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Another day, another dollar so to say. Kizmaru had recently just finished a job but he wasn't really content with the money he had just received. He was saving his money until something comes along that would be worth buying that may or may not increase his power a few fold. Following up from the police station he had recently came from, he had another job lined up for him right away. He was to immediately go to the fire station and report to the fire men. On his way there, Kizmaru's phone had suddenly began to vibrate furiously. It was a call from the station itself. He was already on his way there as soon as he could, what else could they possibly want? The vibration in his khakis was irritating him a bit so he quickly reached into his shorts and pulled out his phone answering with a low "I'm on my way, what is it?" A shrill voice came from the opposite end of the phone yelling at him and question where he was at the moment. "I'm on my way there... You don't have to yell...." Kizmaru replied. The woman said that the fire men had already departed and was on their way to a near by park. Apparently, a small fire had broken out and he was sent directly there instead of going to the station first to check in. With a small sigh, he had decided it was time to change course and head to that said park. Focus park, huh? He's never been to a park before. Or whatever they considered a park on the mainland. Most his time has been spent studying up on the culture here and knowing what is current;y "cool" at the moment. Either way, it was gonna be his first time whether it was on good terms or bad. He changed his direction started to head to his new destination. The woman had informed him that the departed firemen will not be able to pick up him up on the way there was it was as it was a rather large emergency.

Picking up his pace, Kizmaru had started to walk faster, followed by speed walking, then jogging, until finally he was running towards the park. He was almost in sight of the park where the call had been made from. From a distance, he could see smoke and citizens fleeing the scene. There was almost no time to waste now. Kizmaru started to sprint towards the park within the short distance he had and finally made to where the firemen he was suppose to be dispatched with had started setting up large hoses. Kizmaru stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He didn't have the best stamina or speed at the moment so it would take him a bit of time to recover. One of the fire men had spotted him and walked over towards him and placed a hand onto his shoulder. "You're late, son. Grab a hose and assist one of the firemen in spraying at the fire. We thought it was a small fire but since it was started in a park, there's plenty to burn around these parts so it's a bit bigger than what we first heard." Kizmaru finished catching his breath before look at the person who approached him. He was a rather tall man, dark skinned like himself and muscular. Kizmaru assumed he had to be strong with how much water pressure a hose puts out. "get to it!" the man had said already a good distance away from Kizmaru's position. Kizmaru recovered his stamina and hurried towards a near by hose at the back of the truck. He slowly began to unravel the hose from the rack and turned on the water pressure.

Kizmaru helped the firemen to spray the areas where the fire had spread which were put out fairly easily. It was where the fire had started in general, the base if you will, that was tough to deal with. He wasn't sure how he would tackle it to be completely honest but he was sure that wasn't his job anyways. He was just suppose to be the helping hand that assist in the minor problems of the task like helping citizens or basic assistance. Overall, it was a fairly simple job. After the fire had been mostly maintained, Kizmaru was tasked with clean up of remaining trash and potential things that could easily ignite a second time. Upon cleaning, Kizmaru seems to have found the cause of the fire a few ways off from where the base of the fire was. Matches. Matches and a few. melted action figures laying on some smoldering grass. "Well, this explains it, kids playing with action figures and matches and pretending they can shoot fire or something. Where are these children's parents, and why aren't they watching them..." Kizmaru muttered under his breath. With a compulsory sigh, he picked up the matches and the figures and placed them into his pocket instead of the trash to show the firemen what had caused the flames. He winced a little since it charred his shorts a little and burned his skin. He ignored it after a few moments and continued his duty. After cleaning up, he went back to the initial firemen that approached him, handing him the matches and half melted action figures. To kizmaru's surprise, the firemen had taken them and realized who the figures belonged too. "Erm, thank you for finding these. Uh... I know who these belong too. My sister's children or rather, my nephew. I'll have to warn them and the rest of the citizens about hazard's like this. Ummm, keep this a secret will ya? It's look bad on my reputation." the firemen said sheepishly. Kizmaru shrugged then put his hand into his pockets and began to walk away. The fireman had also yelled out, "You can collect your fee back at the station!!!" Kizmaru pulled his left hand out his pocket and raised it into the air, waving it to take it that he understood and disappeared out of view.
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