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Dragonborn C15409527350ef64223f6194c2f8b40351e5dc0b_hq
The dragonborn a race of creatures that descend from the great behemoth Tritara and his original host Rorik.

Overview & History
The dragonborn are those who share a common ancestor in Rorik Dragonsteel, the original host of the behemoth Tritara. Through his fusion with Tritara, the dragon's traits and genes left an imprint on Rorik making him a human with many dragon like features. As time went on and Rorik had children and his children had children the dragon traits and features became more prominent. Almost 2000 years later his ancestors are called Dragonborn. The dragonborn have many powers based on their parent race the dragon.

Powers and Abilities
The dragonborns powers are based on that of the dragons. The first of these abilities is their natural resistance to their primary chi color. Any attack of their primary chi color does 50% less damage and their scale like skin causes all physical attacks to do 25% less damage. The dragonborn are also far stronger than normal humans, with their strength having an increase of 15 points per rank.

The dragonborn also gain a breathe attack that scales in rank with them. This attack utilizes their primary element and fires a powerful blast of it from their mouth. Along with this, at the rank of master they gain a transformation known as "Dragon Warrior Mode". This form makes the dragonborn into  a human with a full set of dragon scales above their skin that makes them immune to any physical attack that does less damage than their defense stat. Their elemental resistance turns into a 75% less damage. This transformation last 6 post.

Finally the dragonborn at grandmaster rank gain the ability to turn into a full size dragon! In this form they gain a full immunity to their primary element, and they cannot be harmed by any physical attack that does less damage than their defense stat. This transformation can last up to 12 post.

Although the dragonborns many powers give them clear advantages over many races of the world, they also have weakness. The dragonborn are weak to chi attacks that use the opposite of their primary element. These attacks do an extra 50% damage to the dragonborn. The dragonborn also face a decrease to their energy stat with it being decreased by -15 points per rank.

Also after a  dragonborn uses either of their transformations they become tired and they suffer a penalty to all stats of -10 for every post the transformation was active. They also can only move at 1/4th their max speed.
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