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 Twilight Symphony -An AU Zelda RPG

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Twilight Symphony -An AU Zelda RPG Empty
PostSubject: Twilight Symphony -An AU Zelda RPG   Twilight Symphony -An AU Zelda RPG EmptyWed Jul 05, 2017 7:03 pm

Twilight Symphony -An AU Zelda RPG 400x400zelink

One hundred years have passed.

One hundred years ago, a small child and the princess of Hyrule came to the then King of Hyrule with an incredible tale that transcended time. Presenting irrefutable proof of Ganondorf's treachery, the Gerudo King was executed. And save for minor incidents here and there, Hyrule at large, has known peace and prosperity, the cheer only fading for brief moments when the sorrow of dusk arrives in the land.

Seasons change, and time passes, and people come and go. In the Kingdom of Hyrule, another King peacefully breathes his last, and the throne passes to his only heir; the Princess Zelda, set to be coronated as Queen in her own right. In another realm, forgotten to the majority of Hyrule, a change also takes place. In the Twilight Realm, where the descendants of the Dark Interlopers dwell, the Twilight King has died, and the throne has passed to Princess Midna, a powerful sorceress in her own right.

These two realms have always remained separated, decreed by the gods. But there will come a time when even gods are defied.

CURRENT EVENTS: The Mirror of Twilight has been reactivated for the first time in a century. What repercussions will this have down the line? Meanwhile, a beast attacks the village of Ordon. Who will keep the town safe?
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Twilight Symphony -An AU Zelda RPG
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