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The original RP about a high school for martial arts
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❰ Campus ❱

'Inhale. Exhale.' The silver-haired man breathed heavily. Each elongated gasp of breath weighed heavily in the empty, plain room. Light filtered gently through the window as if to comfort the anxious man, but the swirling shadows of worry overwhelmed the small bits of light. Lost in a vortex of misery and fear, his sensibility quickly deteriorated under the weight of heavy concern and anguishing. His mind supplied him with plenty of useful suggestions, but his body lacked the ability to move, crippled by mind-freezing anxiety. 'Get a grip. This isn't the time to panic. Everything will be fine.' Ba-thump. Ba-thump. Ba-thump. The albino's hand slammed into the wall. Pale fingers dug into the hard, cold, and uneven barrier. They trembled downward, falling like Weiss's own waning sanity. 'God, this is just a bad dream. It's all a dream. Everything- I'm imagining everything. This can't be real. Dammit. How could this be happening? The school year has just barely begun to start and we're already under attack?' His body moved on its own. Like a sack of potatoes, his head hit the wall. He winced. "Ow. My head," he muttered.

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