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 Rylan's character application WIP

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Rylan the Philosopher

Rylan the Philosopher

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Rylan's character application WIP Empty
PostSubject: Rylan's character application WIP   Rylan's character application WIP EmptyTue Jun 20, 2017 7:56 pm

Rylan's character application WIP 14l3btk
Name: Rylan Kura
Nickname: Ry
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Class: Summoner
Chi: Red

Face Claim: Shoto Todoroki | Boku no Hero Academia
Appearance: Rylan has short hair that barely reaches his ears, in the middle of his hair it's split between two colors. His right side is white and his left side is red colored. Despite the weird color combination, it is his original hair color. Over his left he has burn mark that he inflicted upon himself. He posses heterochromia, which means that his left eye is bright blue but his right eye is gray which is caused by the burn mark. Rylan's usual face seems like he's always emotionless (or lack of emotion). Even though Rylan is very young his body is very muscular and toned. He regularly maintains his body and takes care of it.

The usual attire of Rylan consists of a normal male uniform, a light gray suit over a white dress shirt and dark colored green pants. He wears a normal sized tie and makes sure that he always look good. In his spare time, Rylan doesn't really wear anything too fancy. A white t shirt with blue pants and red shoes. He doesn't really like to draw attention for himself so he wants to wear clothes that don't make him stand out. For his battle clothes he wears a dark blue jacket with dark blue pants, a silver colored combat vest and white boots. He also likes to wear a silver colored belt with metal capsules.

Height: 170 CM
Weight: 64 KG
Special Characteristic: A burn mark on his left eye. Also he posses heterochromia, his left eye is gray colored and his right eye bright blue.

Personality: Minimum of 350 words.

Likes: Name some things you like and explain why. (4 likes at least)
Dislike: Name some things you dislike and explain why. (4 dislikes at least)
Hobbies: Talk about your hobbies and tell us why you like them. (2 hobbies at least)
Fears: Name some things you're scared of and tell us why. Don't worry we can keep a secret. (3 fears at least)
Motivations: What motivates you to do whatever it is you do? (2 motivations at least)

Ethnicity: 1/2 Dutch & 1/2 Japanese
History: Here is where you talk about your past and anything that happens before the current day. Anything that will help us get a nice overlook on you and the things you've been through. (450 words minimum)

Cell Number: You need a cell phone to text teachers and classmates. (Remember Area Code must be 105.) If Ethereal you may delete this section or put 'N/A'.
Status: Freshman
School Club: Student Council

Alias: -
RP Sample: N/A.
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Rylan's character application WIP
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