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 Its alive! ITS ALIVE! [JOB]

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Aether Lepan

Aether Lepan

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Its alive! ITS ALIVE! [JOB] Empty
PostSubject: Its alive! ITS ALIVE! [JOB]   Its alive! ITS ALIVE! [JOB] EmptyThu Jul 06, 2017 8:53 pm

"Get away from me!" The student shouted at Aether, waving his severed arm at the green haired boy before throwing it towards him. "I don't want to go back there! I don't wanna infect anyone with what I have! Please just leave me alone!" "If you come with me you'll be okay! AND YOU DON'T HAVE ANY SORT OF DISEASE OR ANYTHING SO EVERYONE WILL BE FINE!" Aether retorted as he ran after the undead person. "If you don't stop chasing me right now I'll hurt you I swear it!" Yelled the runner, rounding a corner quickly followed by a clearly angry Aether, losing sight of him the instant he turned the corner to chase after him. Sighing to himself he began to walk up to each classroom to stick his head in and look around before leaving and moving onto the next classroom. Before long he ended up finding him posed in an art class as a model, sitting on a tree stump with his severed arm still in his hand in the thinker pose. Many of the students in the room turned to look at him whilst some continued to paint their undead model, the teacher however was less forgiving with the sudden entrance of another student. Standing up from her desk she pulled out a rapier and pointed it towards Aether. "I've already had enough disturbances in my class for today, so unless you're here to model for the students or you're wishing to take part in this lesson Mr. Lepan I suggest you leave this instant." The look in her eye gave Aether goosebumps and sent a chill down his spine, prompting him to slowly close the door and walk away.

The good news is that Aether had found his target and that he is being held model prisoner for the art students, the bad news is that the teacher was easily angered and didn't exactly take a liking to Aether or anyone in particular from disturbing her class. That was when the idea struck him, he's going to break the undead student out from the prison which is art class model, and to do so he'd require the help of an expert creator which lucky for him he had met only a few days beforehand when he suddenly pulled them into helping him complete his commission in time.

The scene was similar to how they had first met, Aether burst into the room with a paper diagram in hand and walked over to the black haired woman. "Ami I need your help, no time to explain just follow me and read this along the way." he blurted out, shoving the paper into her hands once again. "Meet me at the art class." he shouted as he ran back down the hallway towards where his target was. He quickly gathered his gauntlets from his locker and had positioned himself near the door to the classroom, all that was left now was to await for the Black haired Blacksmith to arrive and assist him, all the details of his plan were written on the paper.

(Giving Ami control over my character for her post)
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Its alive! ITS ALIVE! [JOB]
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