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 Sayo Noda

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Sayo Noda

Sayo Noda

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Sayo Noda 66ab5c7ea17726ddc0c636cddb936797

Name: Sayo Noda
Nickname: Stone Face
Age: 22 | March 13
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Ninja
Chi: Green

Face Claim: Sakurako Kujou | Beautiful Bones

Appearance: Sayo's fair skin and long, ebony locks suggest upon first glance her Japanese heritage, and indeed are quick identifiers of the woman, but subtle details transcribed in her face suggest a mixed heritage: her stormy blue-grey, almond shaped eyes are those of her late mother: English by birth are one such example. These eyes, if taken in by a detail-driven observer, are calculating and constantly taking in the information around her, priming the woman to react justly and swiftly in most situations as they arise.

Miss Noda's mixed racial background makes her stature unique as well... Generally taller than most Japanese women, she is still shorter than most with exclusively European descent. Despite her relatively small stature, however, most think of her as much taller than she is-- particularly her students. This is because she has a rather intimidating presence. When she stands, she does so tall, poised with nearly-perfect posture, a physical presence that demands respect of those around her.

Sayo's attire is typically driven more towards practicality and function than anything else. Staples in her wardrobe are typically dress shirts, slacks, and heeled booties. This combination lends itself to both comfort and professionalism. Of course, being a woman in her twenties who cares for and maintains a feminine figure, Sayo hasn't completely converted her wardrobe to "school-marm chiq" instead, she opts for clothes that hug and accentuate her womanly form, despite their workforce practicality. In tune with her own body and figure outside of the academy and away from underage eyes, Sayo is comfortable to dress in pretty much anything, though she would be quick to embarrass if there was a chance that any of her students were to see her in anything 'promiscuous' in nature.

Particularly well adapted to most situations, Miss Noda is a rather analytically driven person. She takes in and studies details constantly. This generally leads her to be a well informed person... and well informed people, as Sayo likes to think of it, are rarely surprised. Generally, the woman does well at withholding her facial expressions as they are needed. She is not one to wear her emotions on her sleeve, a skill that translates itself into her classroom management, giving herself the nickname of 'stone face' by many of the students. Of course she has the capacity to expose smiles and shock, but the teacher likes the mysterious appeal that a straight face lends her.
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 54.4 kg
Special Characteristic: Sayo has a "beauty mark" beneath her right eye. She personally hates the little mole and is relatively embarrassed by it. When she was younger, she attempted to hide it with makeup. Now she has come to cope with the mark, but doesn't find it "beautiful" as others have suggested.

As with most people, who are constantly growing and developing, Sayo's personality is hard to describe in finite words. Depending through which lens she is being viewed, and whether or not her interactions are professional or private can do a lot to impact how others may see or view her. This being said, there are some universal truths about her persona, and how they are viewed and interpreted by others (occasionally even herself), as listed below.

Analytical. A person that has a background in science, as well as fighting, Sayo is an individual that typically deals on the side of logic. She is not one to get wrapped up in emotions when making a decision. Not to say that she doesn't express empathy for others, but she tends to err on the side of reason.

Calculating. She is constantly observing others and making predictions based off of probability and logic. In the same regard, the woman knows that most others don't function in this way, and she is always intends to make sure that she calculates into her predictions the human nature of emotion. She is actually really good at understanding human emotion... mostly because she herself is a human. While she tends to be a logical person, it doesn't mean she is emotionless (as much as her students may think that she is). In fact, she often has to deal with situations in which she has to choose between what the logical decision and the decision of the heart is. While she tends to side with reason, it doesn't mean that she doesn't feel what she's supposed to. She's just really good at hiding it. She breaks down over such things in private, and tends not to let other people in on the secret.  

Straight Forward. Because of her analytical and calculative nature, she is often considered "cold" when dealing with students. If a student asks for her critique, she isn't going to be one to sugar-coat her response, to help the student swallow it. She will, however be tactful that all of her critiques are productive, and will give the people asking for them an end goal. She is good at seeing the big picture of things, and is able to steer people in an appropriate direction with details, if they give her the opportunity to. Typically she focuses in black and white, and gives her pupils opportunities and resources to come up with the answer on their own instead of doting on them-- which can prove frustrating for many students who are used to emotionally based professors. While she does care about the happiness of students, she is a firm believer that pushing them to be better people in the long run is more important than immediate happiness. Sometimes, they can go hand in hand, but she isn't going to tiptoe around a conversation with a student just to preserve their happiness-- much like the outside world will do. She has extremely high expectations, and she is clear about what they are. Meeting those expectations, is just that... expected, and as such she doesn't hand out praise (or gold stars) very often, both in her classroom and in the outside world, but when it is offered, it is certain that it is genuine. To those who understand this part of her, it is appreciated, to others, she may appear mean, unwavering and cruel. 

Sarcastic. Going hand and hand with her straightforwardness, Sayo is also very sarcastic, which often makes it hard for others to know if she is being serious or not. Her sense of humor can be very dry, and require people to know her well to appreciate it. Sometimes she likes to play practical jokes on people, particularly her students, by seeing how far she can go with a joke before they eventually catch on. She gets a kick out of it, though sometimes she has to explain the joke, which instantly kills the mood. Despite not being a language teacher, she definitely appreciates puns and word play, as well as when others are quick-witted enough to go toe to toe with her in sarcastic remarks. For the most part she is fine having this dialogue with her students, but will put them straight if they have taken it too far.

Goal Oriented. Growth is important to Sayo. She thinks that the moment that she as a person loses the will to grow and learn, that she should be put to a swift end. She hopes to impose this mindset to her students as well. She is good at making calculated steps towards an end goal, and tries to use exclusively constructive criticism when helping others and herself. She is a creative person, when it comes to paths to an end goal and typically her input is well received by other goal-oriented people. She is one of the first people to admit that nothing, and no one is perfect, and appreciates when others point out ways that she can improve when she seeks it (not when students call it out in the middle of her lecture).    

Closet Romantic. It deviates far from her typical logic-oriented personality, but Sayo is very much a closet romantic. She has always enjoyed a good romance novel, and is a firm believer in true love. While she hasn't experienced it herself, she is convinced that it is out there. She isn't one to go search for this love, or to find it in unlikely places, but she is convinced that one day it will happen. The idea of being swept off her feet is a secret fantasy that she has. It's not just for herself, however, Sayo really just loves a good romance. She will watch supportively from the sidelines as students, coworkers, or really anyone begins a budding romance. She tends not to let other people see this side of her, and keeps it very private.


  • Romance Novels- Ever since Sayo was young, she has enjoyed a good romance. Be it the frilly princess stories from her youth, or the story of her parents falling in love, or the cheesy teenage romances from high school, or the sappy romance novels featuring the long haired man in a flowy pirate shirt on the front cover, they satiate her romantic fantasies. The woman keeps a box hidden away deep inside her closet, so that no one will discover the sappy romantic that she is.
  • Potatoes- Fry them, mash them, boil them, bake them... Pretty much any way that one can serve a potato, Sayo enjoys it. They have been her favorite food since she was a little girl. While she doesn't partake in them consistently (a girl has to keep an eye on her figure, after all) if she is given the opportunity to eat anything she wants, it would potatoes in any possible way.
  • Armadillos-They're amazing little creatures. They are resilient: they are armored and strong: a wonderful symbol of strength and perseverance. That and they're really adorable: like little armored dogs.
  • Folklore and Myths- Sayo is a person that is extremely interested in history, and the lore of the world. She has spent a vast amount of time reading and researching these things.  


  • Running- While Sayo finds maintaining her figure and shape is important, and she prioritizes it, her least favorite type of exercising is definitely running-- particularly when there is not a reason to.
  • Stupid Questions- The old tale that teachers spin, that "No question is a stupid question" is completely false in Sayo's mind. In fact, there are plenty of stupid questions in the world. The most stupid, Sayo has decided are questions born from laziness: A stupid question is one in which the answer is easy to find, and right in front of the individual asking the question. She hates these types of questions so much that she refuses to answer them. Quite frequently, she will openly state that a question is stupid as it is posed.
  • Video Games- Sayo doesn't particularly care for video games. While there are some video games that function to help sharpen the mind, and reaction skills, that isn't the purpose for most. She hates the mindless indulgence that video game "vegging" often produces.
  • Whiners- Life isn't fair. There isn't much you can do about it. Choosing to mope and whine is putting little productivity into the world. Indeed, people that complain and do nothing to change their circumstances get under Sayo's skin.


  • Tasks that Sharpen the Mind- Anything that sharpens the mind Sayo tends to enjoy: crosswords, Rubik's cubes, chess, reading... Sayo loves self improvement in this sense.
  • Connecting with Nature- Going off the grid, listening to the crickets, watching the sun rise or the stars at night. It wells the woman's heart to be in tune with nature.


  • Complacency-One of Sayo's biggest fears is that of becoming complacent. She hopes and wishes that she will continue to grow and develop as she continues in life.
  • Small Spaces-Sayo gets anxiety in small, enclosed spaces. While the fear isn't deep enough to be considered claustrophobia, she does have difficulty functioning in these types of areas, as well as does everything in her power to prevent being in such a situation in which she would come into interaction with such spaces.
  • Animals With Pincers- Beatles, Scorpions, Crabs, Lobsters.... They all give her the heebeejeebies... Just no.


  • Self-Improvement- Sayo is constantly looking to better herself. She has a growth-mindset, and hopes to always have it. She considers herself a life-long learner and constantly is looking for ways to be better.
  • Making a Difference- However cliche it may be that Sayo is a teacher, and her motivation is to make a difference, it is no less true. She has an innate desire to make a difference in young people's lives. She wants to instill in her students a growth mindset, as well as teach them how to find answers for themselves. While she isn't super bubbly with her students, she does sincerely care for all of them and their well being. If she can make a difference in one life, then her time and effort is worth it-- even better if it is more than that/

Ethnicity: 1/2 Japanese; 1/2 English
History: Sayo isn't a particularly nostalgic person. She much prefers to focus on her future than she does her past. While certainly she understands that her history is something that impacts herself as a person, and a professional, she's not one to dwell on it. She tends to talk about herself in terms of simplicity, and matter of fact, even the parts that are emotionally charged and painful:

Interestingly enough, Sayo's favorite story from her past, is one from before even her time. As a young child growing up in Kyoto, Japan, she would beg and plead her mother to retell the story of how her parents met. It was her favorite bedtime story, even more romantic than the fairy tails her mother would coo to her as she drifted to sleep. Her mother was a fabulous story teller, and with many good stories, the details shifted and became more extravagant over time, but the core of the story always remained the same. Regardless of how it changed, Sayo's favorite part was always the way that her mother's blue-grey eyes glistened as she spoke its plot. Her mother's eyes only gleamed like that when she told the story, or when she looked at her husband.

When Sayo was 15, her mother passed away. It was at her funeral, that she first heard her father shared the same story...

They both commuted for work: They met in Paris. At first the few butted heads... Their discourse fierce and in constant state of debate. Within a week's span, however, the annoyance turned to admiration. It was their last day in France, that they agreed to have a lunch together, as colleagues. They left with something else sparked between them... a whirlwind romance that lasted only an afternoon, and each agreed to go their separate way, her mother back to England, her father to Japan. It was years before they met again, happenstance, in Germany for another work event. While for most time would fade the feelings, each had noticed that it only intensified them. They would each go home, after their encounter, and walk through their respective lives. On their third encounter, they accepted that fate kept drawing them together... and that the pain of separating again was too much to bare. Soon the couple married and lived a peaceful life in Japan-- they had a beautiful daughter-- they lived a fulfilling life, one that would never be long enough together.

While her father's story was much less extravagant than her mother's had always been, the man spoke with a softness and gentleness, and his dark eyes glistened with the same love and affection, as his wive's had, telling the same story to their child years upon years. It was in that moment, that Sayo decided to find a love like the ones her parents had shared. To be the kind of person who could bring that out in another, the way her parents brought it out in each other.

Still, true love was not something one could sit around waiting for. Instead, Sayo focused herself on becoming the best version of herself as she could be. As a teenager, she attended Rising Wolf herself. As she graduated, she felt compelled to share her experiences with those who would quickly reoccupy the position that she just left. She studied for a few years, honing her skills and her interests. She returned to Rising Wolf a poised educator ready to make a difference.

Cell Number: (105)547-8900
Status: Teacher (Kinesiology, Biology, Mythology)
School Club: School Adviser: Student Council
Alias: N/A
RP Sample: Tick. Tick. Tick. The clock on the wall echoed in the small classroom. A raven haired woman sat at the desk situated towards the front of the room, the soft scribbles of pen on paper the syncopation of the rhythm of clock's second hand. The afternoon sun flooded the otherwise uninhabited room, casting long shadows of the desks, arranged in rows. The window that allowed the light to seep into the space between the four walls was open, and a gentle summer breeze found its way into the classroom on occasion. The door that led to a stark white hallway remained open, but classes weren't in session, and one could hear a pin drop. The woman sat in the position for a while, scribbling on one paper after another-- shifting page behind page. The task was repetitive-- tedious even, and as she shifted each page, there were large walls of colored text on each, the purple ink still fresh from her pen.

She had read somewhere once that if a paper was graded in red pen, the recipient of the grade would be more likely to be defensive, and feel like a failure. While she doubted the validity of this 'fact' she couldn't bring herself to mark a page with red ink. She had nearly every other color in the small case on her desk-- blue, green, purple, teal, orange... there wasn't a red pen among them. As she shifted another paper to the back of the small stack that she was working on, a soft smile tugged at the edge of her lips. At the top of the now front page, she saw familiar markings: purple of her own hand. She let out a soft sigh of relief-- as her eyes, which today were decidedly grey, found their way to the clock. "Ten minutes... that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would." The stack quickly found its way to a folder on the top of the desk, for quick distribution later.

As she finished placing the papers away, the raven haired woman rolled her chair away from the desk with a firm kick from her left leg, sending her about 4 feet back. The woman stretched out, toes pointing in her boots,  fingers interlacing as her arms rose above her head. A gentle pop came from her body as she did. "Sayo, you're getting old, apparently." she told herself sternly, before standing up. She pushed in the office chair, closing the gap between it and the desk, before swiftly opening a drawer. She plucked out a cube, various colors mixed up on each side. She palmed the cube, turning it over in her hand as she walked towards the open window.

From the window, muffled sounds of the students below could be heard, overtaking the ticking of the wall mounted clock. Nearer to this window, the woman's long, dark locks swayed gently as the breeze picked it up. As a strand fluttered into her face, her free hand tucked it behind her ear. The woman's figure leaned against the wall... Her clothes were black and white, a white button up shirt, that at one time been crisp and pressed, but had become relaxed as her day progressed into the afternoon, but the well tailored black pants still hung on her body, perfectly disappearing into her heeled black, ankle boots. The dark lines made her legs look longer as she stood, pressed against the muted yellow wall of the classroom. She strained for a while trying to make out individual conversations of the students below, and failed. After a while she allowed her eyes to glance back to the clock. 7 minutes. She exhaled a soft breath. She was supposed to be hosting a meeting with the student body president. She had yet to meet the boy in person, and she wanted to get a feel for his goals of running the council, before they hosted their first official club meeting.

She had thought that reviewing the Student Council Representative application letters would have taken more time, but she had apparently been too efficient with them. Now she was bored as she waited for the senior to arrive to her classroom. Her eyes studied the jumbled cube for a moment, before turning back to the clock. Her body remained stiff as she waited for the second hand to creep towards the 6. As it did, her fingers flicked and moved the different rows and columns of the cube, frantically moving each color to its proper place. As each side coordinated towards a color, her grey gaze turned back to the clock. "Twenty-six seconds." her tongue clicked against the roof of her mouth in disapproval as she looked back at the cube, and she let out a sigh, letting the cube drop below her line of sight, her hands twisting and turning it back into a disorganized state to try again. She let her glance shift to the open door that led to the hallway. While there was no visible figure lingering in the doorway, she called out anyways. "Come in..."  
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