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The original RP about a high school for martial arts
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 Tenshi's Locker

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Tenshi Modoru

Tenshi Modoru

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PostSubject: Tenshi's Locker   Tenshi's Locker EmptyThu Jul 06, 2017 1:41 am

  • Character Sheet

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  • Starting Techs

    Name: Shadow of Winters
    Type: Gauntlets
    Description: Gloves that were made with legendary material to hold a powerful gem. These gauntlets are capable of using ice chi, but at what cost?
    Appearance: Tenshi's Locker X_gloves_by_icyxurxo-d35j888

    Effect: Within the guantlets holds the power to freeze almost anything in their path. The holder of the weapon can use Ice Chi, along with their previous chi/s. The Drawback of this weapon is that the holder slowly becomes more corrupted and eventually will gain a dark(black) chi. As long as the weapon is held, even white chi can't cure it. There is a 10 thread counter on this item, and once it has been used in 10 different threads the user's chi will become black. The gauntlets do damage equal to a weapon 1 rank above the user.
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Tenshi's Locker
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