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 Just a Quick One

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Tenshi Modoru

Tenshi Modoru

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PostSubject: Just a Quick One   Just a Quick One EmptyWed Jul 05, 2017 1:03 am

As Tenshi's sprint slowed to a jog, he thought about all the things that had been happening recently. Part of the Schools fund went to the Student Council, which was set up for use by whatever the Treasurer thought most fitting. Normally, this money was broken into chunks. Sometimes it helped fund things to allow the Council to meet with the general populous in merriment and jollity. Sometimes, it was made to fund the students within the Council to pursue extra training and gather extra items in which would allow them to better serve and protect the school. And sometimes, it could be used to prioritize a single student. These things were completely permitted within the school, of course. Sometimes though, when people used the money on themselves by their own declaration, it would draw some dirty stares from the other members of the council. As Tenshi's jog slowed to a walk and he wiped the sweat pouring down his face to the wayside, he thought of the items he had just acquired. The benefits that came with them were no laughing matter, and they would hopefully permit him to grow to new heights. His power had exploded within the past few weeks, and that was all due to his training. If he continued to focus on his power, then his plans would soon no longer just be a pipe dream. Taking a gulp from the water bottle in his hand and tossing it in the trash, he grinned as he made his way from the room.

"I cannot wait for this meeting..."

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Reinhard Wolf
Reinhard Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quick One   Just a Quick One EmptyWed Jul 05, 2017 1:31 am

Approved my guy

Just a Quick One On6cio10
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Just a Quick One
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