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 Sword of Akasha

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Reinhard Wolf
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PostSubject: Sword of Akasha   Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:57 am

Name: Sword of Akasha
Type: Sword
Rank/Classification: Legendary
Description: A katana with a silver circle guard. The blade is 26 inches long and 1 inch wide.
Sword of Akasha:
Effect: Akasha is a sword that is able to control a maximum of eight corpses of those whom it has killed. The user could also manipulate the skills and abilities the reanimated corpses had in life. The puppets were known to retain their habits, desires and traces of personality that they had in life, sometimes enabling the user to utilize these to their advantage. However, it could backfire as well.Also the puppet's condition remained the same as it was upon death, meaning that the puppets could not learn new things nor improve their physical capabilities beyond those achieved before becoming a puppet.

For each puppet the user actively controls, they became weaker. This makes the user lose 7 points in all stats and 7 points in chi. The user cannot use more puppets if they don't have chi and stat points to expend. If a puppet was destroyed, it caused the user to release control and the user regains some power. The sword itself does damage equal to a weapon of equal rank to the user.

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Sword of Akasha
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