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 Jail Rules

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Jail Rules Empty
PostSubject: Jail Rules   Jail Rules EmptyMon Jun 19, 2017 1:49 am

Jail Rules 516226_1389209702083_500_269
Jail Rules
Ok so you learned about our police force and the bounty system, so now it's time to talk about "What happens if I do get arrested." If you get arrested you will be taken to the police by the SDC where your file will be transferred and you will be locked in the fighter's wing of Focus City Jail or FCJ. The jail has a specially made wing for fighters, where the whole building is lined with a material that makes the usage and molding of chi useless which makes you into a regular human. While in jail you are not allowed to continue any other topics. You cannot RP with anyone who is outside of jail. Once you are arrested there are a few ways in which you can serve your sentence.
The easiest of options, you pay a fee equal to 3/4ths of your total bounty, and you will be let out of jail and sent on your way. This is the best option because it gets you out of jail fast and you can start RPing again.
Waiting Out The Sentence
The next best option, however probably the most time-consuming. In order to complete this method, you must write 500 words for every 1000 credits on your bounty. So if your bounty was for 15,000 that means you must write 7,500 words.
Prison Break
I'm sure you all knew this was coming, the thing a lot of criminals waiting for a chance to break out of jail. While serving out a sentence, an incarcerated user may be able to escape from jail with some help from outside. You may plan out this prison break to go anyway you want it. Also you wwill have to retrieve your weapons/armor from lock up or else they will remain in jail after you leave. During the prison break, nobody will be able to use their chi, due to the prison wing being specially constructed to not allow its use. During an attempted prison break, up to 3 additional fighters may come to try and free you. You may also try to escape yourself if you make it logical in how you go about the action.

SDC and anyone who wishes to help have 48 hours from the time of posting to attempt to prevent the prison break. The party attempting to stop the prison break is capable of being the same size as the escape party. If players don't join to stop the prison break a "Super NPC" will be added and attempt to stop the escaping party.

During a prison break, the topic is kill and perm damage enabled. Do note that the danger level only applies to the party inciting the breakout, whoever is attempting to stop them will have no kill and no permanent damage applied to them.

If the users trying to break out win, the escape will be added to their bounties and they will be rewarded with 10 stats. If the users attempting to stop the breakout win, the opposing party will be arrested, the prison break will be added to their bounty, and they will serve out their collective bounties. They will receive 5,000 credits and 5 stats
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Jail Rules
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