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The original RP about a high school for martial arts
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 I'm Done

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PostSubject: I'm Done   Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:55 pm

I'm gonna post a bit of my farewell here

You read the title right, I'm done with this site. Don't worry, I already removed all my staff powers beforehand. Check if you wish, but I'm telling the truth. In fact, I feel like telling the truth to this entire site. The reason why I'm leaving, the reason why you should leave as well and most importantly the corruption behind the scenes. This post may soil your impression of me but honestly, I stopped caring. I remember writing up my farewell post, about a little over a year ago, my reasons for leaving were selfish, and this time it is selfish again, however, know what I'm about to say is for every one of you members. You were the reason why I put up with this bullshit till now. Aside from personal RPing, every staff work I did on this site was for you. From helping in the development of new ideas to grading your apps and even defending your suggestions when a certain someone got defensive. None of you are at fault for my departure aside from Rein, so I hope you try to enjoy RPing here.

Before I get into the details of why I left, I'll write a few things. Aether gets all my credits, Loyal Guard, store discount voucher and best of all Ionnus ticket. If possible, I'd like to give Vlad my Werewolf Alpha but if not oh well. If my departure causes any problems in my threads such as the Student Council, simply say I had a family emergency or something IC and was leaving for a very long time because of that. Going to make a small disclaimer although I doubt anyone will do this, no one will be able to use Amira for anything. As an NPC or changing into a plot character or anything.

Now then, let's get on with the reasons I left...

This is a post I decided to make by my own hand. The only person who influenced me to write this is Rein, because he is the problem with this site. I am not kidding when I say this. Trust me when I say I love the concept. A school-based RP where one could learn how to cultivate their powers but survive against those who wish to take their lives is a brilliant idea. It's one of the best ideas I had ever heard honestly for an original RP. The art and coding are great as well, props to the GFX and Elke. But that alone cannot save the site. Underneath the guise of a promising site is a trainwreck. So many systems are flawed as most of you note, the rules are constantly changing and instead, new ideas are coming out rather than us focusing on fixing the old systems. I am happy to say now, we finally changed this around and we are working on fixing the old systems. However, there are still flaws. I reckon you all remember the 4th of July auction? Only a certain minority of the site had enough money to bid highly, which therefore led to an unfair event. In order to counteract that in the future, Aether offered the idea of a raffle. But upon our decision to fix flaws Rein shot that down. This is an event to allow the site to gain some extra boosts so a part of the site isn't wallowing in the dirt while the other is up high.

This isn't the only problem. As you can tell, he gets defensive about his own systems. A small question can lead him to get very defensive for no reason. Yesterday, as many of you are aware, when Tenshi asked about one small combat rule led him to get very defensive, claiming "he did not need to disclose anything and it was a rule from a long time ago." I'm with you when I say this is all bullshit. I am 99% sure that he simply doesn't want to change his rules and is making up excuses so he does not need to. If you come up with the other staff, chances are we don't know the answer either. Reason? He never tells us anything. That's right, Rein does not tell the staff anything before he enacts them. Yesterday's patch? Didn't tell us. Opening staff apps? Didn't tell us once again. Adding in a new group? Guess what happened. Some of you might recall yesterday in the discord when I mentioned not to join the staff as there is no teamwork before I deleted it. I regret that decision now. I regret deleting the message. I'll make this clear when I say this. There is no teamwork in staff What I'm about to say is partly opinion but still holds true. The staff is split into two groups. The first consisting of Rein and the second consisting of other staff. The group consisting of Rein makes new ideas, grades occasionally and then randomly announces new features. He works on stuff without telling us and releases them to boot. The staff group consisting of Aether, Vlad, Elke and Sayo receives no heads up in advance. The mods in our group grade and all of us try to help develop the site. Even if Rein denies it, but most of the staff developed the new races (excluding the werewolves and vampires), decided to change the energy and resistant stats, the new behemoths stats and abilities and other fun stuff. Rein claims credit for this when he is only a small part of the development. I cannot be clearer when I say this. Staff is not a team. Do not join it.

The last straw which influenced my decision to leave was last night. When surprise, Rein happened. He abused his admin powers. You read that right, he abused his staff powers. As I'm aware some of you may hear about the decision to change the White Tiger Spirit Arc and Black Pegasus Spirit Arc to 27K last night. Originally when all of the arcs were merely 20K, including these two huge arcs Rein attempted to purchase one of these. When then would change the price to 25K (later we would do 27K after some more thinking). I noticed his credit count was inconsistent and learned that he had in fact added the 2K earlier to give him enough money to afford the WTSA. I confronted him in the staff chat in which he (of course) denied and later got away scot free. Ami where is the proof though? I have plenty, oh and I will be posting them here to prove this.


These are the image logs I used in the picture.


He will deny it, and if so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is all there is to it. I'm going, to be frank with you all. Rising Wolf will not last under Rein's care. It's best if you just leave now. I'm pretty sure Rein is going to delete this and do something to me later. If so, feel free to reach me on discord at Corrin#3370. I hope you all have a wonderful day and heed my warning. To Rein, if you want to have Rising Wolf succeed take my advice and get rid of the corruption. Feel free to contact me once you decided to take my advice and the site is not in such a state anymore. Until then, Adeiu.
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I'm Done
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