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 Teach Me How to Dougie [Training | Invite]

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PostSubject: Teach Me How to Dougie [Training | Invite]   Teach Me How to Dougie [Training | Invite] EmptySat Jul 08, 2017 10:14 pm

"And so it begins..."

The ambiance of the training grounds was bleak, but it was only dawn. The air seemed to be crisp of morning dew and the sky above a wash of orange and purple colors dotted by remnants of starlight of the dying night. A momentary gust of wind would sweep the grass in a display of calm force, although such a natural force merely passed around the sides of a training building located nearby the main school grounds. This building was one of the combat training facilities held on campus grounds, although this one was smaller than most. It possessed in itself a sizable gymnasium space meant for authorized school or inter-school combat. Below that was the gym, where all the equipment one would find in an ordinary gym, complete with weights, treadmills, punching bags, and the like. Lighting fixtures remained on the ceiling for both the gymnasium and the workout room below it, and bleachers lined the sides of the gymnasium, pushed in neatly to give more space for off-season activities. The facility was open to students of Rising Wolf to hone their martial arts and test their prowess in battle. The building was reported to be able to withstand the basic chi elements, should combatants in a match get too... "ahead of themselves", although that something no one was really prepared to find out. Aurelius appeared before the main body of the gymnasium inside the building, donned in proper gym attire: a charcoal gray tracksuit with a singular red cloud on the back of the hooded sweater and gray running shoes. The young man kept his piercings on his face, discarding the ones on his ears. The gymnasium was beginning to fill in with students, some who were freshman like Aurelius himself; the majority were either Juniors of Seniors who sought to practice their art among and against their powerful peers. Sparring matches were not that uncommon to practice in the gymnasium, and Aurelius sought to do so as best as he could. A bully of his recognized the young man before him and called him out to have a sparring match. The other male was at least Aurelius' own height, being composed of nearly pure muscle from purported years of physical training. His hair was black and spiky with shoulder-length bangs, reaching down to the middle of his back; he possessed on himself a similar tracksuit in design, minus the color and logo. His was a maroon red with gold stripes lining the sides of the hoodie and pants, and his shoes black. His face was cynical, showing no sign of remorse or sympathy for whoever he looked upon.

"Aurelius, a shame you decided to exist at this very moment, in this very gymnasium."

"Uh... yea, I guess that's the case."

The bully's first name was Tiffany but to avoid outright and utter humiliation, he makes use of his last name which is Ouroboros. The senior walked up to Aurelius, and when he go into swinging range he swung his right arm out to strike down Aurelius square in the temple. Knowing that this was how the day was probably going to turn out, he sighed and played into the bully's scheme. He raised his left arm in a clenched fist, blocking the swing of Ouroboros by colliding their wrists. At the precise moment of impact Aurelius dipped to the point of bending his knees as if sitting and, with keen thought, swiped his right foot underneath his bully's feet, sending the man toppling to the ground. Things did not end there so easily, as the poorly willed Ouroboros had his senior brethren at a moment's distance, and seeing their "leader" topple to the ground they quickly got to work. Two of these mooks grabbed either of Aurelius' arms, both of them standing a foot over their orange-haired target. Ouroboros regained his footing after having fallen directly on his back, and gave an impish grin seeing his target restrained. The size of the gymnasium was large enough for several dozens of persons to inhabit at the same time, so not many took an eye to the incident. Ouroboros raised his fist and made a motion to bring it down in a hammering shot on the back of Aurelius' head. The orange-haired man used effort despite being restrained t to pull the man on his left into the striking zone, pushing the other mook on the right to the side and letting the left mook be knocked down to the ground. The left mook's grip was lost upon being struck down and the right mook slipped and lost his bearings, releasing his own grip. Ouroboros's face became more stern as he noticed he was put in a position he had not anticipated.

"Shit skills from a shit Freshman. Kill yourself already."

"Unfortunately...", Aurelius said as he stood back on his right foot, which pressed down on the chest of the right mook, winding him in one go. "... that's a bit too drastic. And I just got to this school so it would be pretty bad if I just... died..." The orange-haired man stared at his oppressor simply laughed, grabbed the left mook by the hair and lifted him up. Staring at the senior he dropped, Ouroboros still talked to Aurelius.

"You will have what is due for you." Aurelius backed away from Ouroboros and the two henchmen that went down rather too easily for the time, making the man wonder if there would be more to this later on. Not wanting to focus on the brief dispute for much longer, the young orange-haired man left Ouroboros to lick up his wounds if he even had any, and retreated to the lower level workout room to begin running. Aurelius found an unused treadmill and began running, running in form and trying to get some sort of sync with his running and breathing. His mind wandered as he began to run, wondering what he should do after this short exercise. His thoughts took him to a fight he witnessed earlier in the week among some other Freshmen who were contending with bullying Juniors. The Freshmen were beaten horribly but they remained proud in their ability to have stood up for their own sake. They kept their cool after the beating, something Aurelius could understand. He was sure they would get a beatdown at some other time of the week in revenge of not appearing meek. Aurelius wanted to smirk at that thought, but his emotionless face was keeping others at bay for the time being, which was not necessarily bad. He needed some time to reflect on other issues that came to mind.
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Teach Me How to Dougie [Training | Invite] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Teach Me How to Dougie [Training | Invite]   Teach Me How to Dougie [Training | Invite] EmptySat Nov 11, 2017 2:46 am

Your comfort is the most important thing when it comes to sweating out in the gym. I am a fitness freak and I love to invest in quality workout gear that makes me super comfortable when I am working out. The alo yoga pants and tank tops are my most favorite.
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Teach Me How to Dougie [Training | Invite]
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