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 Extermination Nation[Job/Creepy Crawlies]

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Extermination Nation[Job/Creepy Crawlies] Empty
PostSubject: Extermination Nation[Job/Creepy Crawlies]   Extermination Nation[Job/Creepy Crawlies] EmptySun Jul 02, 2017 6:32 pm

Noisy crickets and the chirping of tropical birds can be heard all around in the forest of Focus city. It was a hot and humid day today so Kizmaru had dressed lightly for the occasion. Currently, he was wearing short sleeved, yellow, cotton shirt with camo themed khaki shorts on. It was a little different from what he normally wore but he decided he wasn't gonna be cooked by the sun today. The only problem he was having was there was a bunch of flying insects swarming around and they decided to bug him occasionally by flying onto his skin and making it crawl. Kizmaru decided to just shrug it off and continue with his current objective. Today he was on his first job and he wanted to do it right. He was to head to the forest and clear out some spiders nest or something. Apparently, he didn't need tools or supplies cause he'd be accompanied by some local officers that would help in cleaning up the nest. "Officers", huh? Why would he need so much help for clearing a nest. It didn't make much sense. Maybe he'd find out in time as soon as he got there, time will tell. Either way, he had to go down to the station and meet with them in the first place. traveling from his dormitory to the local station, he had gotten to his destination and stood in front of the building. He looked at the entrance with a frown on his face before walking up, pushing the doors aside and stepping in. Looking around, there was a lone receptionist sitting at his desk and typing up a storm on a near by computer. It was a rather large, bald man with a caterpillar under his nose. Well, not a real one but it was a fairly bushy mustache. Kizmaru would have felt a bit better addressing a female or at least a friendly looking person but this guy doesn't really seem all that interested in addressing his presence. Kizmaru decided he would be the one to speak up first. "Excuse me, i'm here for the job of clearing out a spider's nest and came to assist the officers that i'm currently paired up with." The bald man had briefly stopped typing to focus his gaze upon Kizmaru and gave a hard glance before going back to his typing. At first, Kizmaru thought that he was ignoring him which was starting to fill him with some rage. But after a few moments, the man had pushed a little button on a near by phone and called up three officers that were waiting in a near by room.

Kizmaru had looked at each of them as they passed by and walked out of the station, the last one beckoning him to come with them with a hand gesture. No introductions, huh? Well, that's fine with him. It's not like he was here to be buddy buddy with them anyways. He had a job to do cause he was in need of some funds at the moment so he just followed closely and left the station with them. The were all standing in front of a squad van which each of them were getting into one by one. Kizmaru, of course, being the last one to get in himself. It was a short drive to the entrance of Focus forest which worked out really well for all of them actually. Nobody talked, nobody said a word. Just some coughing and grunting here and there. After getting out, one of the officers finally spoke only to brief everybody of what they were doing. He had a rather rough voice but well spoken so it evened out. "Listen men, we're here today to settle a disturbing situation. Some large spiders have hatched recently and we have to keep them out of the city. Let's be quick about it men. We've heard they began moving towards the city for some food to further their population in our city. If more than one gets in, all hope is lost and we'll be looking at an even bigger infestation." Well, that was perfect. At least he knew why he was provided extra help instead of bug extermination tools. He assumed these spiders were larger than average, not that it isn't anything he's seen before on his home island, but big enough to warrant hiring officers and even a student. Well, it was time to gear up it seems, not long after the briefing was over, a spider had managed to worm it's way out of the forest which was followed by the officer that appears to be leading to shout "FIRE AT WILL!!" In mere seconds, that officers had gunned down the spider that had appeared from the entrance before it had a chance to even move. Well, that was down. Rather quickly he might add. There was no time to rest yet.

Two more had sprung out of the forest and began making a mad dash towards the officers in an attempt to run past them and enter the city. Once again, the officers had began firing their weapons and managed to kill off the two spiders making a frontal assault. Clearly, Kizmaru wasn't needed here so he wasn't sure what he was suppose to do. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a spider had been attempting to sneak into the the city from the side. it was almost in before Kizmaru picked up a near by stone and tossed it at the spider to knock it off it's course. This gave him time to sprint up towards the spider and jump on it's body, crushing it. He hopped up and down a few more times for good measure as well as simulate a popular children's video game. The other officers had seem to finish handling the remaining spiders and beckoned him to come back to the squad van. Kizmaru had walked back to their location, got in the vehicle and was taken back to the station. After he had gotten out, the lead officer had handed him his pay and said "Nice job" before walking back into the station. Kizmaru then shoved the money in his pocket and began to stroll off some where in an attempt to take his next job.
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Extermination Nation[Job/Creepy Crawlies]
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