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 Dealing With the Bully (JOB)

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PostSubject: Dealing With the Bully (JOB)   Dealing With the Bully (JOB) EmptyWed Jun 28, 2017 1:59 pm

Rising wolf was the epitome of combat and education, combined into a single school. It was a place where ones place was determined by their power, with power being a truly arduous structure. One did not simply gain a position and then keep it for life simply because they had, at one point, been good enough. Such a thing would completely defeat the purpose of the school, why it was founded and who it was created for. No, power in this school was a much more fluid dynamic. The strong dominated the weak, and the weak strove to be come strong. The two things seemed to ebb and flow, with those who were once strong often finding themselves in a panic as their power began to ween. To maintain ones place in the physical, social, and educational system that was in place required a strenuous amount of work and attention to detail that many often found themselves incapable of keeping up with. It was not their fault necessarily. Of the people who came to this school there were many who never dreamed of such a thing, and even those who knew of Rising Wolf had no real way of understanding what the school was like until they actually got there. How could they? How could anybody who had grown accustomed to a normal life under simple circumstances expect that their life would turn out as it had?

The general public had only an inkling of an idea, given to them through the tournaments that were broadcast on live television and the incredible leaders and figures who were bred and released by the school. They could not begin to imagine the hard work and the cut throat mentality that went into it, though. In society, power was a hierarchical thing. There were those in charge, and that power trickled down to those below them until it got to the masses. The peak could not stand without the base, but the base knew very well that it was nothing but the support. They could refurbish and replace the peak, yes, but the peak still remained. In Rising Wolf, however, it was much more like a ladder in which people were constantly climbing. A mountain that spanned beyond sight and comprehension where everyone made their way up, paths intersecting and competing for resources along their way. If someone got complacent or lazy in their ascent to power, they would quickly find themselves overwhelmed by those who put in more work. Those who were once lower had climbed to their position, and now the climb became harder to begin or maintain for those who had been passed. It was a cycle that replayed itself again and again within the territory of the school, and how people reacted changed from person to person. For as many different people and ideals that existed there were ways and methods for growth and power. Sometimes, the people who lost their power used it as a wake up call to begin again with a new vigor that could not be compared to their own inspiration, and they often found great growth in this. There were others still who saw it as a sign that sheer power was not their forte, and they changed their methods and goals completely.

Yet still there were those who could not stand the idea of the power they once had being taken away. The people they once towered over had found a way to surpass them. They could no longer bask in what little power they had, at least not where they once had. So they resorted to finding what people remained who were weaker, and utilizing what little supremacy they had to oppress these weaker people. It was not a new strategy by any means. It had been implemented in the world time and time again, in schools and countries alike. These people needed a rude awakening at times, and a harsh reminder of reality at others. Regardless, it was up to those who had more power to do so. Not everyone was always so quick to do it, especially when they themselves had more power or responsibility. How would they clear up enough time to teach a single person a lesson?

Well, sometimes things just worked out well. It didn't always have to be a planned event, maybe just a coincidence. That was what had just happened with Tenshi. On his way through the boys dormitory, speaking with one of the maintenance people about the innovations they were planning on doing to all the rooms, he witnessed it from a distance. "One moment, please." Making his polite and temporary exit, Tenshi had made his way over to the group of young looking males, meekly standing while being laughed at, poked, and prodded by one of the older students.

As the Freshmen noticed the President, their embarrassment flourished. Faces red and eyes averting his gaze, the boxer quickly turned and noticed him. He knew of this Junior, actually. It was a man he'd been asked to deal with prior, but he had not found the time to do so. It was insane how the world worked out sometimes. "Ch, right when I was having fun..." Putting his hands in his pockets and starting to walk a way, a grin formed upon Tenshi's face. "You don't actually think you're just walking away, do you?"

Stopping in his tracks, the bully obviously was conflicted. Walk away and let the Freshmen see he was weak? Or stand, fight, and hope for the best? He had to choose the latter. Turning and walking up to Tenshi, standing just before him, the boxer sized the President up. "Think you're so great?" As Tenshi opened his mouth to form a response, the man tried to send a wild yet well formed uppercut at the President. Leaning back just enough to dodge it, Tenshi's hand chopped upwards and hit the boy in the throat.

As he fell back, coughing and gagging, Tenshi looked down at him. "Next time I hear of you abusing your power among your weaker classmates I'll use a blade instead of my hand. Are we clear?" With watery eyes the man nodded, and with a laugh, Tenshi walked back to the maintenance man. His job, it seemed, was never done.

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Dealing With the Bully (JOB)
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