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 Escort Through Woods [Job]

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PostSubject: Escort Through Woods [Job]   Escort Through Woods [Job] EmptyTue Jul 04, 2017 5:44 am

    In the study of the natural world, one opened themelves to experiencing both the terrible aching heights that could be seen, yet also the disastrous events which were associated with the raw unbridled wrath of the verdant green groves. Vibrant, but deadly in the same style. A disease is a particular abnormal condition, a disorder of a structure or function, that affects part or all of an organism. The study of disease is called pathology which includes the study of cause. Disease is often construed as a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs. It may be caused by external factors such as pathogens, or it may be caused by internal dysfunctions particularly of the immune system such as an immunodeficiency, or a hypersensitivity including allergies and autoimmunity. Of his current assignment, Inari was ashamedly -on the behalf of Rising Wolf- and annoyed -on his own behalf- at the lack of information regarding the cure he was escorting through the woods. His briefing had been short and simple, curtailing any medical details that the persistently curious Blacksmith might have wished to aquire. Both to satisfy his own internal questionnaire regarding the curious aspects that this assignment contained and to better construct a decision making process for himself once he indeed entered the woods. Nevertheless, as his Professor in biology would say ‘no use crying over a hatched zygote’, and so life would continue on as normal without any undue obstruction. Thinking back to the man, Inari cast his mind towards the mental schema of the professor – recalling his voice, mannerisms, and behaviour until he believed that the man was steadfastly summoned within the mindscape. Idiopathic disease, he said, pointing his finger towards the sealed briefcase that lay handcuffed to the doctor’s hand whom was to be his silent companion during the course of this mission. They both were under gag order and the sun had already sunk low into the horizon. They were unlikely to make it to the site of this housecall before nightfall, something which irked Inari to no end. Of all the times to be venturing yond the safety of modern civilisations walls this was a poor choice of location to do so. Nonetheless, he understand the precedent and the oath that the man was under. Undoubtedly he was no less excited to provide his flesh and bones as a potential appetiser for the proverbial things that went bump in the night. Appraising his situation, Inari once again considered the situation, glancing at the white fabric mask he had been given. Not to conceal his identity, but to filter the air with which he breathed. Such an item indicated that either Rising Wolf Inc. was taking no risks with their student body, something very much sensible. Or they already were aware of the nature of the outbreak that they were moving to treat. In epidemiology, a disease vector is any agent that carries and transmits an infectious pathogen into another living organism; most agents regarded as vectors are organisms, such as intermediate parasites or microbes, but it could be an inanimate medium of infection such as dust particles. So there was no gurantee that it was even something of that nature, albeit regardless of classification, there was a vector open to which this pathogen could be transmitted. Something which could not be allowed for the sake of public safety. Not something that Inari per se, cared terribly much about himself but such was the life of a student. The deeper they plunged into the undergrowth, the more the adrenaline flooded Inari’s system – pumping up the movement of his eyes and quickening the intake and release of his breath until he felt giddy like a balloon, yet capable of charging into combat against a dragon as well: pyrolysis breath and all. Such miasma would not be his fate however, and the likelihood of such an opponent for the fledgling fighter was so far from removed that it could almost be considered a different universal set of probability. Humming to himself as he moved forwards, pacing slowing as it became increasingly difficult to navigate the pathway they were on, Inari quickly realised his mistake as rustling became an unearthly screech and from the bushes darted a grey figure. It was in part due to the highly attuned state of arousal that Inari had already worked himself into, but his actions were as fast as he had ever performed them in his life as his hand flashed towards the oncoming enemy and the Moon, roused from her slumber without preamble, devoutly produced the object of his desires and the sword slid from its mercurial sheath and found a new resting place within the warmth of its target now slumped over and dissolving into unmentionable fluid. Grunting to himself, Inari flicked his index finger and the corpse was flung from the blade as it once again retracted into the information sub-space of the Moon. Making an annoyed sound in his voice box, Inari glanced towards the Doctor, who despite the shock appeared to be just as capable of continuing their journey as before. Nodding to him, Inari once again engaged his legs in a rapid trot and soon the two of them found themselves a stones throw away from the house they had received the call from. A true rouges gallery of a home, Inari found himself admiring it somewhat as they approached, attempting once again to contact those inside the home but found no such success in telecommunications. Placing the mask of his mouth, the pair of them ghosted inside, a lick of a silver ragged edge persuading the door that its disposition of closure was far more dangers for its personal health and safety than to simply swing open and allow them admittance. The residents of the household were by and large collapsed, signs of their conditions in the rashes across their faces and the excrement of vomit. Not one to be dissuaded from his mission, Inari assisted the Doctor in the treatment and stayed ‘til the next morn to care for the sick and weak.
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Escort Through Woods [Job]
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