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 The Bully [Job]

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Vladimir Vista

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PostSubject: The Bully [Job]   The Bully [Job] EmptyThu Jun 29, 2017 7:30 pm

Rising Wolf Academy, a very prestige and Renowned school that was known to produce many intelligent and hard working people. The school however produced something else as well, world renowned fighters that have the world at their finger tips. Though there are many elite fighters in the world who could easily destroy cities with a single punch or a country using their chi abilities, there still stand those at the top of the top. That would be the noble fighting families who produce the worlds champion fighters and the one that leads those fighting nobles is Leonard Wolf, the worlds greatest fighter who also was the president/owner of the rising wolf academy. No one was to trifle with the wolf family, as they knew what it meant if they did but there is one family that stands only a few meters behind the wolves and that is the Vista family. They have produced just as many world champions as the wolfs but the power difference was still very seen, causing them to feel nothing but hatred for the wolves. Though the hatred for the wolfs wasn't the current situation of one of the youngest Vista who decided to attend the enemies school, it was just a school bully who decided that he would want to pick on the freshman kids. Now how would one of the Vista family members handle his tormentor at such a ripe age? He hoped he could deal with it without getting his butt handed too him.

"Crap, I'm gonna be late! Vlad said as he threw his bag over his shoulder and exited the door to his room, running towards the stairs that would lead him to the buildings exit. Just as he reached the stairwells entrance, he opened it to be met by a concrete feeling force that caused him to fall down on the ground and his backpack to slide back into the dorms hallway. "Ouch" Vlad said as he rubbed his head and looked up too see what he had ran into. "What where you... ohhh isn't it the Vista boy a smug sounding figure said as a clear white smile showed through the silhouette. The voice sent nothing but chills down his back as he realized who it was, the freshman bully of rising wolf. He was then picked up by the collar and now could clearly see his face in the stairwell lights. "be careful who you run into next time, you little loser Leon barked at Vlad before tossing him down the dorm stairs and then grabbed his bag emptying all of its contents into the stairwells multiple floors. Vlad managed to remain conscious and watched in horror as all of his things fell down around him. Having to pick all of this stuff up, he would probably never make it in time for class and would probably be in so much trouble afterwards. "That'll teach you, you little piece of trash Leon said as he disappeared into the dorms hallway. After his tormentor had left, Vlad spent about fourth-five minutes limping to get all of his thing from the stair well and had to explain to the teacher why he was so late. Though he didn't exactly tell her the true reason that he was late but said that he had just slipped down the stairs and everything fell out of his backpack. To add insult to injury, he had to go to the medical ward for them to tell him he had a sprained ankle, this just wasn't his day. Just who was that bully think he was doing that to him? He wish he was brave enough to do something about it!

After a long day of explaining of why he was behind, how he sprained his ankle, and his extra curricular activities Vlad began his walk from one of the classrooms that lead from the quad to his dormitory. He hoped that he made it back to his room without seeing Leon again as he didn't want anymore trouble for the day, he didn't want to take another beating of any sort. Just as he was about to exit the quad and into another building that would lead to the entrance of his dorm, he heard the the mumbled whimpering and someone being beaten. Vlad knew that he shouldn't have but since no one else was in the quad as it was after a school day, he followed the sound to behind the stage to see Leon beating up another freshman that Vlad knew. "Oh no, I've got to help Vlad said as he watched Leon beat the kid mercilessly and he would have but he knew that he would also get beat. Even as one of the Vista, Vlad hadn't really developed a back bone yet and knew that he was too afraid to save anyone else from the bully. "what was that? The voice of Leon said as he looked around trying to see where the voice came from. Vlad quickly withdrew from the site of Leon's crime and ran towards the buildings entrance, he couldn't let himself be caught. Later that night as Vlad lay in bed, all he could think about was how he didn't help the kid that was being beaten. He didn't know how he was suppose to become one of the worlds greatest fighters if he let someone let Leon walk all over him like that. Ill get rid of this fear and show him that was the last thought of Vlad as he went into a stress free sleep for the night.

Vlad woke up to the beep of his alarm clock and got ready for another day at Rising Wolf academy. As he exited his room into his dormitory hall way, he saw the worst possible thing, Leon pinning another freshman against the wall. The young man really wanted to know what was Leon's problem, why did a junior want to mess with freshman so bad? It was ridiculous to have. He stood about ten meters from Leon and his victim, Vlad could easily slip past like he did yesterday but he was conflicted on whether he should or not. "Stop it, Leon! Vlad shouted out into the hallway to the bully, he couldn't let him terrorize anyone anymore. The bully turned himself towards Vlad, a look of anger covering his face. "You wanna die today, you piece of shit? Leon said as he stopped terrorizing the kid and began a slow walk towards Vladimir, allowing the other kid to quickly gather his things and exit the hall. "My prey got away! It looks like you'll have to be my new one the bully said with almost a snarl to his voice. Vladimir felt terrified as Leon walked towards him and couldn't move as the fear overcame him, Leon would probably try to kill him today. "You little shit! Leon said as he finally closed the distance between himself and Vlad, he was going to mess him up real good today. Still stricken with fear, Vlad couldn't move as he saw brown chi incase his enemies cocked fist with stone and make its way towards his face. There was a loud crunch sound as Leon's punch that connected with Vlad's face, throwing him back a few feet with a bloody mouth. The punch was hard enough to cause Vlad to want to pass out but he knew he would probably die if he did. He knew he had to stop Leon from messing with him and the rest of the freshman class and now was the time to do it. As Vlad attempted to get himself off the floor, Leon's foot came down hard on his back but he wouldn't allow it to push him back to the ground. "No longer.. Vlad said weakly as he channeled chi into his middle and looked up at Leon from the ground. "No longer will you torment us! Vladimir said as he flicked his chi enhanced middle finger upwards, towards his bully Leon.

The cone shaped shockwave coming from beneath him caused Leon to hit the ceiling before crashing hard into the ground. "You little piece of shit! Leon growled as he made his way from the ground, blood now dripping from his mouth too. As soon as he got up, he sprinted towards a stumbling Vlad who was also getting off the floor. Leon again incased his fist with brown chi that turned into stone, one again aiming for Vlad's face. However Vlad had already channeled raw chi into a cocked fist and met with Leon's. "As I said! No longer! The freshman will no longer be your victims Vlad said as he channeled more chi into his free fist and then swinging it at his top speeds at Leon's stomach. His bully wasn't aware of this attack until it was too late and Vlad's enhanced punch landing right in his stomach. "you little sh... the blow from Vlad would knock him out cold onto the ground. As Vlad panted, he realized that he actually did it, he had beaten his bully! After the beating he received from Vlad, Leon no longer touched the freshman class or anyone else for the fear of Vlad beating him up again. It seemed like the young Vista was starting to move up a little.
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The Bully [Job]
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