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 Escorting the Quack [Mission | Tenshi]

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Geno Ranzu

Geno Ranzu

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Escorting the Quack [Mission | Tenshi] Empty
PostSubject: Escorting the Quack [Mission | Tenshi]   Escorting the Quack [Mission | Tenshi] EmptySun Jul 09, 2017 2:19 pm

Geno sat at the edge of the woods where he was supposed to meet his team mate for this mission. It was a fellow senior who also happened to be the Student President. He did not know much about the kid except that he appeared to have a aura about him. One that gave the idea that he was in fact strong. But of course that was something Geno always wanted to see for himself. He wasn't to fond of rumors and whispers that left the lips of students on the regular. Night time was falling down on the day slowly as the clock ticked. Geno sat there with a head strap on that had a light attached to it. It was rather nerdy looking but it was more effective than carrying around a flash light. Or using a large torch. Not to mention using a large flame in a wooded area could possibly cause more trouble. A shorter male came walking from behind Geno, a foot hitting a branch causing a loud crunching sound. The dark skinned individual only turned slightly to see who was approaching. It was the doctor, in a adventurers outfit. There was no reason to use a lab coat in the woods. It was only gonna get dirty with the upcoming job. They still had to wait for the other to arrive.

The male stood before Geno, slightly shorter using a lantern. It housed a light that was fluid controlled. A small mechanism controlled the intensity of the flame. But of course bigger the flame, the more fluid was eaten up quickly. The brown haired male pushed up his black rimmed glasses. “Punctual I like it. Are you the only one protecting me tonight?” Geno turned back facing the forest and continued to scanned the area. “Yea but he is late so you have to forgive him.” he responded.

The man tugged on his side bag strap with his free hand. While looking around with the lantern in his other hand. He seemed a bit nervous in this situation. He had to rely on two strangers to protect him, and they were kids. So it was warranted due to not knowing the extent of their abilities. Geno looked down at his watch. 'Where is he?' he thought to himself.

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Tenshi Modoru

Tenshi Modoru

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Escorting the Quack [Mission | Tenshi] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Escorting the Quack [Mission | Tenshi]   Escorting the Quack [Mission | Tenshi] EmptyMon Jul 10, 2017 12:12 am

As the sun dropped down from the sky, giving away its place of dominance in the sky and instead coming down to kiss the earth, the events on the blue ball that sported life continued to go on without slowing. There were jobs to do, plans to fulfill, and things that needed to be acted upon. Life did not come to a screeching halt simply due to the fact that the day was done, and in fact much of life only truly begun in the presence of the stars. There were times in which people would have to go out of their norm in order to accomplish certain tasks, whether or not they were use to blue skies or black, and this was one such day. Tenshi had taken a job with another member of his student council in an attempt to better get to know his members. He had already had a sparring match with Inari that had allowed the two of them to better get to know each other. This was an opportunity to get to know Geno in a much different light, through his actions and how he treated the mission rather than how he handled himself necessarily in a one on one struggle of dominance. How would he handle himself with the client, with a fellow classmate, with his President, and how would he handle himself with Tenshi as a person? A job was a chance to place one or more people in a stressful environment and see how they react under pressure. It was a chance to crack away at the walls placed to keep their inner self hidden from society, and even if the pressure didn't make so much as a crack within the foundation it allowed him to see them dance from atop their defenses.

As the light turned blood orange and the sun had disappeared completely over the horizon, Tenshi looked up and over to the sky. "Seems this took longer than expected, I'm late." Looking back forward in time to duck, contracting his muscles within his abs, back and legs so quickly that he practically disappeared and reappeared in a squatting position, the wolf appeared overhead, its mouth snatching for where a throat had been not even moments before. Standing back up in a fury and sending his fist straight up as well, he collided with the wolves abdomen with the full force of his body, hitting with the equivalence of a truck. The sound of cracking shot throughout the nearby wood, a high pitched wine being cut off as soon as it formed from the follow up with his second arm. As the wolf fell dead, Tenshi looked down at it with pity in his eyes. It had been starving and alone. Whether or not it was from another pack or solo, it would soon be found and considered both sustenance and a warning. With this, they'd gain no difficulties from the wildlife on this job.

As he began walking towards the area, he wiped the blood from his cheek and hands. Such an impact could not be expected to not draw some sort of blood from its victim, and sadly due to the placement of his blow as well as the position of the animal, Tenshi was covered in much more than he had been expecting. Wiping most of it off, as the darkness began to creep in more and more, he finally found himself approaching the designated area. In a way, this was going to allow him to test another aspect of Geno. Still, he felt bad for being late for both his fellow student as well as their employer. It was well worth it though. Having gone through the documents of instances that had occurred in the woods over the past few years, Tenshi knew for a fact that there was some truth to the rumors of voidlings being present during night time. Such a thing wasn't necessarily consistent enough to warrant a constant presence of higher skilled students, teachers, or employees to guard the woods, but it was certainly enough to force people to be careful. The last thing they needed, regardless of their skill level, was to be careless enough to be caught in between rabid animals and beings from another world. It seemed almost too surreal for a moment, and the idea stole a chuckle from his lips. Without further delay, the darkness making itself at home, Tenshi walked up to the area in which two lights were beginning to make their presence known. One from Geno, the other from the doctor.

"I apologize for being late. Shall we get started?" If the doctor or Geno had any sort of verbal complaints, he would hear them and simply empathize in some variation of "I understand, it will not happen in the future." While the doctor would remain completely oblivious of what Tenshi had done prior to his arrival, there was a chance that Geno would notice some of the blood still on the president and piece two and two together. Regardless, he himself would say nothing of it as their job began. Making their way through the woods, he decided to trail slightly behind his classmate and the doctor, watching their backs as well as being in a position to quickly provide cover to the front. Should they run into any beings from the void, he would act to assist Geno in dispatching all of them in a timely manner, emphasizing protection of the doctor above all else. During the fights, should they have any, he would make sure to also keep an eye on Geno to see how the man handled himself in surprising situations. Unlike Tenshi, there was doubt that there would be a reason for him to have known for certain of the presence of these beings from the void. Even if it was surprise wild animals, it would still be nice to see how his classmate dealt with the situation. Regardless, upon completion of the mission Tenshi would congratulate Geno, answer any questions he had at that point for the tardiness, than make his way back to the school with his fellow student.

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Escorting the Quack [Mission | Tenshi]
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