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The original RP about a high school for martial arts
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 Ouch (Open, NF)

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Liam Quinn

Liam Quinn

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Ouch (Open, NF) Empty
PostSubject: Ouch (Open, NF)   Ouch (Open, NF) EmptyFri Jun 30, 2017 1:47 am

These past few days have been long and tiring for Liam, more so than usual.

It wasn't moving all the way from England to Focus Island that bothered him, not when their stay in Great Britain was little more than temporary anyhow. And it wasn't having to get used to his new surroundings, learning where certain shops were and just what street his house was on. (Actually, that was far from an issue when he loved exploring oh so much. He could scour Focus City all day long and enjoy every second of it.) No, neither of those were the problem. Not even close.

The problem was getting situated in his new school. Weren’t the majority of these students meant to be supposed prodigies, each one recognized for some sort of deeper, inner talent? He knew Rising Wolf was the best school in the world for fighters, but where did he fit in? Sometimes, he believed it was nothing but luck that got him enrolled. And perhaps his social standing. Yeah, that usually got him somewhere. Most of the time. Maybe. (For some reason, a small part of him felt that wasn't the case.)

It didn't help that because of reaching Focus Island at a later date than intended, he missed the first day. Being a sophomore made things worse too, since most of the students in his grade were already once freshmen at the school. He was an outlier almost, he was different. But he found a way to handle it. Every stare sent in his direction was met with a bright grin that didn't quite meet his panicked eyes, and any whispers had to face off against his boisterous comments. It was draining.

But at the moment, he was left to his own devices… literally, and the blonde felt content.

He was tapping away at his latest smartphone, successfully occupying himself with an old fighting game. And he was really having fun, not worrying about other people as he made his way to the next class. That is, until he reached the stairs and bumped into someone. His reflexes went off the charts; the boy immediately tried to grab the railing in order to right himself, just to end up failing. An honest tragedy.

Unceremoniously, he hit the steps, rolling down without a single way to stop himself, receiving injuries along the way. (Of course not any major injuries, but bruises still hurt. They hurt like a bitch.) While roughly landing on his bag, the blonde watched as his smartphone flew across the ground, no doubt getting scratches on either the screen or its brand new casing.

Liam groaned in pain and disappointment.
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Ouch (Open, NF)
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