "Please head back young miss. This is dangerous." A single thought crossed her mind. I wish I could... But I'm here now so I can't leave already. She would then proceed to tell the fireman she was a student in which his face appeared to slacken in relief. "Good, we need all the help we can get. If you can use water chi feel free to help with putting out the fire. If you're one of those healers, feel free to help the injured. Most of all we need those who can help rescue some citizens." The fireman had guided her through the crowd and was now nearing the blaze.

Her mouth suddenly became dry as the small glow became visible, slowly growing in color and the scent of smoke invading her nostrils. Her heart beat suddenly began to increase, practically nearing the speed of helicopter blades as she stood face to face with the inferno. There were other students here as well. Those with water chi were either trying to put out the blaze or healing those injured. Those who were strong were lifting up debris to aid the citizens who were trapped and helping them back. Those who were fast... just like her were rushing into the blaze, avoiding the debris in order to save those from a painful end. It was clear what her task would have to be. Her chi color... green chi... it meant she had to go in. However, she would need all the help she could get. Slowly calling the power of the wind, she suddenly felt it lifting herself off the ground, leaving herself to hover. In addition, the pressure around her began to decrease increasing her speed. It was now or never.

Hesitantly she flew into the forest. She felt nausea as she looked around. The flames were hot, causing her to sweat. She almost felt as if she were going to faint. Focus Ami she told herself. If you don't, innocents will die. Although she did not want to admit the truth, it was something she could not deny. While it was difficult, somehow she managed to pull it off. However, due to this, she had trouble thinking straight. Her normal analysis and perception which she depended on during her daily life were useless.

Her senses still remained intact. While her smell was completely useless due to the overwhelming sense of smoke, the gust of the wind which kept her afloat keeping her from asphyxiation. Her sight was still just as good as always and her hearing even better. It was quiet at first, almost inaudible. Amira had first dismissed it as part of her imagination. However, when she heard it again she began to doubt if it was really her imagination. The third time had convinced her. The more she heard it, the easier it was for her to pinpoint the noise. Suddenly she saw a person, a young woman whose leg was trapped underneath a pile of wood which had burned off. She was curled up into a ball, trying to avoid the flames however if she weren't to act the women would be burnt alive.

Without another word, she flew over and tried to calm the woman down. However, her presence alone had appeared to provide some relief. However, as she tried to lift the tender a shocking revelation of the weight came in mind. However, she refused to give it up still. Using her chi to help raise her strength she was able to free the woman, but it was clear that she would not be able to walk back. Grabbing her the best she could, Amira once again took to the air before flying back to the entrance where a healer was ready to treat her injuries. A sigh of relief escaped from her lips. While she was happy to be able to save a woman, she was hesitant to go back into the flames. While she had faced her fears head on, an act she was proud of herself for, it was something she would not want to do again. Fortunately, the head fireman had announced all the citizens had been saved and now it was up for those with water chi and the firemen to place out the blaze. The rest would be able to go home.

Being happy would be an understatement for the emotion she felt, as she was overjoyed and unable to even speak. She would rush home back to her dorm and simply collapse on her bed, sleep approaching quickly. She hoped that nothing like this would ever happen again.
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Fire in the Park [Job]
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