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 Falco [WIP]

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Falco Musou


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PostSubject: Falco [WIP]   Falco [WIP] EmptySat Jun 17, 2017 6:42 pm

Falco [WIP] Kurapika-hunter-x-hunter-30817120-500-281
Name: Falco Musou
Nickname: Daydream
Age: 20 (July 1st)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Magician
Chi: Blue

Face Claim: Kurapika - Hunter x Hunter
Appearance: Falco is a young-looking man with a standard but slightly short frame. He has blonde hair with a pair of blue eyes. His hair, which is of a bright yellow color, reaches down to his chin and is fairly long when compared to most other males his age or over. He has a soft face, and can almost be seen as a bit androgynous, having been mistaken for a female more than a few times in his lifetime.

Falco prefers mainly to wear suits, as they make him feel more professional. Even in his school years he liked to only wear suits, often drawing weird glances from the rest of his classmates. Now that he is an adult however, he is less afraid to wear them. Usually his preffered color of suit is black, but he is willing to wear other colors when he feels like it. He often likes to wear a tie of the same black color, though of a slightly lighter shade. He's not too picky with his dress shoes, so he often wears whichever color he likes - though usually only dress shoes. This obsession with formal clothing extends even to his own home, where he lounges in suits.

Height: 179 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Special Characteristic: NA

Personality: Minimum of 350 words.

Likes: Name some things you like and explain why. (4 likes at least)
Dislike: Name some things you dislike and explain why. (4 dislikes at least)
Hobbies: Talk about your hobbies and tell us why you like them. (2 hobbies at least)
Fears: Name some things you're scared of and tell us why. Don't worry we can keep a secret. (3 fears at least)
Motivations: What motivates you to do whatever it is you do? (2 motivations at least)

Ethnicity: Which ethnic group do you belong to?
History: Here is where you talk about your past and anything that happens before the current day. Anything that will help us get a nice overlook on you and the things you've been through. (450 words minimum)

Cell Number: 150-253-8282
Status: Graduate
School Club: N/A
Alias: N/A
RP Sample: Anyone applying for an ethereal, teacher, or graduate character must submit an RP sample since they start at a higher rank. The only requirement is that it is 600 words long. If you're applying for a student just put 'N/A'.
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Falco [WIP]
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