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 Caleb Walker [WIP]

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Caleb Walker

Caleb Walker

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Caleb Walker [WIP] Brr8WIA
Name:Caleb Walker
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17, January 8th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Marksman
Chi: Undiscover

Face Claim: Shintarō Midorima | Kuroko No Basket
Appearance: How do you look? A minimum of 200 words is required, and you may also include a picture.
Height: 6'5 (195 cm)
Weight: 174 lb (74 kg)
Special Characteristic: The Left hand is usually bandaged.

Personality: Caleb is truly one of a kind. From appearance and nothing else, he seems like a standard smart and quiet guy. Naturally, Caleb is what some would consider overly-calm. His calmness makes him the type of guy that doesn't seem to freak out over the little things but is extremely easy-going. As long as the problem at hand doesn't involve him and his immediate safety he doesn't seem to care much for it. This attitude has often made him seem uncompassionate and more so self-oriented, and Caleb tends to be perfectly found by that due to the fact that he does understand that he comes before everyone else. However, this doesn't mean he won't stand up for something he feels passionately about. If moved enough emotionally, like any human being Caleb may step out of this self-oriented comfort zone and show a bit compassion.

When fighting Caleb doesn't derive much from his standard personality. He stays calm and rather may come off as arrogant for the most part. This arrogance is real, as he does often speak during combat and may even taunt opponents. Furthermore, in combat, he tends to think through a situation before engaging as an impulsive person would do. Caleb's best personality trait is he is understanding. Though he doesn't tend to interject into arguments, if one argues with him he will hear out their side, even if it something he sees wrong he will approach it with an open mind. This is truly the inner scientist in him, because he believes that through debate and communication one can honestly learn and gain more knowledge.

In the lab Caleb prefers to work alone. Though he isn't opposed to doing collaborative projects with others, he would much rather be at his own lab bench and not be interrupted. A laboratory is a great place for alone time for an individual, and furthermore, he sets up his experiments and test tubes in a certain way. He doesn't enjoy working with others when doing an experiment because simply adding another person increases the chance of human error and it also may disorganize him and slow him down rather than speed him up.


  • Basketball: Basketball is the one sport where Caleb lets loose and allows himself to have fun. Now a junior at the 2 position, Caleb seeks to take the team to the championship for a victory. There's just something about the sound of the ball touching the bottom of the net, and only the net.
  • Research: Research is one of Caleb's favorite things. Though it sounds boring to most, it's actually something that Caleb loves. There is nothing like being able to sit down and analyze a molecule or use lab techniques like PCR and Mass spectrometry to solve for structures. The numbers simply don't lie, and that might be Caleb's favorite part about research.
  • Sunny Days: Something about a sunny day never gets old. Just the right breeze, a beautiful sky with a few clouds, and of course some scenic nature. The sunny days are what really allow for Caleb to enjoy nature and life. It reminds him of just how beautiful the world can be.
  • High Pressure: Some wouldn't enjoy high pressure, but Caleb thrives in it. He lives for these situations and he can feel his heart racing. Whether it's presenting months worth of research, or draining the buzzer beater and letting the ball touch the bottom of the net, something about it never gets old.


  • Mammalian cell lines: Working with a mammalian cell line is one of the most irritating things for any researchers. Though they do prove better for some experiment, Caleb would rather avoid them.when he can.
  • Ignorance: Being a lab rat he knows a lot more than your standard individual. Whether it be simply seeing the contamination that one has or someone arguing with him about a subject he specializes, this tends to irritate him.
  • The Hero Complex: The people who act like they are morally superior, and rush into combat on impulse to save another person also are the type of people Caleb would rather stay away from. Moreover, people who are also so stubborn that they work against their own interest.
  • Losing: No one likes losing, and Caleb isn't an exception to this. He competes in everything he does, and gives his all, therefore when losing it tends to chip a piece of his pride away.


  • Reading: Reading is something Caleb enjoys to do on his downtime. Whether it be the most recent journal article on scientific breakthroughs or just a classic sci-fi he can't get enough of it.

  • Archery/Shooting: On his spare time Caleb will go to the gun range, or even set up a target in his backyard and begin practicing shooting or archery.


  • Human Cannibalism: People shouldn't eat people, something about it just seems off and Caleb can't put his finger on it. It is most likely due to the fact that it is another human being who was once alive or may even still be alive.
  • Dying Young: Caleb wouldn't mind dying when he's older but right now he is terrified of it.
    He still hasn't left his mark on the world, nor has he read every single book he wanted to in life. Dying right now is terrifying because he still has so much more to offer the world
  • Imprisonment: Any imprisonment terrifies Caleb. Being imprisoned means being under one's control. They control whether you live or you die, or whether you spend your entire life in one spot for eternity.To Caleb, the concept of imprisonment makes you someone else's property.  


  • Dying Once: There's been a saying that people die twice. The first time is when an individual is killed, however, the second time is when your name is said for the last time ever. Caleb wants his name to be remembered for eternity. This motivates him to become something so great that the world knows who he is.
  • Familia: There are many things that people do for their family, Caleb is no foreigner to this concept. He seeks to make his family name known and simply wants them all to be proud of him.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
History: Here is where you talk about your past and anything that happens before the current day. Anything that will help us get a nice overlook on you and the things you've been through. (450 words minimum)

Cell Number: 105-904-2316
Status: Junior
School Club: Research | Sports

Alias: TomatoPotato
RP Sample: N/A
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Caleb Walker [WIP]
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