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 Medical Thief [Job]

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Vladimir Vista

Vladimir Vista

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PostSubject: Medical Thief [Job]   Medical Thief [Job] EmptyFri Jun 30, 2017 6:23 pm

"Vladimir! I need to see you in my office right after all of your classes today, it is very important said Mrs.Carson who zipped past him in the schools hall way as he was on his way to class. "huh?" Vlad said as he watched her walk away, he wondered what kind of mission or commotion has found its way to the surface today. As his day continued he would think of endless reasons that Mrs.Carson would want him to be in her office directly after class. I mean, she knew the whole school including the son of Leonard Wolf, Reinhard who was basically the schools champion. He still found it funny how he ever knew that the first person he had ever became friends with at this school was the son of the owner who carried himself vastly different from Vlad. He was confident and the leader type, he was also just about as smart or smarter than Vlad himself was but he had to forgo the thoughts as this wasn't about the son of Leonard wolf, it was about trying to figure out what mission he might be heading too in the next twenty minutes. Would it be like the one at the park? Where he got to really test some of his abilities for the first time or would it be similar to the time he fought the mutated friend of his? Ah wasn't that just exciting, having to battle gang members and mutants. Maybe his life would be like that constantly now, seeing as he is working to become one of the worlds greatest fighter or for the title of the worlds greatest fighter. Either way it went, Vlad just expected whatever to happen when he went to see Mrs.Carson to be a bit nerve wrecking and a bit exciting.

Twenty minutes after Vlad finally decided to get interested in what his teacher was actually saying and not about the next fight that he might have, he rushed out of the door before anyone else could. If the young Vista had to be honest with himself, all of the missions he had been doing was really building up his confidence. Especially his last mission handling his bully all by himself, Vlad thought if he could handle one of the people who made him feel the worst fear, he could do anything that he wanted too. Including standing up too his father, well not anytime soon but when he finally gained enough power. As his thoughts ended, Vlad reached the door that lead to the office of his favorite lady of the school Mrs.Carson, reaching the door nob and turning it to find an empty room. "Eh? Where did she go! Vlad said to himself as he argued with himself wether to sit outside her office and wait or go inside to avoid the huge crowd of kids coming out of class. Not wanting to get ran over by the mob of students, Vlad decided it was best that he go in her office and just wait. Vlad sat and waited in the seat across from Mrs.Carsons desk for about thirty minutes, spinning in his chair and playing with anything that he could find around him. "Sorry Mr.Anthony, I was handling something she said as as she strut through the door and made her behind the desk, taking a seat in her chair. "To make this quick as I've got more stuff to attend too, you've been selected to take another mission from me the lady said quickly as she reached for a drawer that was on the left side of her desk, selecting a pure white folder with a Red Cross on it. "For the past few nights someone has been stealing from the medical ward and we need you to stop them, please try to catch them soon as they are taking a crazy amount of supplies. May or may not be a student She said as she tossed him the folder and had him read over it before kicking him out of her office. He was a bit sad that it wasn't a very exciting mission but after everything he has been through maybe he needed the one break from getting himself hurt.

After leaving her office, Vlad decided that he would take a nap before heading over to the ward so he could watch over it during the after hours. Since he didn't believe that he would be fighting he wore the clothes he did during school hours and simply walked around the empty halls of the ward. For hours it seemed like nothing was going to happen as it was pure silence, the only thing that Vlad could actually hear was his own breathing. Well he could until he thought he heard something from down the hall and turned around at neck breaking speeds to catch someone but he didn't see anything at all. "I'm just crazy" Vlad said as he chucked a little and turned his head back around only to see a large shadow standing five meters down the hall, in front of the main nurses office. "Hey! Vlad said as he began to sprint down the hall as fast as he could. The shadow began to shake the door nob of the main nurses faster and faster so that he could open it but Vladimir couldn't let them get in the office. He channeled chi into his middle finger and flicked it, sending out his signature coned shape shockwave that hit the shadow from a four meter mark and sent them flying down the hall for three meters. After seeing them not move, Vlad ran down the hall to finally see who the person who stealing things from the medical ward. When he stood in front of the convict, Vlad didn't recognize the boy at all but he had a rising wolf uniform on so he would have to be a student. Whoever he was, he would no longer be stealing things from the medical ward. Vlad struggled but managed to get the culprit on his shoulder and turn him for his crime.
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Medical Thief [Job]
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