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 The Venom's Cure [Job]

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Vladimir Vista

Vladimir Vista

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PostSubject: The Venom's Cure [Job]   The Venom's Cure [Job] EmptyMon Jul 03, 2017 7:27 pm

Friday, a day that just about every teacher and student loved here at rising wolf academy. Though everyone primarily got along with one another and thoroughly enjoyed their classes more and more by the day, Friday was a day where the beginning of a no class filled weekend. It was three days of pure fun and ecstasy as the the teachers and students could relax and take a break from their usual busy schedules filled with either missions, fights, or even just simple school work. Today was a rather relaxing one for young Vladimir Vista, or so he hoped, as he had been ripping and running for the past few days. Lucky enough for him, he was homework free and had met a new friend named David that he would be meeting up with a bit later so that they could go and catch a bite to eat before going back to his dorm to watch a movie. Vlad blushed a little as he walked to his last class of the day, was it weird that he was excited to hang out with David? Maybe he was just thinking about it too much, Vlad was sure this excitement was only over the fact that he hadn't been able to hang with anyone since starting here at rising wolf. Getting lost in his thoughts made Vladimir forget that he had to get to class before the bell rang or else he would get in trouble, checking his the time he realized he had about another minute before the bell would ring and he was still three minutes away from his next class. "Can't be late again! Vlad said in his head as he gritted his teeth and began to run down to his class room, stepping through the door just the second the bell started to sound. He sighed heavily as he walked over to his seat in front of three boys who chattered among themselves.

After forty minutes in class with only one hour left to go, Vlad's teacher decided to take a small break and let them talk for a few minutes. Looking around, he noticed that is one friend in the class was absent meaning he had no one to talk too. Sitting in silence, Vlad listened to the talk of the three boys behind him who talk mostly about the girls they liked or want to "do" to more censored things like video games. One of the boys went to the bathroom and the conversation got even more interesting. The other two boys said that they had something to give their friend as a joke, would probably make him throw up but nothing more. It seemed harmless so he didn't mind it as their friend came back and class resumed. The last few minutes of class, Vlad wondered what they would end up giving their friend that would make him sick. Maybe some kind of bile inducing medicine but it could have also be rotten food to more complicated things. Vlad knew he shouldn't be thinking about it but for some reason he couldn't help but feel as if something was wrong. Soon the bell that dismissed the classes rang and Vladimir gathered his stuff as quickly as he could, wanting to get himself ready for his wonderful night. As he walked through the door, he noticed the three guys behind him and suddenly his stomach dropped again. What was going to happen?

The thoughts of the boys quickly faded out of his mind as he got ready and went on his way to meet his friend David. The hours with David seemed to fly by like it was all just a dream, every moment of it causing Vlad to feel a strange way towards David. Did he like him? His thought was cut short in his room as sirens and people yelling began just outside his door. "What the hell? Vlad said as he made his way from next to David and exited his door to see the hallway full of the medical ward people and someone being brung out from three doors down. Sadness took his face as he realized the boy who was on the stretcher, the third boy who sat behind him in his last class. What had happened to him? Vlad wondered as he rushed over to the medical ward team who where explaining what had happened to the boy to his other officials. "It seems that his friends have him a Nightshade flower and now he is in a poison induced coma and only the venom of a night viper can cure it" the medical ward member said to Vlad's surprise. He had learned about the nightshade slower and knew how deadly it was to humans who consumed it and wondered why the boys gave it to him, they have had to known the same thing as he learned it in one of his classes. Thankfully, Vlad also know knew the antidote to the poison and quickly volunteered to go apprehend the snake that would cure his class mate. After quickly apologizing to David and a meaningful hug, Vlad ran off to the forest near the school that held the precious animal.

Vladimir reached the forest that held the antidote just as the sun began to sink into the Friday afternoon sky. That meant that he had to work fast to find the viper or else his fellow student would die and he couldn't have that happen. Vlad searched the forest for what felt like forever before he finally reached midway into the forest and saw his target. It lay wrapped around a tree just about five meters in front of him, it seemed to be sleep so he had to grab it before it woke up. Vladimir made his way over to the snake without making a sound, the snake was just within his grasp before he accidentally stepped on a fallen branch and woke up the snake that was a arm reach away. The night viper hissed before flicking out and biting Vlad's arm and coiling itself, trying to squeeze the life out of it. "Damn snake! Vladimir said as he felt a bit more aggravated than he usually did. Suddenly, Vlad let chi channel through his muscles to increase his strength and began to flex the muscle on the arm that the snake was currently latched on to. It took a minute or two before the snake began to unlatch and uncoil itself from the arm and then was sent flying by Vlad swinging his arm and sending it flying. The nightviper quickly recuperated and flung itself back towards Vlad who channeled chi into his thumb and flicked it, releasing his signature Detroit smash which instantly knocked the snake out.

After double checking to see if it was knocked out, Vlad grabbed the snake by the neck and ran back to the school. He finally had the snake now he had to get back to the school to save a fellow student!
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The Venom's Cure [Job]
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