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 Milionami Kiery (WIP)

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Milionami Kiery

Milionami Kiery

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PostSubject: Milionami Kiery (WIP)   Milionami Kiery (WIP) EmptyThu Jun 22, 2017 9:22 pm

Milionami Kiery (WIP) 5688-1846678491
Name: Milionami Kiery
Age: 19 / October 9th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Class: Beserker
Chi: Brown

Face Claim: Kou Kadokura - Baldr Sky
Height: 6'1
Weight: 89 kg
Special Characteristic: N/A


Milionami Kiery is a cheerful young adult although he may not have had many friends in his childhood he can tend to be rather friendly to others. He can be easily offended sometimes and take things said to him a little bit too serious, he's a very loyal friend to those that treat him nice and can be really shy towards people he just met. He tries to ignore whatever bad things happen around him and to him as much as he can and will hide it with a smile. He's can be relatively calm in battles though insults can throw him off guard. As a child he had mixed feelings towards boys and girls and does tend to treat both of them the same as the other.

He's too over protective towards people that are important to him and at times he can be too honest and not realize he did something wrong until much later or is pointed to him. He's very puntual and will do whatever he is told to do. He dislikes being around people who take advantage of him and can hold long grudges against people that did so. Sometimes he has a tendacy to hide his food habits and will eat a lot if left alone however around others he will attempt to try to eat as little as possible.


  • Dogs - His favorite type of animal are dogs, Milionami likes how loyal and friendly they can be. He doesn't own one himself but he hopes to obtain one in his future.
  • Chocolate - Like most people in this world one of his favorite treats is chocolate, from white chocolate to dark chocolate all types of chocolate apply to this.
  • Jokes - His sense of humor can be rather childish and likes to be told jokes to pass the time. One of his favorite trait in people is how most of them have different types of jokes to tell him.
  • Garlic - It's not really known why but he finds garlic to be fascinating, probably cause of it's effectiveness towards vampires? or probably it's smell? It's a pretty big mystery.


  • Ignored - Milionami hates to be ignored even if he doesn't show it and pass it of as a joke or something simple he will internally have a large dislike towards people doing that.


  • Park - He likes to spend his time on the park before night time, taking in the breeze to just enjoying the sunset those are some of the reasons he does this repeated deed.
  • Mobile Games -  Like most teens he has an odd attraction towards his phone, more specificly games on it. He likes to play several types of games in it, seeing different types of designs and concepts even new mechanics to them catches his fancy.


  • Snakes - Out of all animals he Milionami has encountered snakes are the top most intimidating one he has seen, with their scaly skin and sharp fangs it is an animal he fears to see again.
  • Ghost - Ghosts? Are they real? Who knows? But one thing is for sure he wouldn't be caught dead alone in any abandoned area. He can be spooked by anything relatively similar to one too.
  • Darkness - Milionami fears the darkness as he always has ever since he was a kid, the darkness can hide many scary beings behind them from spooky noises, weird hallucinations and many many more!


  • Noticed - Milionami thinks of himself pretty lowly and doesn't think he'll ever be remenbered if he were to be gone one day. His biggest motivation is to do something that will gain the respect and recognition from other people.
  • Happiness - He wishes to one day have a life that he could enjoy. Have his own house, a family and a lot of friend. He will work long and hard until one day he can achieve that goal.

Ethnicity: Latino
History: Here is where you talk about your past and anything that happens before the current day. Anything that will help us get a nice overlook on you and the things you've been through. (450 words minimum)

Cell Number: 105 - 369 - 0012
Status: Junior
School Club: Arts

Alias: Kiery
RP Sample: N/A
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Milionami Kiery (WIP)
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